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4��� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> FIFTH ( 5) <br /> The Court further finds th�t on the 7th day of December, 1940, E. G. Kroger, executor of <br /> said estate, filed in this Court his inventory of the property of said estate, and that accordin� <br /> to said inventory the deceased died seized and possesBed of the Pollotiaing described property, to- <br /> wit: <br /> An undivided one-half interest in Lot Nine (9) in B1ock Five (5) oP Russel Wheeler ' s <br /> Addition to the City of Grand Island, Nebraska, according to the recorded pla� there <br /> and person�.l property of the approximate value of ��.000.00 <br /> The Court further finds tha.t according to the terms, conditions and provisions of said Last Will <br /> and Testament oP said deceased, the above described real estate was devised to Roy Millard Prott <br /> Ueckert , whose real and true name is Roy Willa.rd Ueckert and who is also known as Roy W. Ueckert, <br /> and that said devisee �aas living at the time of the death of said �,+�ilhelmina Ueckert, dece�sed; <br /> tha.t the remainder of said estate was bequeathed as follows : � <br /> Qustav Driewer �1,000.00 <br /> Verla Bredehoff 1, 000.00 <br /> Trustees of Trinity <br /> Evangelical Lutheran <br /> Church of Grand Island, <br /> Nebraska 1, �OO.OQ <br /> the remainder share and share alike unto the following persons; <br /> Henry Driewer <br /> Carl Driewer <br /> John Driewer <br /> Gu s t av Dr i ewer <br /> Emma Zierott <br /> Mrs. Carl Rohde <br /> Minnie Schwarting <br /> C�rl Dose <br /> Adolph Dose <br /> Helen Collett <br /> Metha Hopp <br /> Selma Hopp <br /> Henry Hopp <br /> 5IXTH <br /> The Court further finds that the time has long since expired for the filing of claims, that <br /> all claims fS1ed against said estate have been Pully paid and that any claims outstandin� against <br /> said estate, if any there b e, are hereby bArred and the holders thereof en�oined from setting up <br /> or asserting such claims against �his estate or the assets thereof. <br /> sEVEr�rx t6) <br /> The Court Purther finds that a11 the costs of administration and expenses of last illness and <br /> funeral �of said decedent and this esta.te have been fully paid by said executor a.nd that the final <br /> report by him herein filed is true �,nd correc� in all respects and Bhould be approned and allowed; <br /> thAt there remains in the hands of said executor the sum o� �1,039.75, which sum, according �o the <br /> terms and provisions of said Last W111 and TestamEnt, is divisible into thirteen equal parts and <br /> payable as follows: <br /> Carl Driewer ��7.67 <br /> Henry Driewer �7.67 <br /> John Dri ewer �7: 67 <br /> Gustav Driewer �7.67 <br /> Emma Zierott �7.67 <br /> A4rs. Carl Rohde �7.67 <br /> Minnie Schwarting $7.67 <br /> Carl Dose �7.67 <br /> Adolph Dose �7.67 ' <br /> Martha Hopp �7.6� <br /> Selma Hopp �7.6� <br /> Henry Hopp �'j.6� <br /> Helen Coll.ett �7.6� <br /> That there is due �.nd pay�.ble to the County Treasurer of Hall County, Nebraska, no inheritance <br /> tax in this eatate wh��.tsoever. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJ?JDGED AND DECREED BY THF COURT that the Final Report oP E. t3. <br /> Kroger, executor herein, be and the same is hereby approved and allowed as such; that the adopted <br /> son of the testatrix, n�,med in her said t�Till and Roy Millard Prott Ueckert, is one and the same <br /> person as Roy ?�dillard Ueckert, also known as Roy t�. Ueckert, and that his real and true name is <br /> Roy G�Tillard Ueckert; th�.t the property described in Paragraph Fifth hereof was devised and be- <br /> queathed accordin� to the terms and provisians of the Last Will and Testament of Wilhelmina, <br /> Ueckert, deceased, sometimes known as Miene Ueckert, as follows : <br /> The undivided one-half interest of said testatrix in the real estate described in <br /> Par�,gra.�h Fifth hereof to Roy Will�.rd Ueckert, also knowri ae Roy W. Ueckert, <br /> The sum of �l, 040.00 �o Gust�,v Driewer, <br /> The sum of ��,000.00 to Verla Bredehoff, <br /> The sum of �1, 500.00 to the Trustees of Trinity ;�vangelical Lutheran Church oP <br /> Grand Island, Nebraska, <br /> And the remainder oY said estate into thirteen equal parts, one of each to : Henry <br /> DrieT�►er, Carl Driewer, John Driewer, Gustav Driewer, Emma Zierott, Mra. Carl Rohde, <br /> , Minnie Schw�.rting, Carl Dose, Adolph Dose, Helen Collett, Metha Hopp, Selma Hopp <br /> and Henry Hopp; <br /> That there is �i, o39. 75 remaining in the hands of said executor undistributed by him and upon his ('j) <br /> pa�ment thereof to the persons and 1.n the amounts set forth in Paragraph SEVENTH hereoP, and his <br /> filing r�Qaipts show3.n� such payment and distribut3.on to said persons with this Court, the he be <br /> dischar�,ed, his bond released, and said estate fully administered, settled and closed. <br />