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`'f�_� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> That, said deceased departed this lif e intestate on the 29th d.ay of December, 1�+7. a resident of Aall County, <br /> Nebraska; tha� the said Chriatian M. Ott was dtzl� appointed as administrator af said estate on the 3rd day of .�pril, <br /> 19�+�, and q�.a.lified as such by giving a bond and subacr3bing the oath required by la� and the order of this court; <br /> that notic� to cred.itors was duly and regu.larly giQen, allo�rin.g the creditors vzitil and including the 28 day of Ju1y, <br /> 194g, withi� which to file or present claims against said estate; that the time limited fcr �iling claims, as fi.xed <br /> by eaid notiee and the order oP this couxt, }aas expired. <br /> '3'haL, the final account of said administrator, filed herein, is true and correct in all respects and should. be <br /> aZlowed as the f3nal accaunt of said administrator. <br /> That, there hss come into the hands of sa3.d a,dmini.strator the snm of $17,105,59, of �hich amvunt the esid ad- <br /> ministrator has espended the sum cf $2,��9.35, lesvixig a balance on haad of $14,656,2� to be distributed to the heir <br /> a� ].aw of said decedent, also one 1937 Fora Ceupe to be turned over to the heir at law of said deeedent; that there <br /> ie no other personal prvperty ia his han.ds as adtainiatrator belonging to $aid estate. <br /> That, said decedent died aeized of the following described real eatate, to-wit: <br /> The �as terly one-�hird (1�3) of I,o� �'ive (�j), and the t�es terly one-third (1�3) of I�o t S ix (6) in Block <br /> Twenty-eight (28) of the Origiaal. Town, no�r aity of Graud Islaud, Hall County, Nebrasl�, <br /> The Westerly tvro-thirds (2�3) of Lot Seven (7) in Block 'Itaenty-eight (28) in the Original Tovrn, norr City <br /> of Grand Island, Ha11 Covnty, Nebraaka, , <br /> Ip t Sia (6), Block Sighty-four (g4) 3n t�heeler & Bennett�� b'ourth ,Addition to the tc��m, ne� Cfty of Grand <br /> Island, Sall Count;T, Nebr�ska, <br /> I,ot Four (�F) ia Block Thirty-six (36) of Hussel Wheeler's Addition to Grand Island, Hall County, �ebraska, <br /> 7,ot Eigh.t (g) in Block Eight (�) in Rollin�s Addition to the City of Grand Ialand, Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> tTndivided oae-hal.f (�) interest in South Ha,lf (S�-) of the Southwest Qu,arter (SW�) of Section Thirty-trro <br /> (32), Townahip Twe].ve (22)� �ange Niae (9), Vfest of the Siath Principal Meridian, Hall Covnty, l�ebraska, <br /> ahich is to be turned over to the heir at 1aw of said deceased, according to the lawa of Desaent and Diatributicn of <br /> the State of Nebraska. <br /> That, there is no esta�e tasac, either federal or state, due frvm eaid estate or from the he3r of said deceased. <br /> 7�at, Walter P. Lauri.tsen, a practicing a�toraey of Grand Island, Nebraska, was duly appointed appraiser of the <br /> assets of aaid estate Por inheritanee tax purposes, by this Court, and made his arritten findinga to said court, whereia <br /> this court found that �here is due from Christian M. Ott, the sole heir of the said Pqartin Ott, Deceased, the sum oP <br /> _ $1�.27 as inheritance taac; that the said Christian M. Ott has paid to this court the eaid sum o� $18�.27 and recefpt <br /> of the county treasurar of Ball County, �'ebrasl�, of said payment for said inheritan.ce tax ia on file in thia case. <br /> That, the funeral. eapenaes, the expenses of the siclmess of said deceased, costs and expenses of administer- <br /> ing �aid eatate, and all claima filed aud allc�wed against said estate ha9e been paid in full. <br /> That, Christian M. 4tt is the sole and on].y heir at la�r of the said Martin Ott, Deceaeed; that said deaed.ent left <br /> nc Nidow, or childxen, or children of deQeased children, or father or mother eurvivin� him; tha� the said Christian M. <br /> Ott is of fuZl lega2 age, �tud. a brother of said decedent. <br /> �at, said above naaned heir, Christiau M. Ott, is entitled to the ahole of ssid estate. <br /> I'� I5 THII�EE'ORE ORUII�,ID, ADJUDGID AN7) D �,Rffi+� BY THE COURT; <br /> That, the final account and petition for diatribu�ion and for decree of heirship be, and the same hereby ie, <br /> allowed and approved aa the final account of said administrator. <br /> That. all claims against said eatate are Yorever barred. <br /> That, said estate be, and the same hereby ie, set over and e►esigned in accordaaee rrith the baw� of Deacent and <br /> Distribution of the State of Nebraska, to Christian M. Ot�, brother, and sole and only heir at law oF said Martin <br /> Ott, �?eceased. <br /> Said �iniatrstor, having filed receip�a shawing payment and distribution oY said estate, as sbcve directed, <br /> �aid admiuistrator is hereby disoharged from hia said trust and his boad canaelled and annulled. <br />' (S�,) CAARL�S BOSS�RT <br /> County Judge. <br /> ST.A.TE Q�' �B�BAS$A, ) <br /> )ss. I, Char3es Bossert, Judge of the County Court of s�id county, and ea-officio Clerk thereof, <br /> f3ounty of He�ll, ) do hereby certify that I have compared the foregoing copy of FI1�AI, 08�F�, made and entered <br /> ia the Matter of the Estate cf Ma,rtin �tt, Deceased, with the ori.ginal record thereof now <br /> reme�.ining en file in this office, and have found the same to be a correct transcript therefrom, �nd of.the Nhole oP <br /> such Final Order. <br /> � Witneas my official signature and the Seal of the Couaty Court of said Countp, this &th d.a� of April, Z949. <br /> ���) Charles Bossert <br /> Filed. for reeord this 7 d.ay of April 19�+9, at I4 0�elock A,M. Connty J�e. <br /> �/ ��4/ �/ <br /> -- ..._.._.__ <br /> 8egister of Deeda <br /> 0-0-4-0-0--E)-0-0-0-0-0--0-0-�-0-Q-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-Q-0-0-0-0-0-4-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Q-t).-4 <br />