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4�� <br /> WIL,L AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28081—The Auguatine Co., Graad Island, Nebr. ' <br /> FRONTIER COUNTY, NEBRASKA ; <br /> E'� of N��� �,nd Stitirg of SeC�ion 29-6-28 <br /> Nti°T� of Section 32-6-2b <br />� Sti^t�- of SE-��- of Section 27-0-28 <br /> NE�� ,a_nd E�; �i th° N'�J� of Section 3�-6-23 . <br /> stidl of section �-5-�9 <br /> SZ�r� of Section 21-0-29 - <br /> N'�T� of Section 2�S-b-29 <br /> I-IALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> SVS� o�' Section 25-9-10 <br /> KE.ARNEY COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> SE� of Section 33-'7-13 <br /> NW�x of Section 32-'�-�3 <br /> E� of the NE� of uection 31-'7-13 � <br /> S-� of SW� and S;� o� N-�; oP StiJ� of �ectlon 29-'�-13 <br /> RED �r�ILLO��u" COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> Und�.vided 1/2 interest in the N=�; of Seetion 2L�-1�F--30 <br /> S��,�e of Nebraska ) � <br /> Adams County ) ss <br /> S, Fred G. Johnson, Count�r Jud�e in and for said County and Sta�e, hereby certify that the <br /> above and foregoing is a true and correc� copy of the Findinga and Decree, made and entered in <br /> the nat�er of ti�e Estate of Louis J. Siekmann, d�ceased, as the sar,�e ap�ears of record and in the <br /> file�s of �his oifice: <br /> IN WITNESS S°�I��REOF, T have hereunto set my hand and a.f'fixed the Seal of the County Court, <br /> � at Hast3.ngs, Nebra.ska, in Adams Count3r, Nebraska, this lbth day of Apri1, 1��9. <br /> � Fred G. Johnson <br /> (SEAL) County Jud�e <br /> Filed for record �he 1� day of A�ril, 1��F9, at 9:JO o! elock A.M. <br /> �-�:Lr,u.v �a�.�/ <br /> . REGISTER OF DEEDS <br /> 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Q-4-0-0-0-0- <br /> F2I�AL DE��F � <br /> IN THE COUNTY' COURT OF HALL COUNTY, <br /> • � NEBRASKA <br /> In the Matter of the Estate of ) <br /> ) FTNAL � DECB. EE <br /> Charles L. Tyre, Deceased ) <br /> BE IT REMEMBERED �Ghat on this 20th day of April, A.I3. , 19�9, it being the day fixed for <br /> approv�.ng the f3.na1 accoun� of th� administrator, and hearing on hia petition for final. settlemen� <br /> and determination of heirship, and it appearing from proof on f3.le tha� due notice was given by <br /> publicatian of the time heretofore fixed for said hearing, and there being no �ob,�ect3.ons on file, <br /> and the court bein.g fu1.�y advi�.ed in the premises finds: � <br /> 1. That Ch�,rles L. Tyre died intea�ate on July 2g, 1a1�8, a residen� of Ha,ll County, Nebraska, <br /> and left surviving him as his next of kin and heirs at law, a daughter, Hilda �hompson, 121� Eas'G <br /> Sixth S�Greet, a son, Richard Tyre, 622 Eas� 8th Street, a daughter, Eva �a�ess_+�r_�, �0� Eas� 12th <br /> Street, a11 of Grand Island, Nebraska, �.nd a son, John Tyre, 2820 Wes� Fron� Street, North P1.atte, <br /> , , <br /> Nebraska, al� of legaa. age that he 1ef t survivin him no widow other livin children or t <br /> g , g , he <br /> living issue of any deceased children, and that said children are the sole and only heirs of his <br /> es�ate. <br />, 2. That on Septe�ber 1, 1g�8, James I. Shamber� was appointed adminis�rator of h�.s es� t� <br /> a <br /> , <br /> a <br /> � <br /> .ualified as such, and nas been ae�ing 3.n said capacity ever s�nee. <br /> That du not ce T <br /> 3. e i �as given �o creditors of the time limited in to file c�aims against <br /> said esta�e; �hat such time has duly expired, and al1 claims aga�.nst said estate, including the <br /> expenses of the last il.lness of the decedent, his funeral expenses, and the eourt costs, have 'beeY� <br /> paid in full; �Ghat the further presEntation of claims against said estate has been foreeer b�.rred <br /> by the former ord�r of this court; that there is no inherit�,nce tax due �Ghe State of Nebraska, <br /> and no federa.l estate ta,x due the United States of America. <br /> �. Th�.t the firs� and final repor'� of the administrator, filed herein, is in al1 things �true <br /> and correct and should be approved and allowed as his fina3, report; that there rern.ains in the hands <br /> of tiie adminis�rator f or distribution a balance of ��00.9Q; th�.t sa.�.d admin3.strator shotzld be <br /> allowed the sum of �100.00 �'or h3.s services as such administrator, and his attorneys, H. G. <br /> �lellensiek and Dona7.d H. Weaver, the sum of �100.00 for their serv3.ces; that the balanee of �200.9Q <br /> and tre reaa. eatate hereina,fter described, should be assigned to the heirs, equa.Ily, share and <br /> share alike. � <br /> 5. That the said Charles L. Tyre died se3.zed and possessed of Lots l and 2, in Bloek 1�, <br /> and an undivided one-half interest in Lot 3, B1ock l0, in Lamber'�� s Addition to the C�ity of <br /> Grand I�land, Hal1 Co�aty, Nebraska. � <br /> IT TS THEREFORE CONSIDERED, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT, <br /> I. <br /> That the report of J�.mes I. Shamberg, filed herein, be and the same is hereby in a11 things <br /> approved and allowed as and for his fi�.al account, and in full settlemen� of his trust; tha'� the <br /> 5aid James I. Sh�mberg be, and hereby is allowed the sum of �100.00 for his services, and his <br /> attorneys, H. G. We1l.ensiek and Donald H. Weaver, the aum of �100.00 for their servicea; that <br /> said administrator be and is hereb�r ordered and directed to pay the same; that upon f�ling rece3.p'�s <br /> f or the residue of said estate, he be discharged as administrator, and he and his sureties b� <br /> re�.eased from all further liabili�y on their off3.cial bond. <br />