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�'�� <br /> NO. 9 H�LL COUNTY <br /> hereby b�.rred; that the report o�' the executrix, and each part thereof, should be and the same is <br /> hereby ax�proved and eonfirmed, and she should be and she is hereby discharged as executrix, and <br /> her bond cancelL�d and relieved of any liaUility; that all costs, fees and inciden� �o <br /> the adminis�ration af the estate, and all inheritance and Federal estate taxes upon the estate <br /> and the beneficiary thereof, have been paid in full; �hat all property of the deceased, including <br /> the real es��.te d�scribed in the list hereto attach��d, should be and is hereby ��.ssigned to Emilie <br /> 0. Siekmann, the wido�� of the deceased, and the sole beneficiary under his w3.11, to be hers <br /> a'psolutely. <br /> i <br /> i <br /> (SEAL) Fred G. Johnson, <br /> _3_ County Judge <br /> i <br />� <br />� LAST �+IILL AND TESTAI�NT OF LOUIS J. SIEKMANN <br />� <br />� <br /> I, Louis J. Siekmann, noz•r residing in Hastin�s, Adams County, Nebraska, being of aound mind and <br /> memary, but mindfu� of the uncertain�y of this mortal 1ife, do, publish and declare the <br /> following to be my 1.ast will �,nd testa,ment : <br /> 1. Tn case my beloved wife, Enilie 0. Siekmann, be Iiving at the time of m;r deatYl, then <br /> and in that, I give, devise and bequeath to her all of my estate, both real and personal. <br /> and ��heresoever situated, to be hers, absolu�ely. <br /> 2. In case my beloved �rife, Emilie 0. Siekmann, should die before my decease, then and in <br /> that case, I give, devise and 'pequeath alI of m�T estate, both real and personal wheresoever <br /> situated, unto my beloved daughter, Luella K. Kyes, f or her use and benef it so lon� as she lives, <br /> hereby grant;in� unt;o her only a life estate. ' <br /> 3. On the deatn of my dau;;hter, Lue11a K. Kyes, I direct that my estate be equally divided, <br /> and I hereb;�� give, devise and be�ueathl/2 thereof to the chila or children of my daughter, <br /> Lue11a K. Kyes, an undivided 1/2ttne children of my beloved daughter Edna M. Snueey, not�r deceased, <br /> being John Louis Shueey and Ka�izerine I�I. -Shueey. <br /> Ii either oi my grandchildren should die bef ore t'�e death of my daughter, Luella K. <br /> Kyes, tnen his or. her share sha11 not lapse, but shall go to his or her children in equal shares. ' <br /> �. I direct that ti�rhatever remains of the personal property which my daughter gets from my � <br /> es�ate , shaly be included in tne estate to be divided among my grandchildren as above set forth. <br /> 5. X hereb;� nominate and appoint my beloved ���ife, Ernilie 0. Siekmann, to be the executrix <br /> of this my last ti•rill and tes�a,r�ent and I hereb�� revoke all former wills or testamentary disposi- !I <br /> tions by me at at any time hereto°ore made. ' <br /> IN WSTNESS vJHEREOF T have hereunto set my hand, this 31s� day of October 19�7. I <br /> /s/ Louis J. Siekmann � <br /> We whose names are hereunto s.ubscribed, do certify th�.t the testator, Louis J. Siekmann, <br /> in our presence declared the f oregoing 3.nstrument to be his last tirill and testament , and we at <br /> his reques�, a_�d in his presence and t?ze �resence of each other, si�,n our names here�o as <br /> attesting U,�itnesses. <br /> Dat�d at Hastings, Nebraska, this 31st ,'_ay of October 19�7. <br /> /s/ Cora Day <br /> /s/ L.B. Stiner <br /> CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE <br /> - Tne St at e of Nebra.ska, ) <br /> Adams Gounty ) ss <br /> At a session of the Count;� Court held in ard f or said County, at the County Court Room in <br /> Hastings, on this 20th day of P�arcl�, A.D. 19�8. <br /> Presen�, Fred G. Johnson, County Judge: <br /> IN T� M.ATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ) <br /> LOUIS J. SIEKMANN, Deceased ) <br /> I, Fred G. Johnson, County Judge, in and for said County, do hereby certify that on this <br /> 20th day of I�2arcn, A.D. 19�8, the instrument nurporting to Ue the last will and testament of <br /> the said Louis J. Siekmann, deceased, which t�Tas filed in this Court, on the 2nd day of March, <br /> A.D. ig�8, and being t?�e instrument to ��ThicY� this 3.s annexed, z��as duly proved, approved, probated <br /> and a11o�rTed, as the last ti,rill and t2star�ent of tne said Louis J. Siekmann, deceased, in and for <br /> the State of Nebraska, and i� was ordered to be recorded in the records of the �ounty Court <br /> af ore said. <br /> IN ti�TITNESS inTHEREOF, I have hereunto set my h��nd, a.-r.d �he Seal of said County Cour�, at <br /> Hastir�gs, this 20�h da�% of Marcn, A.D. 19�8. <br /> /s/ Fred G. Johnson <br /> (SEAL) Judge of t}�e County Court <br /> REAL ESTATE <br /> ADAT�2S COUNTY, NEBRASKA, <br /> Wl/3 of SE�- N�°14 N1��I� SU14 NW4f .208 acres; <br /> SW4 NW� NG�I=� Sy'�4 N�^1.� �.nd cor,�mencing i33 feet E o�' N`�r corner of S�l� Ntra4 running thence E 76 ft, <br /> S 10,5 ft, V�' 76 ft, a.nd N to �1ace of beginning, .625 acres; <br /> P�.r� of S�+T4 T�1�, commencin� 33 ft, ,E of N6� corner of SW4 NW� rur_ning E 100 ft, S 132 ft , <br /> W 100 ft, and N to place of beginning, .3 aeres, all in Sec. 13-7-10 <br /> Lot ,�, Siekxnann' a Add3.tion to Hwstings, Nebraska <br /> ' Wl of Lot 7, Siel�rn�,nni s Addition to Hastings, Nebraska <br /> ti+T;, of Lot 8, Siekmann� s Addition to Hastings, Nebraska <br /> Lot 10, .�iekmann:':s Addition to Hastings, Ne'praska <br /> Lot 2, B1ock 23, Prospect Par}� Addition to Hastings, Nebraska <br /> c � Nebr ska <br /> t Jo e�h Addition to Ha.�ti <br /> n s a <br /> Lot l, Block 10 S . s �, � <br /> S�- of NE� and N�- of SE� of Section 2-�-10 <br /> W� of NW� of Section 23-�-9 , <br /> The part of the SW� of Sec. 10-7-9 located S of the B&M Railroad right of way E? of <br /> Section 17-7-10 <br /> ��d� of Section 28-'?-10 <br /> NW� of NE� and S1 of NE� and N��'� of Sec. 29-7—io <br /> FR.ANKLIN COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> ��t',� of NE� of Section 26-�-13 <br /> r <br />