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4v.3 <br /> _ NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> - uIN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of �he County Court, <br /> this l,�th day of I3ecember, 19�7. <br /> ( S) Bharlea Hosser� <br /> (S E A L) County Judge" <br /> and the said Anton N. Rask named in said Wil1 was appointed executor thereof upon furnishing <br /> bond in the sum of �7,000.00, as ordered by �his Cour�, which bond was furnished and approved; <br /> the Court further finds that said Fredrick N. Raek, at the time of his dea�h, was an unmarried <br /> man, having never marrie d, and that he left the f ollowing heirs at law and only heirs at law, to- <br /> wit: <br /> Soren C. Nielsen Rask, a brother <br /> Leslie Rask, Anton N. Rask, DeVona Wichman, Francea Kurtz, Marguerite,Brechner, <br /> and Evelyn Mason, nephews and nieces, being children of Anton N. Rask, deceased, <br /> a brother of said testator <br /> C�ristine N. Rask, a sis�er <br /> Kirstine Rask Sorensen, Signe Rask Andersen, E�vind, Charles Rask, Otto <br /> Rask, Helga Rask Degn, Harry Rask, Kriatian Rask, Richard Rask, Niele Rask, <br /> nephews and niecea <br /> Yens Chr. R�sk, William Rask, Agnis Dahlsen, Herdis Overgaard, Anton Rask, <br /> and Niels Rask, nephewa and nieces . <br /> his father and mother bo�h having preceded him in death. <br /> FOURTFi <br /> The Court further f inds that on the 17th day of December, 1g�7, an order of this Court was <br /> made allo�ring creditors three manths from and after the l�th day of January, 19�8, in which to <br /> file their claims against said estate and eaid executor one year in whieh to settle said estate, <br /> and further ordering �hat notice to creditors be publiahed in the Grand Island Independent, a <br /> legal new$paper published and circulating in HaZl County, PJebraska, f or three successive <br /> weeks prior to the 14th day of January, 1948, and tha,t a hearing on elaima filed against said <br /> estate would be held at the off ice of the County Judge of Hall Coun�y, Nebraska, on the 16th day <br /> of April , 19�8, at 9:00 o' clock a.m. , and it appears by proof on f ile that notice of 8aid order <br /> was published as ordered by this Cour�. <br /> � (5) <br /> FIFTH <br /> The Court further f inde that Ida Greelee Grace, named deputy executrix in the La�t Will and <br /> Testamen� of said Fredriek N. Rask, fiZed her declination to act in such capacity in thie �tate <br /> with this Court, which decl.ination was accex�ted by this Court on December 19, 1947. <br /> SIXTH <br /> The Court further �'inds that on the 14th day of January, 1948, said Anton N. Raek, sole <br /> ` executor of said estate, filed in this Court his inventory of the property of said estate, and <br /> that aecording to said inventory, the deceased died seized and possessed oP the following de- <br /> scribed property, to-wit: <br /> The Westerly Twenty-six (W 26) feet of the Southerly Eighty (S 80� feet of Lo� Eight <br /> (8) and the Eas�erly Twenty-�wo (E 22) feet of the Southerly Eighty (S 80) feet of <br /> Lot Seven (7) , both being in Block Twenty-nine (29) of the Original Town, now City of: <br /> Grand Island, Nebraska, <br /> Lots Four (4) and Five (5) in Block Twenty-seven (27) of the Original Town, now City <br /> of Grand Island, Nebraska, <br /> - Lot Six (6) and the Westerly Fourteen (W 14) feet of Lot Seven (7) in B1ock Fourteen (14) <br /> in Evans Addition in the City of Grand Island, Nebraaka, <br /> and chattel property of the approximate value of �5,3�5•Q�• <br /> The Court further Findg �hat according to the terms, conditions and provisions of said Last <br /> �'i11 a.nd Testament of said deceased, aaid property was devised and bequeathed as f ollows: The <br /> sum of �557•�l to Soren C. Nielsen; the sum of �33�.68 to the guardian of ChristSne N. Rask, <br /> an incompetent person; the sum of �111.56 to Edna Kukuk, named in said Will as Etna Rask; the sum <br /> of �1,022.26 to Leslie N. Rask• the sum of �1,022.25 to An�on N., Rask; the sum of �1,022.26 to <br /> DeVona Wichman, named in said �Wi11 as DeVona Wickman; 'Ghe sum of �1,022.26 to Frances Kur�z, named <br /> Kirtz in said Will; the sum of �1,fl22.26 to Marguerite Brechner, aamed in said Will as Mar�urite <br /> Breckner; the sum of �1,022.26 to Evelyn Mason, named ir� said Will as Evelyne Mason;, the sum of <br /> �6,13�.�5 to Niels Raak of Duanesburg, New York, as trustee for Kirstine Rask Sorensen, Signe <br /> Rask Andersen, E�vind Rask, Charlea Rask, O�to Rask, Helga Rask Degn, Harry Rask, Kristian Rask, (6) <br /> Richard Ras�, Niels Rask; the sum of �6,133�55 �o N�-��S Rask ,of ScottsblufP, Nebraska as trustee <br /> f or Y'ens Chr. Rask, Wi1lia.m Rask, Agnis Dahlsen, Herdis Overgaard, Anton Rask. <br /> SEVENTH <br /> The Court further finds that on the 11�th day of April, 19�F8, an order was made herein allow- <br /> ing aertain cla�.ms filed agains� said estate and barring the filing of any and aIl other claims <br /> against said esta�e and excluding the holders thereof from setting up or asserting any sueh claima <br /> against said estate. <br /> EIGHT�3 <br /> d el ms ainst said <br /> eatate includi the costs of admin- <br /> The Court fur�her fin s �hat a11 ai ag , � <br /> istr�.tion hereof, expenses of last illness and burial of said testator, have been fully paid by <br /> said executor, that alI property belonging �o said testator has been sold as directed by gaid <br /> Will and that the Final Report of said execu�or filed with this Court is �rue and correct in al1 <br /> re�pects and should be approved and allowed, and �hat the sum of �19,404.70, remaining in hie <br /> hands, in accordanee wi'�h the terms and provisions of said Las� W111 and Testament ia payable as <br /> hereinbefore set forth in Par�.�,raph STXTH hereof; �hat there is due and payal�le to the County <br /> Treasurer of Ha11 County, Nebraska, no inheritance tax herein whatsoever. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED HY THF COURT that the Fina1 Repor� of Anton <br />