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��� <br /> WILL AND DECR�� R�CORD <br /> 28081—The AuguatSne Co., (3rand Ialand, Nebr. <br /> LAS'S WILL AND TESTAMEI�T, CERTTFIC�Fi�E OF PROB�TE_ AI�tD DECREE 0�' DIS�`RI�3U'1'ION <br /> THE LAST �^�ILL OF FRIEDRTCh FALL-DORF <br /> I, Friedricn FalZdor�', also commonly known as Fred Falldorf, make this my l�.st wi11, hereby <br /> revoking all farr�er ti�i11s. <br /> I ap�oint my z�:ife, Dora Falldorf, exeeutrix o�' th3.s tJil1, and direct that sh� be permitted <br /> �o ac� as sueh executrix t�rit:n.out giv3n� bonds. I further direct that Arthur G. Maysr, Attorney <br /> at La�T, �n Gr�.nd Island, Neuraska, shall be ,�oint execu�Cor �rith �ty ti•rife, and provide tnat he <br /> sha�1 give bonds in the sum of F�.fteen Tnousand Dollr�.rs (�15000.00) , and provide that his fees, <br /> all told, aha�3 not exceed tne sum of One Hundred Fifty Dollars (�150.00) . <br /> � To my dearly beloved wife, Dora. Fa.11dorf, I give and devise all of my real estate, for and <br /> during tne term of her natura� life time, �n lieu af her statutory ri�hts in my Esta�e. <br /> li I furtner �ive anci beqtzeat:n to my wife, Dora F�.11dorf, the income, interest and dividends � <br />, from all notes, moneys, mortgages, deposits in bank, or invEStmen�s of �.ny kind ti,�hich I may have, � <br /> or tn which I may be en'ti�led at i,he time of my death, for and during the term of her natural � <br /> life time only. I <br /> To my dearly beloved son Otto, I give and the Northwe�t Quar�er (tvW4) of Seation <br /> No. Four (�) in 2oti�rnship No. Ten (10) , Nortn of Range No. Eigh� (8) , h'est of the 6" P.M. in <br /> Hamilton �ounty, Nebraska, to him and to his heirs for�v�r, su��ect however, to the lif e �atate <br /> herein �ran�ed to my i�life, and suu�ect further, to a enar�e of Sixty-four Hundred Dollars, <br /> (;�6�!-00.00) whieh charge I hereb�r make a lien upon said premises. Said surn of Bixty-four <br /> Hundred �o�.lars ( �b�00.00) , shall be paid in four equal. shares, that is �o say: to my daughter <br /> Anna Heesch he shali pay Sixteen Hundred Dollars (�1600.Q0) ; to my son Henry Fa,lldorf, he shall <br /> pay Sixte�n Hundred Dollars (�1600.00) to my son John Falldorf, he shall pay Sixteen Hundred <br /> Dollar�s, (�1600.00) ; and to my daugh�er Mrs. Emma Schuller, he shall pay Sixteen Hundred Do31ar�, <br /> (�16ao.00} . <br /> Sa3.d 1.e�aciea shalZ '�e due and payable six months after the deatn -of my wife, in the event <br /> that she survive me, or �ix months af ter my deat�., in the event that I survive her. <br /> Tn �he event tnat my son Otto negleets or refuses to pay said Sixty-four Hundred Dollars <br /> (�b400.00) , as pravided in this wi11, said premises e.hall be so1d, and th� }�roceeds thereof sha11 <br /> be divided into five (�) equal parts among my ch3.ldren, and their heira. <br /> The rest residue and remainder of my esta�e, be the sa�e real estate, personal or mixed <br /> property, I give and bequea�h and devise, sub�ject to the life estate herein given to my wife, <br /> �o my five children, i.n equal pa,rts, and to their he�.z�s forever, that is to say: To my sons <br /> Henry Falldorf , John Falldorf a,nd Ot�a Fa,l].dorf, and� to my daughter� Anna Heesch and Emma Schull�r. <br /> Done at Grand Island, Nebraska this 6" day of March A. D. 1917. <br /> � Friedrich Falldorf <br /> We, whose names are hereto attached as witnesses, do eertify that the �oregoing, cons3.s�ing <br /> of �wo ?.�ages, �ras at tne date tnereof, signed, sealed, published and declared bjr the said testator, <br /> as and for his las� �ailZ in our pregenee, and z��e, a.t his request and in his presence, and in <br /> the nresence of one another, have si�ned our names as wi�nesse� hereto. <br /> Maude Morl.ed�� <br /> Jeannette Re�;an �I <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEt�RASKA F I L E D JAN l�, 1q18 J. �. NNLLIN COUNTY JUDGE I <br /> C'F'RTTFTGa`�'E OF �ROt�QTE F �^rTL�. � <br /> STATE OF NEf3RASKA � <br /> HALL COUNTY ) SS. <br /> At a Sess�on af tneCounty Court held in the CQUnty Caurt Room in Grand Ts].and, in said <br /> County, on the lbtn day of Januar� A.I7. , Z918 <br /> Presen� J. H. Mullin Uounty Judge <br /> In tne Matter of tn.e Estate of Friedrich Falldorf, Deceased <br /> T J. H. Mullin Jud e of tne Coun�y Court, 3.n and far said County, do hereby cer�ify that <br /> � i g <br /> on the lbtn day of January 1918, the instrument purporting to be the last wiZ1 and t�stament of <br /> Friedrich Falldorf deceased, was f3.led for probate in this Court. That on �he 16th day of <br /> t ro d roa ted <br /> t m�nt to this eertificate is attached vas duly p ve , p a <br /> January 1918, said ins ru <br /> � d st ment of tne real and er�onal estate of sa3.d Friedrich <br /> and all,owed as the last wi11 an te a P <br /> Falldorf d�ceased, and �i�e same t�ras ordered to be recorded in tne records of th� Court afore�aid. <br /> IN WTTNESS o�t'r+EREOF, T hav� hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, <br /> this 16tn day �f January i918 <br /> ( ���,) J. H_._ MULLIN_. <br /> County Judge <br /> IN THE COU�3'i'Y COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASK.A. <br /> In the matter of the estate ) ESTA'�E N0. 7�� <br /> ) <br /> o� ) DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION <br /> ) <br /> Friedr�.ch Fal].dorf, Deceased. ) <br /> This matter eame on for hearing th3.s 6th day of Apri1, 19�9, upon the repor� and petition <br /> of t'rtie admin3.strator with the will annexed for construc�ion of the wi1.1 of deeedent and <br /> di�tributi.on and u1�on ti�e a���ications of the adrninistrators of �he estate of Er�ma Schu3.ler, <br /> deceased, and Anna Hee�eh, deceasec�. The admin3.strator c.t.a. appearir�g by one of its attorneys, <br />