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`�'�_V <br /> WIL,L AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28081—The Augustine Co., (3rand Ialand, Nebr. <br /> FOURTH <br /> The �ourt #'uz�ther finc�s tr�at on the 23rd,da� of Ju1y, 1g�8, an order of 'ti��s-Court was mad� ' <br /> allowing cr�ditor� thxee mont�s from and afte� �he 1$�h day of Au�ta,st, 19�8, in whi�Y�_�o f.i�:e the�r <br /> claims again�� said eatate and said �xecutor or�e year iri which �o $ettle sa�.d esta�e and-f'urthcr. :, <br /> orderin that notice to creditors be published in tn� Grand I�1an.d Independen'G, --a legal nevts�aper <br /> g <br /> I publisMed and cir ul�,tin� in Ha11 �ounty, Nebra�ka, for three s�cea�sive wee�s �riar to �he l8tb. <br /> day of Au�ust, lg��, and that a hearin� on claims filed against .�aid esta�e wc�uld be -k�eld- at the <br /> of�'ice of �Ghe (;ounty J�zdge of Hall County, �lebra�ka, on the 20�h �day of N4vember, 19�8,.._at 9 o��c]�ock <br /> A.�. , and it appea�s by �roof on' i'i1e tha� notice of said order was publi�hed as ordered by this <br /> Cour�. _ . <br /> FIFTH <br /> The Court further finds tha'G on 'the 1�th day of Au�xst, lg4$, Herbert F'. Glover, Executor of <br /> gaid estate, f iled in this Court his I�ventory of the pr�operty of said es�ate and on �he 7th day <br /> of Se��ember, 1g48, he filed with this Court, a supx�2emental inventory of the ,proper�y of sa�.d <br /> estate, and that according to said Inventory and sup�lemen�al inventory, the deceased died seized <br /> and possessed of the fo�.lotiJin� described proper�y, to-ti�rit : <br /> � The Easterly Twenty-seven (E 27) feet af Lot Three (3) in Bloek One Hundred Thirty-six (136) of <br /> Union Pacific RailV�ay Com�any� s Second Addition to the City of Grand Island, Ha11 County, N�braska, <br /> being a rectangular tract of ground 27 feet on 9th Street �rith a depth of 132 feet. <br /> Lot Two (2) in Block One (1) of Glover� s Sub-division being a part of �he Nor�heast Quarter (NE�) <br /> of Section Twenty-ane (21) in Totirnship Eleven (11) North, Range Nine (9) , West of the 6th P.M. <br /> Lot Four (�) in Block One (1) of Glover' s Sub-divis3on being a part of' the Nor�heast Quart�r (NE�) <br /> of Section Twenty-one (2I.) in Toti�rnship Eleven (11) North, Range Nine (9) , ti^lest of �he 6th P.M. <br /> Lot Three (3) in Block Two (2) of Glover' s Sub-division being a par'G of '�he Northeast Quarter (NE�) <br /> � of Section Twenty-one (21) in To�mship E1.even (11) North, Range Nine (9) , Wes� of the 6th P.M. <br /> Lot Five (s) in Block Sixty-four (6�) of �he Original Town now City of Grand Island, Ha11 Coun�y, <br /> Nebraska, sub�ec� to mortga�e of record in f avor of Grand Isl�,nd Trust Company. <br /> An undivided one-third interest in Lot Eight (8) in Block Fifty-seven (57) of the Ori�inal Town <br /> now City of Grand Island, Nebras��a, sub,ject to a mortgage of record in favo�^ of Equ3.table Life <br /> Assura�ce Society and sub,�ect to unpaid rea� es�ate taxes. <br /> CHA.TTEL PROPERTY <br /> Ctf. No. 323 of Overland Nationa,l. Bank, Grand Island, Nebr. , for 1� shares common s�ock <br /> Ctf. No. 16054�6 of Gillette Safety Razar Co. for ,�0 shares comr�on stock <br /> Ctf. No. M�3769 of A�.eric�,n Safety Razor Corporation, for 100 shares comrnon stock <br /> Ctf. No. MC3o536 of But�er Brothers, f or 100 shares cor�mon stock <br /> Ctf. No. MC30930 of Bu�ler Brothers, f or 100 shar�s common stock <br /> Ctf. No. Ao1695S o� Southern Ca1if ornia Edison Company f or � shares common stoek <br /> Ctf. No. MC10'�0 of D�^JG Cigar Corporation for 100 shares common stock <br /> Ctf. No. DC798 of D�JG Ciga-r Car�oration for 100 shares co;r,mon stock <br /> Ctf. No. DC?99 of DW� Cigar Corporation for 1Q0 shares common stock <br /> Ctf. No. DC800 of DWWG Ci�ar Cor_r,�oration for 100 shares common stock ' <br /> C�f. No. DC801 0�' D��'JG Ci�ar Corporation for 100 shares common s�ock <br /> Ctf. No. DC0�77 of DVJG Ci�ar Cc�rporation for 50 shares common stoek <br /> C�f. No. A020097 of J. C . Penney Company f�r 10 shares common stock <br /> Ctf. No. NYO19586 of Black and Decker Mfg. Co. for 20 shares common stock <br /> Ctf. No. N0�;.36 of U. S. Playing Card Co. for 10 sharea common stock <br /> Ctf. No. 66387� of F'.�1. Woolz•rorth Co. for 1Q shar�s common s�ock <br /> Ctf. N�. Jloo3� of A:�aconda Copper Mining Co. f or 100 shares common stock and other ehatt�l proper- <br /> ty; the gross �o�Ga1 value of which estate was the sum of �12�,18�.68. <br />��, 6 The Court fur'�her finds that according to the terms, conditions and �rovisions of said Last <br /> Will and Testamen� of said dec�ased, said proper�y was devi:sed.'and bequea�hed unto Herbert F. <br /> Glover, brother of said dec�dent, in fee simnle absolute. . <br /> SIXTH <br /> The Court further find.s that on the 30�h day of August, i9�8, Cl.inton E. Cronin was appointed <br /> by this Court as apj�raiser of said estate and after giving notice as by law required, ap�nraised <br /> the value of a11 �r�roperty of said estate as of the date of �he death of said Edward D. Gl�ver, <br /> deceased, and filed '_n3.s re?�ort tisith the Cour� on October 14, 1948, re:�ort was ap.�roved by <br /> th�s Court on October 27 , 19�8, V�hich repor'� ti�Tas ap-��roved by this Cour� on Oc�ober 27, 19�8, and <br /> the sum of �"1119.00 was f'ound by t s our ue an �aaya o � oun�y reasurer o a 1 County, <br /> Nebraska, as inheritance tax in this estate an the share thereof passing to Herbert F. Glover under <br /> the Last Will and Testar�ent of' said decedent. <br /> SEVENTH <br /> The Court further finds that on the 20th day of November, 1g�8, an order of thls Court was <br /> made allowing the f'o1loUring claims filed against said estate, to-w3.t: <br /> Drs. McGrath & Woodru�'f �10.00 <br /> City of Grand Is�.and, Nebr. 5.00 <br /> P. D, ti'�illis, County Treasurer, H�.I.l County 65.16 <br /> P. D. Wi1;.is, County Treasurer, Ha11 County 13�.02 <br /> P. D. Wi11is, County Treasurer, Ha1.l County 93.30 <br /> and barring the f iling of any and all other claims against said eatate and excluding �he holders <br /> thereof from settin� up or asserting any such claims against said estate or the assets thereof. <br /> EIGHTFi � <br /> : The Court further finda tha� Edward D. Glover, deceased, was aZso some times known a� E. D. <br /> Glover, that all claims a�ainst said estate, including the costs of adminis�ra�ion thereof and th� <br /> ex�enses of the last illness and burial of said Ed��ard D. Glover, deceased, as .well as the inheri- <br /> tance tax due the County Treasurer of Hall County, Nebraska, herein, and the F�deral Estate tax due <br /> � �he Treasurer of the United States of America herein, have been paid and that no e�Late tax is due <br />