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���� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> LAST '�;rILL AND T�STAMET�17 _ <br /> LAST ,^IILL AND TESTAMENT OF BERT3ARD GEORGE BAUMAN, OF ALLIANCE, BOX BUTTE COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br /> Bern rd Ge B 1 ' B + Co nt Nebr k do hereb m <br /> I a or e auman of A lzarce o:� Bu�te u as a ake ublish <br /> Y <br /> , g , � Y, , � P <br /> and @eclare this my Last ti^Till and Testaznent in the z�TOrds and figutes following: I <br /> - <br /> First. I hereb�r revoke any and all former Z�iils ��y me made. <br /> Second, T direct that my funera.l ch�rges, the expenses of my illness, the expense of <br /> administering my estate, and all m�� debts be first paia. <br /> Third. I give, �devise and bequeath a1I the rest, residue and remainder of rny property, <br /> real, bersonal and mixed, unto 1?13T ti;rife, Leona M. Baunan, of A1liance, Box Butte County, NebraskA. <br /> Fourth. I hereb�T a�?�>oint my i�rife, Leona M. Baur�an, of Alliance, Box Butte County, Nebraska. <br /> and my father, August J. Baurnann of Grand Island, Ha11 County, Nebraska, as Joint Execu�ors of <br /> this, my Last T�+lill and Testa.,ment. <br /> In Vlitness Tr�hereof I have iereunto subscribed my nGme at Alliance, Nebraska this eighth day <br /> of Sex;tember, A. D. , 1g27. <br />' Bernard Geor�;e Bauman <br /> ��Je, ti•rhose na,mes are hereunto subscribed, do hereby certify that Bernard George Bauman, the <br /> testator, subscribed 'nis name to this instrument ir. our presence, and in the presence of each of <br /> us, and dec�.�.red at the same time in our �;resence and hearing triat '��:is instrument was his .Last <br /> Vdill and Testa.�ent, and we, at his request, sign our names hereto, in his �>resence, and in the <br /> presence of each other, as t�ri�nesses. <br /> Ruby Y. Dodd of A1liance, Nebr. <br /> W. R. Metz of Alliance, Nebraska <br /> IN THE COUNTY C OURT OF BOX BUTTE COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN THE NIATTER OF T�iE ESTATE . <br /> CERTIFICATE OF <br /> OF . . . . . . PROBATE <br /> . . . . . . <br /> BERNARD GEORGE BAUMAN, DECEASED <br /> STATE OF n?EBRASKA ; <br /> SS <br /> BOX BUTTE COUNTY : <br /> I, Penrose E. Romig, Judge of the County Court of said county, do hereby certify that the <br />, f oregoing instrument ti,�as f iled in this office on the 17th day of June, 19�6 to�ether ti;rith the <br /> Petit3.on f or Probate of �he same; that Notice of the pendency of s�.id petition was given by <br /> publication of the same three successive weeks in �he Alliance Times and Herald, a legal news- <br /> paper printed and publ3.shed in said county; that on the llth d�y of Ju1y, 19�6, the execution <br /> said S:iy.1 �-ra� duly proven and also t'riat tne s��id Testat�r, at t��e tir_ie of its execution, was of <br /> f ul2 a,ge and of sound mind; th�t an Order o�' said court ti�ras thereupon entered admitting said <br /> instrument to �robate as and for the Last Vdill and Testa�:?ent of sa3.d Bernard George Baur�an, and <br /> that Letters Testamentary thereupon i�sue to Leona M. :�a.uman, the executrix named in said t�rill. <br /> In t•:itneas z•:hereof I have riereunto set my h�nd and a.ffixed the seal of said court this 13th <br /> \ day of July, 19�6. <br /> SEAL Penrose E. Romi� <br /> County Judge <br /> DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF BOX BUTTE COUNTY, NEBRASKA Ii`? THE MATTER OF THE FSTATE OF BERNARD GEORGE <br /> BAUl�AN, DECEASED . . , . DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION <br /> NoV� on this 3rd day of l�Iay, 19��, �this cause carne on for hearing upon the petition of Leona ' <br /> M. Bau,-nan, executri,x of the e�ta.te of Bernard George f3��.uman, deceased, for distr3.bution of the <br /> resid�ae of said estate notiti� in her posgession and upon the evidence submitted in open court. <br /> The court finds that notice of the tir�e, place and purpose of thi� hearing has been given as <br /> provided by la� and as ordered by tre court. <br /> On consideration o.�' the evidence and the records and files herein tn.e court finds that <br /> letters testamentary upon estate issued to Leona ��. Baurnan out of and under the seal of <br /> said court; that all proceedings required by law have been h�.d for the proper filing, exami.nation, <br /> and allowance of claims agains� said estate; th�.t the time limited to creditors to file claims <br /> has+��xr��ed and that an order ba��ring cl�ims h�.s been entered; that the only cl.aims filed against <br /> said estate c�rere the c?aims of Copsey Clinic for the last sickness of the deceased and of Glen <br /> M3.11er for funeral expenses, both of ti�rhich claims ��rere alloti�red and have been paid; that all debts, <br /> claims and demands of every kind and nature against saia estate have been paid, including funeral <br /> ex,��nses and admini�tration ej penses, i-Tith the follozrrin�; eyce�tions, to-wit : publicati�n <br /> fees, �22.78; court costs, ��0. 00; recordin� decree o#' distr�buti.on in Box Butte and Hall Counties, <br /> �7.00; John J. Brittan, a1�praiser� s fees, �5.00; �°T. F. O�Erien, �.p�ra3.ser� s fees, �5.00 Reddish <br /> & Reddish, attorneys' fees, �1;1�-8.�'3; tha.t by reason of ��,e recent death of t�e s��id �rT. F. O� Brien, <br /> his fees as a����:raiser are �o be paid to Edward T�T. Becker, adriinistrator of the estate of said <br /> W. F. O�Brien, also known as �°:'il�iam F. 0'Brien. <br /> The court further finds tha.t in.heritance taxes have been assessed herein and have been fully <br /> paid. The court further finds that the sa3.d Bernard �`eorge Bauman left a L�.st '�Jill and Testament <br /> �rh�.ch has been admitted to r�robate herein b,;� tne �erms of Z,rhich he gave, devised, and bequeathed <br /> ali of hi s property, real and ?ersonal, after the payment of his debts and funeral charges, to <br /> his �•ridoi,r, Leona P�I. Baur�an. <br /> The Court further finda that the s�.id Bernard George Bauman left him surviving as hi.s only - <br /> heirs at�r, his ti•sidow, Leona T�I. Bauman, and the follot�;ing n�uned children, to-ti�rit: Bernard G. � <br /> Bauman, w son; Robert J. Bauman, �. son; Jo,an B. Haney, a. daughter; Jean E. Bauman, a daughter; <br /> Lti'illiam ��J. B�.uman, a son; Mar�T M. Bauman, a daughter, a.nd Martha L., a daughter. That <br /> a11 of said heirs at lata Z.Tere more than 21 years of �-�.�e �,t the time of the death of said Bernard <br /> �eorge Ba.uman t��ith the exce��tion of AZary M. Bauman and Martha L. Bauman, who are tTv�rins and tirere <br /> born March 15, Z931• <br /> The court fvr�her f�nds that the executriY of said estate ha.s in her �ossession for distribu- <br /> tion ' __ the ca,sh sum of �"9,4j9.81 r and th� follot.*ing deac�ibed personal ��roperty, <br /> ' t o-Z�*3.t; <br />