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��� <br /> WILL AND D�CREE RECORD <br /> RBOSl—The Auguatine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. <br /> FORETGN WILL,L CERTIFICATE OF PROBA`TE AND_ DECREE . <br /> G <br /> �p Photos'Gat taken July 29 — 19�0 / Re <br /> Y Grand .Island Neb. <br /> Received July 6 - 19�0 by x. B. Lippelt. <br /> P OVJER OF ATT ORNEY <br /> KN�r�I ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That, ti,re, Frau Berth�, Hesse, a �ridow, of Nr6 Konigsbrucker <br /> 5trabe, Klotzsche bet Dresden, Germany, and G�org Lipp�lt, a single adu�rt man of Nr.4�5 <br /> Klos�erallee, Hamburg l3, Germa,n3�, do hereby make, constitute and appoint Hans B. Lippelt, of the <br /> Town of Ozone Park, 3.n the �ounty of Queens, and State of New York, our true, sufficient, and <br /> laT.,r.E'u1 attorney, for us �.nd 3.n our name, place, and stead, to ��ase, se11 and convey, on such terms <br /> and for such consider�tion or pricea as to him shall seem best, and to execu�Ge, acknowledge and <br /> deliver leases, deed or deeds of conveyance to the lots below d�5eribed, or either of th�m, and to <br /> collect and receipt for the rents, is�ue�, �rofits and proceeds of sale of said lo�s, or ei�her_or <br /> both of them, to wit: <br /> Lots T��ro (2) and Four (�) in B1ock Eighteen (18) , in Scarff� s Addition to We�t Lati,m in <br /> Grand Island in Ha11 County, State of Nebraska, �o p�.y taxes on, insure and keep said premises in <br /> repair, '- to ad,just settle and compromise a1I c1a�.ms or demands �f any which now exist agains� <br /> r r mort on d lot or ther <br /> r e mone mo t a e o a es sai s ei <br /> r e t h e r o f t h e m t o t a k e u c h a s <br /> s a i d l o t s o i , p Y, � � €; g � <br /> of them and �o release the �ame. <br /> The povrer herein �r�.nted to Hans B. Li�pel� to sel1. and convey said '�,ots or either of them, <br /> � them or either of them to himself the net roceeds of <br /> sha�l include the pot�rer to �ell and convey , p <br /> � the sale, rents, 3ssues and �rofi'�s to be remitted by him, one-fourth (1/�) to Frau Bertha°Hesse, <br /> one-half (1/2) to Georg..L3.p�elt, retainin�; one-f ourth (1/�) f or himself, Hans B. Lippelt, but the <br /> purchaser or purchasers, lessor or lessee, shall not be required to see to �he applicati,on of the <br /> purchase money, and in gener�,l tire em;potRrer said Hans B. Li��elt �o do all other aets and th3.n�s <br /> which he may consider necessary in connection with the management, ren�ing or selling said lots, <br /> or either of ther�. Said George Lip�elt is a nephew and sole he�.r at l�.w of Wilh�lm Lippelt, <br /> decea,sed, and j�rith Frau Bertha Hesse and Hans B. L�.ppelt are sole heirs of Lippelt, <br /> deceased. <br /> Dated this 31st day of May 19�0. <br /> Emil (Cannot make out la�t na,me_). �1.exan_der Schmelzer <br /> Alf red " " '� " " as at t orney f or G�orge Lippel t <br /> Frau �C°��.-.� �-d geb Lippel� <br /> � <br /> City of Hamburg ) - - <br /> � ss. Reg. I�TO. 906/19�0. <br /> (�+�:,e r m a n y <br /> I, Hans� Nisaen, Doctor of La�rrs, a Notary Public in and for the City o�' Hamburg, <br /> Germany, do hereby cer�ify that on this thirtyfirst day of May A. D, 19�0 bef ore me personally <br /> appeared Nir. Alexander Schmelzer, Merchant, residing a� No. �5 Klosterallee, Hamburg, person�.11y <br /> known to me, acting in his capacity as attorney of Georg Lippelt, residing at the same place, at <br /> present serving in the Germany army, according to 'the power of attorney submitted to me, a photo- <br /> �, <br /> ra hic co of tirhich Ma.r�ked A <br /> to ethe� w�th certified translation thereof marked B is here- <br /> g P pY , � � > > <br /> unto attaehed, and acknoz^rledged that he signed the foregoing power of attorney and th�.t he executed <br /> the same freel.y and voluntarily for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. <br /> And i furtner cert3.fy that �he po�rer of attorn�y, a copy of whieh is hereunto attached, has <br /> been drawn up and le�alized in due form, in accordance with the respective r�artial law now in force. <br /> IN �'TTNESS W�iEREOF I ��ave hereunto set my hand and aff3.xed my seal of office a� Hamburg, Germany, <br /> �he day and y�ar above wr�.tten. <br /> (SEAL) D,� Nissen <br /> German Reic h j <br /> Hanseatic City of Hamburg, . j SS. <br /> Consulate General of the United States of America ) � <br /> T, Sabin Jean Dal.feres, Vice Consul of th� Un3.ted States of America at Hamburg, Gernany, do <br /> hereby c�r�ify that Dr. Hang Heinrich Nissen irhose si�nature and official sea,l are reapectively <br /> subscr3.bed and affixed to the f oregoing document was on the 31st day of May, 19�0, a Notary Pub13.c <br /> atHa.mburg - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Germany, dulyco�nmissionedandqualified, <br /> to w�iose offic�al �.cts faith and credit are due. <br /> Witness my h�,nd and official seal this �th day of June, 19�0 <br /> (SEAL) Sabin JEan Dalferes <br /> Vice Consul of the United S�ates <br /> No. 2016 of America. <br /> S. Currency �2.-- <br /> (R M 5.�,.�) <br /> Can�.ot read this part. It is �Tr3.tten in German lon�hand and r <br /> and �is im�ossible to_read.�_ _ <br /> --- <br /> Geor�; ._ Li�pelt <br />