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��e� <br /> 1�0. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> prior to said day of hearing; a,nd it appears by proof on file that said notice wag given as or- <br /> dered by Court and that no ob�ections to said final account have been made or filed. <br /> Upon examinat3.on of �he record and the evidence in thia matter and being duly advised in <br /> the �remises, the Court finds as follows: ,+ <br /> � FIRST <br /> That Edward D. G�over departed this 3ife on the 30th day of June, 19�8, in Grand Island, Ha,ll <br /> County, Nebraeka, testate, and a.t the time of his death he was a resident of Ha.11. County, Neb�aska. <br />� <br /> SECOND <br /> That on the 1st day of July, 1q�8, Herber� F. Glover filed in this Court an instrument pur- <br /> porting to be the Last ��ill and Testament of said Edward D. Glover, deceased, wherein said <br /> petitioner wa� na,med Executor, and a petition offering said '�i11 f or probate, and on the 3rd d ay 2 <br /> of July, 19�8, an order of this Court was rnade therein assigning the 23rd day of Ju1y, 1948, at <br /> l0 o' clock A.M. �.n the County Court Room in said County as the time and place for hearing said <br /> petition, proving said ��1�.11 and admitting the same to probate and ordering that no�ice of the <br /> pendency of said petition and hearing thereon Ue given to a.l.l �:ersons interested in said matter I <br /> by publishing said notice in the Grand Island Independent, a 1ega1 newspaper printed in said County, <br /> for three _ successive t�reeks prior to said day of hearing, and it appears by proof on file that <br /> notice of said order ti�as so given. <br /> Y 3. <br /> The Court further finds tha� on the 23rd day of July, 19�8, said instrument ira.s ��roven, a1- , <br /> lo�red and admitted to �robate as the Last Will and Testament of said Edward D. Glover, deceased, I <br /> which Last Wi�1 and Testament is in words as follows: I <br /> LAST T,+IILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> I, EdT�rard D. Glover, of Grand Island, Nebraska, being of sound mind and dispasing memory do <br /> hereby make, publish and declare this my Last �dilz and Testament, hereby revoking a11 former Wi1.1s <br /> by me made, in words as follows : '� <br /> �� <br /> Z• s <br /> I hereby a�point my brother, Herbert F. Glover executor of this Will and provide that he ' <br /> serve tirithout furnishing surety on his bond as such; I direct him to pay out of my es�ate a11 my <br /> �u�� debts, expenses of my last il.lness and burial, and all estate and inheritance taxes, and ex- <br /> penses of probating my estate. � - - <br /> 2. ' <br /> I hereby devise and bequeath all the rest of my estate of every nature whatsoever and wh@re- <br /> soever si�uated unto my brother, Herbert F. Glover, of Grand Island, Nebraska, in fee simple ab- <br /> solute; I a.m not unmindful of the children of my deceased brother George Glover, who are Margaret; ; , <br /> Gretchen, Katherine and William, but t�rish to sho�r my closeness to my said brother, Herbert F. : � <br /> Glover and apprecid�ion f or the home he and his dear wife, Loucille, have made f or me for so many '` <br /> years last nast. <br /> Done at Grand Island, N�braska, this 14�th day of June, 19�8. - <br /> Edward D. .Glover <br /> Witnesst Testator 3 � <br /> Stanley F. Nabity <br /> Joyce Bruckner <br /> We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do hereby certify that Edtrard D. Glover, the testator, <br /> he then being of sound mind and under no compulsion, subscribed his n�.me to the f oregoing instru- <br /> ment in our presence and in the presence of each of us, and at the same time and in our presence <br /> and hearing dec�ared the same to be his La,st �'aill and Testament, and we at h3.s special instance and <br /> reques.t and in his presence and in the presence of each other, have. hereunto subscribed our names <br /> as at�esting witnesses. <br /> Stanley F. Nabity <br /> Joyce Hruekner <br /> and thereto attached is the followin� certificate: <br /> CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA )SS At a session of the County Court held in the County Cour� Room in <br /> HALL COUIVTY ) Grand Tslar�d, in said County, on the 23rd day of July A.D. , 191�8. <br /> Present Charles Bossert, <br /> County Judge <br /> In the Matter of the Estate of <br /> Edward D. Glover, Deceased � <br /> S, Charles Bossert, Jud�e of the County Court, in and for said County, do nereby certify that <br /> on the 1st day of July, 19�8, the instrument to the the last will and testament of Ed- <br /> ward D. Glover deceased, was filed for probate in this Court. That on the 23rd day of Ju1y, 19�8, <br /> . said instrument to which this certificate is attached was duZy proved, probated and allowed as the <br /> las� will and testament of �he real and personal estate of said Edwa.rd D. Glover, deceased, and <br /> the same was ordered to be reeorded in the records of the Court aforesaid. <br /> Tn witness wheraof, I hatiTe hereunto set my hand and affixed the eeal of the County Court, <br /> this 23rd day of July, 1948. <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> ( �E�,,) County Judge <br /> and sa3.d Herbert F. Glover named in said �r1i11, was appointed Executor thereof upon furnishing � <br /> bond in the sum of �60,000.00, which bond `�ras furnished and approved; the Court further finds that <br /> said Edz�.Tard D. Giover, at the time of his death, was a bachelor, t�ras never the father of any <br /> childr�n, was an unm�,rried man and that he left the following heirs-at-law and only heirs-�t-1aw, <br /> to-wit : Herbert F. Glover, a brother, and the following chil.dren of a pradeceased brother Georg� <br /> Glover, to-wit : Margaret Paddock, Gretchen Mo�ter and Katherine Mulligan, neices, and W�.�,liam Glo- <br /> ver, a nephet,r, alI of whom are over the age of 21 years; that both parents of' said Edward D. G1ov�r . <br /> prec�ded h�m �in death. <br /> ___ _ i �. <br />