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^f.�a' � <br /> �\� <br /> _ NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> proper proceedings had upon due notice to interes�ed persons, the Court has by its decree fixed <br /> and determi.ned inheritance taxes due from said estate and its- beneficiaries which have been pa�.d <br /> in full and tha'G receipt� are on file showing payment of same; that all expense of administration, <br /> claims and demands against said estate have been paid in full. <br /> - TV - <br /> That the names, ages, residences and relationship of the heirs at law, legatees and devisees <br /> of said deceased are as follows; <br /> �� e es dence e a ons <br /> e e Man on ega adison, scons n aug ter <br /> Mary Cunningham Lega1 York, Nebraska Daughter <br /> Anna Prics Legal York, Nebraska � Daughter <br /> Ada Wochner Legal York, Nebraska Dau�hter <br /> Ger�rude Johngon Legal York, Nebraska Daughter <br /> Catherine Kaspari Legal York, Nebraska Daughter <br /> (Said Catherine Kaspari died intestate on December 21, Zg43, <br /> Henry L. Kasp ari is the administrator of her estate) <br /> Maxine S�.mson Lega1 York, Nebraska aranddaugYi'�er �' <br /> Mary Price Samson � Legal York, Nebraska Granddaugnter ! <br /> Pa'�ricia Price Schm�dt Legal York, Nebraska aranddaughter <br /> The aforesaid, Maxy Cunningham and Gertrude Johnson and Catherine Kaspari were named in the ' <br /> wlll of the decedent as trustees and as such are legatees and devisees, H. L. Kaspari having been <br /> appointed pursuant to the will of the deeeased to succeed Catherine Kaspari as auch trustee. <br /> - V - <br /> That the supplemental final account of said executrices is in all respec�s ,�us�, true and <br /> correct, anc�. should be, and is, hereby confirmed, approved and allowed; that f'rom the balance <br /> remaining in the hands of said execu�rice5, amounting to �763.64, the followin should be paid: <br /> County Court of York County, costs of notice of supplemental report and petition �5.9�; R. E. <br /> Lunner for abstracting �15.00; and Maynard Grosshans, attorney�s fee$ �10,00, ma�ing a �btal of <br /> �30.9�. Leaving a balance for distribution 3n the sum of �732.66. <br /> - VI - <br /> That th� deceased at the �ime of his death was the owner in fee simple of the following de- <br /> acribed real estate, �owit: <br /> Lot Four (�+) , Block Fif ty-s even (�7) , City of York, York County, Nebraska. <br /> Part Lot One (1), Block Two (2�)', Smith�s Addition to York, York County, Nebragka. <br /> Lo�s Four (4) , Five (5) , Six (6) and Seven (7), Block Nineteen (19) , College Addition <br /> to York, York County, Nebraska. ', <br /> I <br /> Part North of R.R. Southwest Quarter ( SW�) , Sec�ion Thirty-two (32) , Township Ten (10) <br /> NORTH, Range Four (�+) , Wes� of the Sixth. Principal Meridian in York County, Nebraska. , <br /> I <br /> Nor�heast Quarter (NE�) of Section Four (�+) , Township Ten (10) NORTH, Range Eleven (11), �I <br /> in Hall County, Nebraska. I <br /> Southwest Quarter (SW�) of Section Five (5) , Township Ten (10) NORTH, Ra,nge Eleven (11) , <br /> in Hal1 County, Nebraska. <br /> An undivided eight-f3.fteenths (�/15) share and interest of, in and to the following de- <br /> • serlbed real esta�e, '�owit : The Southwest Quarter (SW�) of Section Thirty (30') , and <br /> a11 �hat par� of the Sou'�h Half (S�-) of the Nor�hwest Quarter (NW�) and the Sou�hwest <br /> Quarter (SW�) of the Northeast Quarter (NE�) of said section Thirty (30) , lying and <br /> being south of the right of way of the C.B.&Q.R.�. Co. across said lands; all being in <br /> Bection Thirty (30) , Township Eleven (11) NORTH, Range One (1), West of the Sixth <br /> Principal Meridian in York County, Nebraska. - VII That according to the terms of Last �f3.11 <br /> s�ioul. �be�e�idofn�h� s�r s�dd�ae� f��osaid., s.�zm_ q� �732.66 remaining in the hands of the executrices <br /> �enr�'�l.�. I�'aspar�'1., a�m'�n�.atra�o4r of�he estate of <br /> Catherine Kaspari, deceaged �10�F.67 <br /> Ma.nion 10�-.67 <br /> Mary Cunningham 10�+.67 <br /> Anna Price 104.67 <br /> Ada Wo chner 104.6b <br /> Gertrude Johnson 10�.66 <br /> lV�axine Samson 34.�9 <br /> Mary Price Samson 3�+.�9 <br /> Pa�ricia Price Schmidt 3�-.�� <br /> - VIIi i <br /> That �he real estate deseribed in paragraph VI 3s devised and assigned in aocorda,nee with <br /> the terms of the last w�.l,l and testament of the deeeased, to Catherine Kaspari, Maxy Cunningham <br /> and Gertrude Johnson and/or the successors or succesaor of them. <br /> TT IS THEREFORE CONSIDERED, ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the supplemental final report of Mary <br /> Cunningham and Gertrude John�on, executrices of the esta�e oP John J. Price, deceased, be and is <br /> hereby allowed and approved as such; that the real and personal property described in paragraphs <br /> V and VI be assigned and delivered in accordance with the findings contained in paragraphs V, VI <br /> and VII, hereof, and that upon filing of the proper recei.pts in this Court evidencing assi�;nment <br /> and distribution of personal property as aforesaid, the said executrices w�.11 be discharged from <br /> their trusts and the sur�ties on their official bonds released. <br /> BY THE COURT: <br /> (SEAL) HERMANN GLOCK <br /> THE STATE OF NEBRASKA, ) oun y u ge <br /> ss. I, HERMANN GLO(� County Judge of York County Nebraska, and Ex- <br /> York County, � Officio C].erk thereof, having by law the custody of the seal and <br /> all the records, books, document� and papers of or pertaining <br /> to said County Court for said York County do hereby cer�ify that I have compared the foregoing <br /> annexed copy of Supplemental Fina1 Decree - Tn the Matter of the Estate of John J. Price, deceased <br /> the original record thereof now remaining in tnis office, and h ave found the same to be correct <br /> transcr�pt therefrorn and of the whole of �uch original record, all as the same appears from the <br /> records and files in my off�.c�. <br />