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�`�'� <br /> WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br /> R8081—The Augustine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. , <br /> TN TriE COU1V`�'Y COUR�l' OF Hk1LL COU'1V".�'Y� NEBRASKA • <br /> CER'i'IFICA"CE <br /> S�l�A'�E OF NEt3RASKA, ) � ' <br /> ) SS. I, Charles t3ossert County Judge of Ha��. County, Nebraska, do hereby <br />� �ALL COUNTY ) certify that I have com;;ared the foregoin� copy of L�,s� �STilI and <br /> Testament, Certi.f3.cate of ProN�tite and Decree of' Distri�ution - IN THE <br /> MA`:C�i�ER OF THE ES''i'A'I'E OF FRIEDRICti FALLDORF, DECEASED, wi�ch trie original record ti�ereof, now Gr�g, a�. <br /> �remaining in said Court th�.t �r�e same is a correct transcri��t thereof, and of' the whal� of suc�,, <br /> record; that �aid Cour�� is a Court of Record havin� a seal, wnich se�.i is n.ereto atta�hed; that � <br /> said Court has no C�er�� atzthorized to si�n certificates in h3s own name, and that T am the lega�. <br /> custodian of said Se�.1 �,nd of tne Records of' said Court, and �hat the foregoin.g at�estation is <br /> in due form of la�T. <br /> IN TESTINiONY I^rHEREOF I have h�reunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, <br /> at Grand Island, this 8th dazr of April 19�9• <br /> t SE�I,) Cnarlea Bossert <br /> County Judge. <br /> Filed f'car record tne 9 day of A�ril, 1949, at 11:50 0� clock A.M. �;,,. �c�/ �°i"_ <br /> Re�;ister of Deeds. <br /> o-o-o-c-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-c-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o <br /> I�AS T tIP ILL A�d'D TP�TAi�IENT <br /> LAST WILI, A�7'D TESTAt�I�i+1T OF JQH� C. N��RT. <br /> I, dohn C. Neubert, of �rand Island, in Hall Gounty, Nebraska, do hereby ffiake, publish �nd declare this my last <br /> will and testament, as �ollows and I hereby revoke ari.d annul all former willa, codicila and testaments hex�etofore <br /> made bg me, that is to say: <br /> ITF�NI �1�E. <br />��II <br />'� �,give, devise anct bequ.eath to my wife, I,ena.- �teubert, af Hall County, �ebraska, should she survive me, all of <br /> my estate, both real and personal, now owned or hereafter acquired by me mnd wherever situated. <br /> IT�I TN�4. <br /> Should �y wife die before �e, I give, devise and bequeath all of a�y said estate, in equal shares to my ehildrea, <br /> b aska I�al <br /> inda Beberniss of Alda, I4ebraska, Sathryn �oung of Foreat <br /> i �aa Cownt lde r , <br /> namely: Clara Fal2dorf of Ham 1 Y. <br /> Grove Ore oa Nlarie Robinaon oF Doniphan, Nebraska, �'rieda Spiehs of Aall Covs►ty, �Tebraska, Glea JOha PTeubert of <br /> g • ch <br /> + C u�t Nebraska ea <br /> t of 11 0 <br /> Ames,�, Hazel Mettenbrink of Hall Conrlty, Nebraska and Heuben Aarry Neuber � 9, . <br /> ta,kin� a cne-eighth pa,rt of my estate, and shauld any of my eight ehildre� above named die before me, le�,ving a child <br /> or children surviving hi.m or her at my death, the shars such deceased child or children of mine would hava taken by <br /> this will, if li4ing at my death, ahall go to the child or children of such deceased child of mine b�r represent�tion- <br /> the child or children to �tand in �he plaoe of the deceased parent and take the share the parent xould ha�e taken <br /> hersauider, if 13ving at my death, and ahould an.y of a� eight children above named die before me, leaving no child or <br /> children sur�iviag at my death, then the ahare such decea�ed child of mine would have taken hereunder, if living at <br /> my death, shall gc to and be divided among my surviving children and the child or children of any deceased child of <br /> mine by representation as above providsd. <br /> ITII�i T1�tEE. <br /> I hold a aote of my daughter, Clara Falldorf, for one thousand dollars and if the aame is not repaid to me before <br /> �qy death, I provide that her indebtedness to me thereon shall be dedneted frcm her shaxe of my estate and in like <br />�iPage manner i� anY of my other ehildren should be indebi€ed to me at �y death, sueh iudebtednesa shall be deducted from the <br /> i 2. �hare or shaxes of the child or children owing me. IT� ��• <br /> I nominate and appoint my said r�ife� Lena Neubert, executrix of this �vill and provide that �he shall not be re- <br /> d wife die before ne or decline to act as eaecutri�c, I appoint m� <br /> quired to gi.9e boud or surety as such. Shoul �Y �i 1 in her stead and rovide they shall not <br /> t ecutrices <br /> of this 1 P <br /> cia,ughters Kathryn Yovng and Marie Robinson as �oin ex <br /> be required to give bond ss �uch or security. Shculd my wife die before rae atzd should there be any minor child or <br /> children of any deceased child of mine entitled. to a share vnder this will, then I authorize u�t eaecutricea Rathryn <br /> Young �nd Marie Hcbinson, or the suruivor of them, as executric� oi� executriac, to sell and conve� any real estate <br /> owned by me at a�q death at such price cr prices and on such terms as to them shall seem best a.�d to make, acla�oaled$e <br /> and deliver deed or deeds of conve9ance to the pvrchaser or purcha.aers, pro�viding that a majority of my children <br /> livirig at my death sYiall approve the sale or sales in �+riting or �oin in signing the deed or deeds, but to a�ake such <br /> � <br /> deed or deeds my eaecutricee or eaecutria shall nut be required to secure a lieenae c�r order from any eourt o� �udge. <br /> Should either 1t�thryn Young or Marie Robinson decliae to aet as executria, the other sha11 act. <br /> In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my ha,nd in duplicate this 1� day of �ecember, I��O at Grand Island, <br /> Nebraska and afYis�ad my signature on the margin of the first page in duplicate. <br /> John C. Neubert <br /> We, the undersigned witneasess, hereby declaxe that the said tes�atar, dohn C. Neubert, signed his ia S <br /> duplieate to the above and foregoing instru,ment eomprisin.g tvro pages this one includ�d, ty�e�vritten on one side only <br /> ax�.d affiaed his signatvre on the margia of the first page thereof in duplicate in our presence and in the presence <br /> of each oP us and at the same t3me declaxed the same to be his last will and testament and we at hie request and in <br /> his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto set our hanci.s as xitnesses. E�cecuted in duplicate <br /> December 1�, 19�+0. �. 4. Abbott <br /> of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> Msrie L. Jankovitz <br /> cf Grand Island, Nebraaka. <br /> S TAT� OP' NEBRAS KA ) <br /> 3a�� CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE OF WILL <br /> HALL COUNTY ) <br /> 1t a Session of the Covnty Court held in the County Court Rcom in Grand Island, in said Cotanty, on the 6th day <br /> of October A.D., l�+g <br /> Present Charles Bosaert Cowaty Judge <br /> In the Nlatter of the F�state o3' <br /> John C. BTeubert, Deceased , <br /> I, Cha.rles Bossert, Judge of the County Court, in and for said County, do hereby certi�y that on the gth day <br /> of SepLember 194g, the inatrument puxporting to be the last will and tes�ament of Joha C. Neubert deceased, was , <br /> filed for probate in this Court. That on the 6th day of October 19�8, said instrument to which th3s certif icate <br /> is attached was duly praved, probated and allowed �s the last aill and teatament of the real and personal estate <br />' of said John C. Neubert deceased, and the aame was ardered to be recorded in the records of the Court aforesaid. <br /> �a <br />