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�?�� <br /> WIL,I� .AND DECREE RECORD <br /> i <br /> 280S1—The Augustine Co., 6rand Ialand, Nebr. I <br />' DECREE <br /> IN THE COLPITY COURT OF H�JTILTON COTJ��ITY, ��ZEBRASKA. <br /> In the matter of trie estate ) ESTATE N0. �"047 <br /> ) <br /> of ) DECREE <br /> ) <br /> Henry D. Falldorf, t".�P,C2�.SP,C�. ) <br /> This matter c�.me on for :rlea.rin�; the 9th day a� I�:arch, �g49, upon the petition of Dora <br /> F�lldorf, and T.,r��s s�,�bmitted to the covrt. <br /> The court, after being dully advi5ec� in the premi�es, and after due and careful consld�ra,tion, <br /> f3.nds; th<�t notice of this proceec�ir�g has been given to all persons interested, both creditors <br /> an� heirs, a.nd the county attorney of Hamilton County, PJebraska, as required by law; that the al- <br /> legations of such peti�ion are trae; thaL such Heriry D. Falldorf died intestate on SepteMber 1�, <br /> 1937, a. resident �f Hariilton Coun�y in the s�ate of iJebraska; tllat more than two years have <br /> elapsed since the dat� oi dea�'� of such Henry D. F�1ldorf; tha� such Henry D. FallC�orf d3.ed <br /> sei7ed o�' ownership of the real property situated in Hall County ana. the state of Nebrasl�a, here- <br /> ir�after specifically dPSCribed; that no adm3.nistrator of the estate of such deeeased has been ap- <br /> pointed 3n the st�te of idebraska �.nd no decree of heirship has heretofore been enterec� in the pro- <br /> b�te of such est�te in the state of P1ebr�.ska; th�t such deceased left surviving him, as his sole <br /> and only heirs at law, the follo��ring named persons, to-wit : Dora Falldorf, surviving widow; and <br /> the children of sucli decedent and such Dora Fa1lc�orf, to-��tit : Fred Falldorf, a son� Harry Falldorf, <br /> a son; Vesta Falldorf, no��v Vesta Rosenkotter, a daughter; r�abel Bartelt, a daughter; Luc3.11e <br /> Bra,ithwaite, a daughter; a.nd Doris Anderson, a d�.ughter; �nd ;io other children or issue of deceased <br /> children. <br /> -2- The Court further �ir.ds that: all claima or derlands, against such est�,te are barred by the <br /> st�.tute of non-claim; and, such estate, an� the share8 therein of such heirs at law, is and are not <br /> sub,ject to inherit��nce tax; the rea? proper'ty hereinafter described descended to the above named <br /> heirs at la� in the proportion of an undivided one-third:'�nterest thereof to Dora h�alldorf, and an <br /> undivided one-ninth interest thereof to each Fred Falldorf, Harry Falldorf, Vesta Falldorf, now <br /> Vesta Rosenkotter, l�lable Bartel.�, Luci7.le Braithwaite, and Doris Anderson. <br /> IT TS, THEP�EFORE, COTI�IU.�ED, D^T�I�IINED. AND DECREED triat the sole and only heirs at law of <br /> such Henry D. Falldorf, d.eceased, are: Dora Falldorf, widow; Fred Falldor�, son; Harry Falldorf, <br /> son; Vesta Falldorf, nota Vesta Rosenkotter, daughter; 21ab1e Bartelt, daughter; Lucille Braithwaite, <br /> da.ughter; and Doris Anderson, daughter. <br /> IT IS Ft7RTH�? �OP�'SII7�ED, DETF�P�IIPJED ATvTD DECREED tha.t the undiv�ded one-fifth interest of <br /> Henry D. Falldorf, deceased, in Lot Six {6) in Block One Hundred Tti,renty-seven (127) in Koenig & <br /> 'nTiebe � s Addition to trie c�.ty of Gr�.nd Isla.nd, in H�.11 County, state of Nebraska, descended: to such <br /> �ora F^1ldorf an undivided one-third; to such Fred Falldorf an undivided one-ninth; to such Harry <br /> Falldarf an undivided one-ninth; to such Vesta Falldorf, noT� Vesta Rosenko�ter, an undiv�.ded one- <br /> ninth; to such M�ble Bartelt an ur�d3.vider� one-ninth; to such Lucille Br�i'�hwai'�e an ur�divided one-- <br /> ninth; and tc such Doris .An�erson an undivided one-ninth. <br /> IT IS FURmHER COI`TSID���D A"?D ADJUDGED THAT: all clairns or demarlds against the estate of such <br /> dece�sed, T�hether dve or to becor2e due, T�rhether absolute or contingent, shall be forever barred; <br /> �,nci, such est��e, ar.d tti��e s��ares tl�erein of the heirs at law of such d�ceased, is a.nd are not <br /> sub,�ect to inheritance tax. <br /> (�EAL) ZVAPJ ��. BEPIGTSON <br /> . 0 . <br /> CF.�?TTFICATE OF TF.ANSCRIPT <br /> STATE OF rd�BRASKA, ) <br /> )ss : <br /> HA1'•ZILTO��T C�iunty ) <br /> 1 �' T� <br /> IN TH COUNT�' JRT : HA T NT Tv S <br /> E CO 0 MIL ON COU Y ,.,BRA KA <br /> , <br />� I, Ivar� M. Bengtson County Judge, in and for said County, do hereby certify tha.'t I com- <br /> pared the foregoin co y of Decree in the P�Zatter of trie Estate of Henr D. Falldorf <br /> � P Y Deceased <br /> , � <br /> Estate No. 3047, F�e Book I, Page �-3�, with the ori�inal reccrd thereoP, now rer�aining in said <br />' court; th�t the sar�e is a correct transcript tnereof, ancl of the whole of said original record; <br /> tha,t said court has no clerk �.uthorizea to sign certific��tes in his own name, and th��t I have the <br /> 1ega1 custody ai:d control of s��,id ori�inal. reeord; that said court is a court of record, nas a <br /> seal, ar�d th��.t said sea.l �:s hereto affixed; and th�,� the foreg�ing attestation is in due form, <br /> �,ccording to the laws of the State of Idebraska. <br /> I?� '�ITTdESS �;�rir'�EOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of sa3.d court this 9th <br /> day of I��I�rch A.D. 19�-9• <br /> ts�AL) Ivan T�2. Bengtson <br /> County Judge. <br /> Filed for record this 9 da�i of P�Iarch 1949, at 2 0 ' clock P.M. ��,r` <br /> egister of ee s <br /> o-o-o-o-o_o-o--�;-o_o_�;�-o_o_o-o-�_o-o_a-o-o_,^-o-o-�_o-o-o-o-c-o-o-o-o-o_o-o-r-o-o-o_o-o_c-o_o_o_o_o_o <br /> I <br />