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1 b�� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNT� <br /> IN YIITpt�SS WHEft�DF, I have .hereunto set �ay hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, this 6th day of <br /> October 19�+g � <br /> �5�� , Charles Bosaert <br /> HALL COUNTY, 1dEBBASSA � I L E � OCT 6 19�+g <br /> County Judge <br /> Charles Bossert County Judge , <br /> + I14 COtTNTY COtTRT OF Sl1LL COUNTY, NEBRA�SSA. <br /> I� TAE MATTER OF THE ffi'1'AT� ) <br /> ��' ( FINAL DFSR�E. <br /> JOI� C. �EUBFRT, D��"�U. ) - <br /> Now on this 13th day of April, 19�+g, this cause came on to be heard by the court on the final account and report <br /> of I,ena Neubert, executriac of the last Kill and tes�ament of John C. Neubert, deceased, and it appearing from the <br /> evidence and �.roof in file in this court, that legal notice as by lav� and the order of the court required, has been <br /> giPen to all persons interested., of the time and place oY e�mining and allowing said final account by publica.tion f�r <br /> threa s�zccessive aeeks in a legal naRrspaper, published w3thin said Hall County, and there being no ob�ectione to said <br /> final account and report, the court, on ea�mination thereof, finda that the same is in all respects correct and should <br /> be allovred and approved, <br /> The court further finds from the proofs on file herein, that legai notice as by la�v and the order of this conrt <br /> required, has been givsn to all persons having claims against said estate of the time and place for filing the same; <br /> �hat all debts and claime against said estate have been fully paid and that all persons having unFiled claims <br /> against said estate, if any there be, are forever barred. from making claim thereon and all such unfiled claims and <br /> debts, if auy, are barred and precluded; that all eosta and eapenees of the adaniniatratica of said estate have been <br /> fully paid. <br /> The cour� further finds that the deceased died testate on the first day of September, 19�+8 and eras a resident of <br /> Hall County, Nebrask� at the time cf his deatht that said testator, at the time of hia death, left as his heir� at <br /> law and only heirs at law, his widow, Lena Neubert, and his daughters, Clara Falldorf, l�linda Beberniss, Brieda <br /> Spieha, Bathryn Young, Marie Sobinsun, Hazel Mettesbrin,�r and his sons, Glen John Heubert and &euben Aarry �Teubert <br /> and left as his sole lega.tee and devisee wnder his last will and testament, his vridow, Lena Neubert. - <br /> Tbe court further find$ that the deceased died seized in fee simple of the folloMing deacribed real estate Page <br /> situated in Hall Couaty, Nebraska, towit: 2. <br /> 1. 2'he Southeast Quarter of the Southeast GLaarter (S� S�) and the �lest Half of the Southeast Quarter (�� S�,}) <br /> of Secticn Thixty-five (35) in Tovrnship Eleven (11) in Range Niz�e (9) West of the 6 P. M. and - <br /> 2, The Southeaat Quar�er of the �torthwest Qaarter (SH� PW ) and I,ota T�o (2), Three (3), Four (�) and Eleven <br /> (11), all in Section Ll.even in To�naship Ten (10) in Range Nine �9) West of the 6 Principal 1Keridian. <br /> The court furth�r finds that the title to IAt T�ro (2) in B1ock Eight (g) in Bannie Brae Addition to the City of <br /> Qrand Island in Hall Couaty, Nebraska, �vas takea in the na.mes of John C. Neubert and ?�ena Neubert, as �oint teaants <br /> and not as tenant� in cc►mmon and that the same wa,s the hcme and homestead of the deeeased and his Widow, Lena <br /> ATeta.bert; that the consideration of said Lot was paid by I,ena Neubert and on the death of Joha C. Neubert veated in <br /> the survivor, I,ena Neubert, by deed. ' <br /> Ths ceurt �'urther Pimda that the real estate abeve described in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, pasaed a.nd deacend.ed <br /> tu�der the last will and testament of the deceassd to I+ena �eubert, his r�idow and the sole deviaee aad legatee of all <br /> the xeal eatate and personal property of the deceaesd �aid will and ah�oe�l.d be a�did 1�o her. Finda that the <br /> personal property of the deceased �as bequeathed to said �,ena Ne�zbert and was exhansted in the payment of the debt8, <br /> laet illaess, burial of deceased �,nd eapenses of adminiatration, and fiads after notice to the County Attoraey of <br /> said Hall County with proof of service filed here3a, that the egtate and succession thereto is not sub�ect to an <br /> inheritance tax �de� the laws of Ivebraska; Pinds that the eatate has been fully admiaistered and the eaecutrix <br /> ahould be discharged. of her trust and her bond released and the estate sho�ild be closed. <br /> IT IS Tffi'�F�f3R� CO�SIDF�ED, ADJtTDGID AND D�CBEI�D BY 2'HE COURT: that the final aecovnt and report oP the executrix <br /> be and it is hereby appro9ed and allowed; that all claima, debts and charges filed or allo�red agaiast said estate, Page <br /> inclnding sll aoats and eapenses of administration, have been fully paid and that all debta snd claims sgaiaat the 3. <br /> decea.sed or his eatate, which have not been Yiled, if any there be, are forever barred and prealuded.; that the s�te- <br /> cession tc said estate is not sub�ect to any inheritanae t�aac under the lavrs of the S�ate of Nebra,ska; that the deceased <br /> died testate, a re�ideAt of said Ha,ll County seized in fee simple of the real estate deacribed in paragraphs 1 and 2 <br /> hereof passed and deacended under the last aill aad testament of deceased in fee simple to Lena I�eubert widow of the <br /> testator and the same is so aa�arded to her; that I�t T�o (2) in Block l�ight (g) in Bonnie Brae Addition to the City <br /> of Grand Island ia Hall County, Nebraska� owned by the deceased and his widorr, I,ena Neubert� as �oiat tenante, passed <br /> to and vested ia said I,ena Dieubert on the death of John C. Neubert by right of survivorship; that all persone.].. <br /> property belonging to the deceased at his death has been disbursed and distributed aa previded by la�r and in aecordance <br /> with the last v�ill of the dec�ased; that the estQte has besn fully administered and the will has been fnlly eaecuted <br /> and said estate ia hereby s:ettled and closed and tha ex�eutria is discharged uf her trust and her bond ia released <br /> and di�charged. <br /> Charles Bos�ert <br /> Judge. <br /> In the County Covrt of gall County, Rebraska <br /> Certificate <br /> STATE OF ��RA�SI�, ) <br /> ) ss. I, Charles Bossert Covnty Jndge of Ha,11 County, 16ebraska, do hereby certify that I have <br /> HALy COUNT7C ) com�pared the foragoing copy of Last Idill and Testament, Certificate of Probate of Will and <br /> Final Decree - IPT THE MATTER OP' T� FSTgTE OB' J�HN C. NL�l'B�RT� D19C�AS�, aith the original <br /> record thereof, aox rsmainiag in said Gourt, that the same is a correct transcript thereof, and of the whole ef suah <br /> or3.ginal record; that said Court is a Court of Record having a aeal, which seal is hereto attached; tbat said Court <br /> haa no Clerk a�athorized to sign certificates in his own name, and that I am the legal cur�todiaa of said Seal and of <br /> the 8ecords of said Court, and that the foregoing attestation is in due form of law. <br /> � TESTIMONY WHII��OF I have herevnto set my hand and affiaed the seal of the Connty Ccurt, at Grand Ialand� this <br /> 13 th da,y of April 19�9. <br /> SEAZ, Charles Bossert <br /> � ) <br /> Gouaty Judge. <br /> Filed for record thia 13 day of April 1949, at �+:�5 o�clock P.M. <br /> , �(g�,�,,,.��%j�-C,..,i <br /> � <br /> Regieter cf �eeds. <br /> o—o—a_o—o—a—o—o—o—o—o—o_c�—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o�—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—c�o—o—o—o_o—ao_o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—oo—o.-o—o—o—o—o—o—o-o <br />