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��� <br /> WILI� AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28081—The Auguatine Co., (3rand Ieland, Nebr. <br /> Geraldine McLend C€ruber, hia widow, and . <br /> Raymond Francis (�ruber, a minor son by a former marriage <br /> . F�URTH <br /> TY�a� on the 13th day of September, 19��, an order was made herein allowing creditors �hree <br /> months f'rom and after the 6th day of �ctober, 19�-�, in which to �i1e �hEir aga�.ns� said <br /> estate and said administrator one year in whieh to settle said estate, and further ordering tha� <br /> a notiee to ereditors be published in �he Grand I�land Independen�G, a legal newapaper, published <br /> and cireulating in Hall County, Nebraska, for three successive weeks prior to the 6th d.a.y of. <br /> Oetober, 194�, and tha'� a hearing on claims filed a�ainst said estate would b� held a'� the offies <br /> of the County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, on �he �th day c►f January, 1.94g, at 9 o �eloek a.m. <br /> and it appears by proo�' on file that no�GiQe of order wa� published. as ordered by this Court. <br /> FIFTH <br /> The Court �urther finds that on the 11th day of �ctober, 194ffi, said Dan J. Maz+a, as adminis- <br /> (3) trator, filed in Court hls inv�ntory with a capy �hereof for the County Assesaor o�' Hall Coun�y, <br /> Nebraska, of the property of said estate, and that according to said inv_en�Gory, the deceased died <br /> seized and possessed of�h� foll.owing described property, to-wit: <br /> Lot Eigh� (�) in Block Fine (5) of Kernohan & Deaker�s Addition to the City of arand <br /> Island, Nebraska, <br /> and Chattel Property of the approximate value oP �2,000.00. <br /> SSXTH <br /> Th� Court further finds that on the 21st day of September, 194�, said (�eraldine (�ruber,�r <br /> of said decedent, filed her applicatl.on for �,er sta�utory exemptiona and w3.dow�s all.owance wi�h <br /> �his Court, and on the 23rd da,y of September, 19��, this Court sntered an order awart3in� her all <br /> wearing a.ppar��, ornaments, househald furn�ture oP the deaeas�d, and all property and ar�lcles <br /> exempt to said dee�a�ed a� the t3me of his death from levy or sale upon execution or attachment, <br /> �.lso the sum of �200.00 in money and a widow�s allowance in �he �um of �50.00 per month frvm the <br /> da,�e oP the death o�' said deceden� during the progrESS oP the settlement of said estate; thie <br /> Court further Pinds that the real estate described in the inventory fi].ed by said adminis�rator <br /> herein, and h�reinbe�'ore described, constituted the homes�ead af said deceden'� at the '�ime o� his <br /> death and tha� said Geraldine Gruber was entitled to a homestead interest therein. <br /> SEVENTH <br /> The Court fur�Gher finds that aecording to the Laws of Desaent and Distribution ot' �he S�ate <br /> of Nebraska, said property descends, sub�eet to the payment of claims, costs of administration, <br /> exemptions and allowances, as followss An und,iv�.ded three-fourths thereof un�o Raymond Franets <br /> Gruber, son o� sa3d decedent by a �ormer ma.rriage, and one-fourth '�hereot' un�o Geraldine McLeod <br /> Gruber, widow of said deceder�t and in addition �hereto, said widow ha.s a homes�ead right 3.n and <br /> to the real estate hereinbefore deseribed. <br /> ETGHTH <br /> The Gourt further finds that the total gross value o�' said estate a'� the time of �he death of <br /> said decedent was the sum of �7,b57.3�, and that all o� said estate is exempt from the paymen�G of <br /> any inheritance tax or. Federal Estate Tax. <br /> �'� NINTH <br /> The Court further f3nds that on the �th da,y o� January, 1949, an order of �his Court was made <br /> barring a.11 claims not filed against said es�Gate and allowing elaims P31ed pr3or �hereto; the Cour'� <br /> further f�nds '�hat the real esta'�s here.�nbef'ore described was sold by said a.dministrator under <br /> I3.eense obtained by him in the Distric� Court of Hall Count�, Nebraska, for the payment of debts, <br /> claims and expenses, widow�s allowanas and �x,emp�ions allowed in this estate; tha'� all of the as- <br /> sets vf said estate have been Iiquida.ted and conv�rted into cash by said administrator and 'Chat <br /> sa�.d administratvr has used said proceeds in the payment of expenses of 1as� illnese and burial of <br /> said dea�dent, payment of Cour'� cos�s, attorney�s 2'ees, statutory exemp'�icans and widow�s allowana� <br /> awarded said widow and has a.pplied '�he balance toward th� payment of the mortgage against �he real <br /> estate hereinbefore d�seribed and on the claimg allowed by the Court against this estate, and tha� <br /> there remal.ns no property or fund� in said admir�is�rator�s hands whatsoever and �hat the fo].lowing <br /> elaims are unpaid and there are no Punds w�.th whieh to pay the same, to-wit: <br /> Smitty�� Body Shop �26.00 <br /> Mr�. Trene Lyons 60.00 <br /> Johnson-Ca�h-way Lumbe� Co. 69•'�� <br /> C. P. Sheets 57•00 <br /> Livingston-Sondermar�n Funeral <br /> Hom� 215.13 <br /> all cat':�which �laims are common claims a,gainst said eetate. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE 4RDERED, ADJUD(�ED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that �he �'inal report of Dan J. <br /> Mara, administra�or herein, be and the same hereby is approved and allowed as such; fur�her that <br /> Qeraldine MeLeod Gruber and Raymond Franeis Gruber are all and the only heirs-at-law of said de- <br /> ceased, and that the property described �.n Paragraph FZFTH hereo�' deseend� according to the Laws <br /> oP D�scent and Distribution of the State oP Nebraska, a� found in Paxagraph STXTH of this decree; <br /> that said estate has been fu11y administered, all vf �Y�e assets thereof conver�ed into ash and <br /> dis�ributed according to by said administrator, he having filed receipts wlth this �our"� show- <br /> ing such distribu�ion and he is �herefore hereby diseharged as adm3nistrator, hia _bond released- and <br /> ��1 said estate fully settled and elosed. <br /> IN WITIJESS WHEREOF T have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the CQUrrty Court of Ha11 Coun'Cy, <br /> Nebra,ska, this �+th day of May, 19�+9• <br /> (g�) Charles Bosaert <br /> I hereby acknowl.ed�e notie� of�he above de�ermination by said Court in this estate�that�no in- <br /> heritanae tax wha�soever is due and payable in said. estate, '�his �th day oF May, 19�-� '� <br /> Donald H. Weaver <br /> o�n y �orney <br /> of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> In the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> Certiticate <br /> STATE �F NEHRA�KA, ) <br /> kiALL COT.TI�TTY � $�' z� Charles Bossert County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby <br /> ) certi�y that I havE eompared the foregoing copy of Final Decree entered <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF RAYI�IIpND ALFRED aRUBER, DECEASED, w�.th the <br /> original �eeord thereof, now remaining in said Court, that the same is a eorrect transcr�.pt '�her�of, <br />