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4�!� <br /> NO. 9 HALI� COUNTY <br /> To Walter W. Smith: an undividec� one-half (1/2) interest, he b�eing the aurviving father <br /> of the said Gordon Smith, deceased; <br /> To Mildred N. Smitht an undivided one-half (1/2) interest, she being the surviving <br /> mother af the said Gordon Smith, deceased. <br /> 6. The total value of said estate is less than �10,00�.00 and the said esta'Ce is_ not liable <br /> gor ang inheritance �ax; there ar� no creditors of said estate; all claims against said esta,'�e <br /> should be forever barred; the further administration of said estate should be dispensed with; and <br /> al1 costs and fees herein have been paid in full, including court costs in the County Court of <br /> Hal1 County, Nebraska, and publication costs. • <br /> 7. The full name of said Gordon, deceased, was Walter Gordon Smith, but he was -2- <br /> always known by and went under the name of Gordon Smith, title to his undivided interest in the <br /> above dESeribed real estate being in the name of Gordon Smith and Gordon Smith and Walter Gordon <br /> Smith was one and the same indivic�ual, notwith5tanding the discrepancy in names; Purther, Mildred <br /> N. Smith, one of your peti�Gioners herein, was also aometimes known as Mildred Smith in some of <br /> the proceedings in connection with the said Gordon Smith, deceased, and the above described real <br /> es�ate and the said M3.ldred N. Smith and Mildred Smi�h is one and the same individual, notwith- <br /> standing the discrepancy in names. <br /> TT IS THEREF�RE ORDERED ADJUDGED AND DECREED B� THE COURT that Gordon Smith died intestate <br /> on the l�th day of Ma.rch, 19�+5, bein� at th€�.t :time a c3.tizen and resident of Hall County, <br /> Nebraska, and leaving survivin�; h�.m as his sole and only heirs-at-law, the �ollowing, namely: <br /> Walter W. Smith, his father, of' legal age, of 123 South Pine Street, Grand Island, Nebrask�; <br /> M�.ldred N. Smith, h3:s mother, oP legal age, o� 123 South Pine Street, Grand Island, Nebraska; <br /> Maurice Smith, his brother, a minor, of 123 South P�ne Street, Grand Island, Nebraska; <br /> that the said Gor don Smith, deceased, was a single person at the time of his decease and he had <br /> n�ver been married and he did not leave any wife or children surviving him. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that the said Gordon Smith, deceased, <br /> was seized �nd possessed at the tine of his dea�h of an undivided one-ha,lf (1/2) interest in and <br /> to the following described real estate, '�o-wit: <br /> Lot Two (2) Block Fifty-t�ro (�2) , Packer & Barr �s Second Addition to the City of Grand <br /> Tsland, Ha.11 County, Nebraska; and, <br /> North Fifty-two and one-third (52 l/3) feet of the West One Hundred Fifty (15�) feet of <br /> Lot Four (4) of Westervelt �s Sub-division of Lot Six (6) of the County Sub-div�.aion of <br /> �he West Half of the Southwest Quarter (W�SVd�) of Section Fifteen (15), Township Eleven <br /> (11) North of Range Nine (9) West of the �th. P.M. , same being rectangular piece oP <br /> ground having a West f�ontage af . Fifty-two and one-third (52 1�3) feet on Pine Stree�, <br /> a depth on one hundred fif ty (150j �eet, and bounded on the North by �he North line of <br /> said Lot Four (�-), as surveyed, platted and recorded, a11 in Grand Island, Hall County, <br /> Nebraska; -3- <br /> which above said described real estate- did deseend and pass by fee simple title absolu�e at the <br /> time of the death of the said Gordon Smith, deceased, under and by virtue of the Sta�utes of <br /> Descent of the State of Nebraska, in full foree and e�'fect at the time of the death of said de- <br /> ceased, to his father, Walter ti�T. Smith, and to h�.s mother, Mildred N. Smith, share and share alike, <br /> and distr�bution thereof is hereby accord�ngly <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, .ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that the said Gordon Smith was also <br /> � known as Wal�er (�ordon Smith, and Walter Gordon Smith and Gordon Smith was one and the same person, <br /> notwithsta,nding ������.�yr�r<�;p�,r�r in names; Purther, Mildred N. Smi'th is also sometimes known as <br /> Mildred Smith an � 4i1� e �T. Smith is one and the same person, the discrepancy in <br /> names. <br /> IT IS FURTFIER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE C�UR.T that there are no creditors of said <br /> estate; that all and demands against the estate of the said Gordon Smith, deceased, whether <br /> due or to become due, whether absolu�e or contingen�, be and the same hereby are Porever barred; <br /> that the Court costs, incluci�ng publication fees, in said estate have been paid in full; that <br /> the said es�ate is no'G liable for any inheritance taxes; and that the Purther administration of <br />� said estate is hereby dispensed with. <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> 0 Y E. -4- <br /> In the Coun�y Court of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> Certificate � <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, ) <br /> )ss. I, Charles Bossert County Judge of Ha.11 County, Nebraska, do hereby <br /> HALL COUNTY ) certify that I have compared the foregoin� copy o� Final Decree entered <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF GORDON SMITH, DECEA3ED, with the orig�nal <br /> record thereof, now remaining �.n said Court, that the same is a correct transcript thereof, and oP <br /> the whole of sucLLh original record; that said Court is a Court of Record ha�rl.�g a seal, which seal � <br /> is hereto -attached; tha�G gaid Court has no Clerk au�horized to sign certificates in his own name, <br /> and that I am �he legal custodian of said Seal and of the Records of said Court, and that the <br /> foregoing attes'Ga'Gion is in due form of law. <br /> IPd."TESTIMONY VTh'EREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court,at <br /> Gr�.nd Island, this 22nd day of June 19�9• <br /> (SEA�,) Charles Bossert <br /> ounty udge. <br /> Filed f'or record the 23 day of June 194g, at 9:30 o �clock A.M. <br /> ��� �/y��✓ <br /> egister of Dee s /� <br /> 0-0--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 <br />