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���� � <br /> WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28081—The Auguatine Co., G1�and Island, Neba <br /> IN WITNES� WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and afFixed �he seal of �he County Court, th�.s <br /> l��h aay of June 194� <br /> (�,�,� Charles Hossert <br /> HALL CQUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D JU1V 1£� 19�-� vunty udge <br /> CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY JUDGE <br /> IN `�"�` :� COUNTY C�UY�T OF HALL COUNTY, NEBR,ASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF • � FSNAL DEG�REE. <br /> CHAA.LES C. HAVENS, DECEASED. <br /> NOW ON THIS 17th day of November, 19�-�, this cause car�e on to be heard by the court on the <br /> final account and r�port of Rex E. Hav�ns, exeQUtor of the wi11 of Gharles C. Hanens, deceased, and <br /> it appearing f rom the evidence and proo�s on file ln this eourt, that 1ega1 not�ce, as by law and <br /> �he order oP �he court required, has been g?ven to a11 persons interested, of the time and place of <br /> n r hr su cessive week� in a Ze al n wa- <br /> examining and allowing said final report by publ�.catio fo t ee e g e <br /> paper publ�.ahed within said HaZ1. Coun�y and th�re being no ob3eetions to sa�.d final aaca�t and <br /> report, the court, on examination thereof, finds that the same i� in all things correet and should <br /> be al�.owed and approved. <br /> The cour'� further finds from the proofs on file here3n �hat legal notice, as by 1aw a rd the <br /> ord�r of the cour'� required, has b�en g�.ven to all persons having claims against said est�.te of the <br /> time and plaee �'or fi13.n�; same; that al1 elaims no� filed or allowed a�ainst said estate, �.f any <br /> there be, are forever barred and precluded �rom making claim thereon and a11 such unfiled claims and II <br /> debts, if any, are barred. <br /> The eourt further finds that the deceased died testa�e on N�.y 23, 194€�, leaving him surviving <br /> as his sole and only heir at law his son, Rex E. Havens and leaving as his sole devis�ees and lega'�ess <br /> under said will, th� Firg'� National Bank of arand Island, Nebraska, trust�e, in �rust to colleet the <br /> rents, 3.ssues and profits from the real estate owned by �he deeeased at his death and ta pay the <br /> net proceeds thereof to Rex E. Havens, son of the testator for liPe, then to R�x C. Havens, grand- <br /> son of the testator f or 13.fe, remainder in fee on the d�ath of the survivor v� said life tenan�s to <br /> the children of Rex C. Havens; f inds that at the present time there are �wo ehildren of R�x C. Havens, <br /> narnely Rex C. Havens, ,junior, born August 30, 1944 and David M. Havens, born Danuary 13, lg�-6 and <br /> that the rema3.nder in fee �imple will vest in said Rex C. Hav�n�, ,�unior and a.vid M. Havens, sub- <br /> �ee� to open and le� in any other child or children, iP any, that may be born hereaf�er to said <br /> Rex C. Havens. <br /> The court fur�her find� that the deceased died seized in fee simple of the follo��ing deseribed <br /> real e�tate: <br /> REAL EBTATE IN HALL C�UNTY, NEBRASKA, <br /> I.. Southerly Sixty-six (66) feet o�' the Westerly F�.fty (50) feet of Lot Five (�j) in Block <br /> sixty-two (62) o�' �he original town, now City oPlGrand Island in Ha11 Caunty, Nebraska, <br /> including an easement across the Nor�h 66 fee'� of said Lot Five (5) for the perpe�ual <br /> use and r�,in�enance of the sewer drain as now constructed. <br /> 2. Westerly �ixty �60) feet of the 9outherly 3ixty-six (66) fieet of Lot Four (�4) in Block <br /> Fifty-seven (57) in the or�.g3na1 town, now City of arand I51and, in Hall f�ounty,;. Nebraska, <br /> with a, right of way in common with the owners of Lot � a�er the Easterly 6 feet of the <br /> Southerly 66 feet of said Lot �-. <br /> REAL ESTATE IN BEADLE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA <br /> 3. The Northeast Quarter (NE�� of Sect3.on Thirty-two (32� in TowrBhip One Hundred and Twelve <br /> (112) , North, Range F3.f ty--nine (79) Wes� of t he 5 P.M. in Beadle County, South Dako�a. <br /> The court further finds tha� Rex E. Havens, �on of the testator, is the sole legatee of <br /> �he personal property under �he wil.l and that the same was exhausted in �he payment of the debts, <br /> burial e�penses and costs of administration. <br /> Pa�e 2. <br /> F3.nds tha'G an inheritance tax under the laws of Nebr�,s4�a was du].y determined and assessed on <br /> the suecession o� Rex E. Havens to his intersst in the estate of the deceased in N°braska in the <br /> sum of �96.5�; and was duly and fully paid and �hat the estate and the succession ther�to of all <br /> ather legatees and devisees is not sub�eet ta any inheritance tax under the laws of Nebraska. <br /> Finds that a1�. debts, eRpenses of burial, expenses of administrat�.on, including prabate <br /> notices have been Pully paid and '�hat the will has been fully executed, including Item One thereof, <br /> and that the estate should be settled and closed. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE CONSIDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT; �hat �he �inal aec�unt and <br /> report oP Rex E. Havens, as executor of said es'�at� be and it is hereby ax�proved and allowed; that <br /> a11 claims filed and allowed against said estate have been fu11y paid.; '�hat all cour'G costs and � <br /> expenses of adminis�ra�Gion have been fully paid; that all debt5 and claims against said estate, <br /> not filed or allowed, i� any there be, are barred and precluded; that inheritance taxes assessed on <br /> sa�d estate and tr�e succession thereto have been fully paid; '�hat the personal estate passed and <br /> descended to Rex E. Havens as provided 3.n the las� will and testam�nt of the .deceased and ha�. �een <br /> fully d�.sbursed and accountied for by the execu�or; that t��� real estate here3.nbefore deseribed <br /> passed and descended under the last wi11 of the deceased and th� s�atutes of wills of 1V�braska and <br /> 8outh Da.kota ta ti�e F3.rst National Bank of Grand Island, Nebraska, in trust nevertheless, to collec� <br /> the ren�s, issues and profits therefrom and to pay ��.e same to Rex E. Havens, �on of the t�sta'�ar, <br /> for life, then to Rex C. Havens, grandson of the testator for 1if e, rem��3.nder in fee s3.mple to the <br /> ch3.ldren of Rex C. Havens on the death of the �urvivor of Rex E. HaQens and Rex C. Havens as more <br /> particularly �rovided and conditioned in the will of the deceased; that the estate of the deceased ' <br /> h as been ful�►y administered and '�he will �ul�y execu'�ed and saic� estate is hereby settled and <br /> closed and the executor if discharged of his t rust and h�f�s bond is released. <br /> Charles Bosser� <br /> oun y u ge. <br /> , <br />