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��� <br />' WILL AND DECREE REC(�RD � <br /> ; <br /> 26081—The AuguaUne Co., Grand Island, Nebr. <br /> Done at Grand Island, Nebraska, thls 16th day of June, 1938. <br /> Kyerstine Hennetser� <br /> Testa�rix <br /> The f oregoing, congisting of two pages, was at the �ime thereof signed gealed �ublished and declared <br /> by said testatrix as and f or her Last �Ji1l in our presence and we in her �resence and in the pres- <br /> ence of one another and at her special request have signed our names as witnesses hereto. <br /> Jessie Overdorff <br /> Hans F. Michelmann <br /> and that �hereto at�ached is the certificate : <br /> CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE OF WILL <br /> STATE OF NEHRASKA ) At a session of the County Court held in the County Court Room in <br /> 5S Grand Island, in said County, on the 7th day of July, A.D. , 19�8. <br /> COUNTY OF F��iALL ) , <br /> Present Charles Bosser�, Coun�y Judg� <br /> In the Matter of the Estate of <br /> Christina Bennetsen, Deeeased <br /> I, Charles Bossert, Judge of the County Court in and for said Coun�y, do hereby certify that <br /> on �he lOth day of June, 1g�8, th� ins�rument purporting to be the last will. and testament of <br /> Ghristina Bennetsen, deceased, w�.s filed for probat� in this Court. That on the 7th day of July, <br /> 1g48, said instrument to which th3.8 certificate ig attached was duly proved, probated and allowed <br /> as the las� will and tes�ament of the real and personal estate of said Bennetsen, de- <br /> ceased, and the same was ordered to be record�d in the reeords of the Court �,foresa3d. <br /> In witness whereof, I have hereunto s�t my hand and affixed the �ea1 of the County Court, thig <br /> 7�h day of Ju1y, 19�8. <br /> Charles Bosaert <br /> (SEAL) Coun�y Judge <br /> and said Harry Bennetsen named in said Will wa.s appointed Executor thereof upon furnish�ng bond <br /> in the sum of ��,000. 00 as ordered by this Court, whieh bond was furnished and ap?�ved; the Court <br /> further finds that said Christina Bennetsen, at the time of her death, was a widow, and that she <br /> left the following h�ira-a�-law and onZy heirs-at-law, to-wi'� : Harry Bennetsen and Eddie Bennetsen, <br /> her sons, Myrtle Henesey, designated in said Will a� 3 Myrtle Fowler, Hazel Runge and Frieda Linder- <br /> kamp, her daughters, a11 of wh om are ov�r �he ag� of 21 years. , <br /> FOURTH <br /> The Court further finds that on �he 7th day aP July, 194�8, an order of this �our� was made <br /> allowing creditors three mon�hs f rom and after the �th day of Augus�, 19�8, in whieh to Pile their � <br /> claims against said estate, and said Execu�or one year in which to settle said �state, and further <br /> ordering that notice to creditors be published in the Grand Tsland Independent,� a legal newspaper <br /> publlshed and circula�ing in Hal1 County, Nebraska, for three successive we�ks prior to the 4th <br /> day of Au�ust, 194�8, and tha� a hearing on claims filed against said estate would be held a� the <br /> office of the County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, an the �th day of November, 19�8, at 9 o' clock <br /> A.M. , and it ap�rs by proof on file �ha� not3.ce of sald Order was published as ordered by this <br /> Court. <br /> FIFTH <br /> The Court further f'3.nds tha� on the $th day of July, 1g�8, said Harry Bennetsen, Exeeutor of <br /> sa,id estate, filed in thi5 Court his Inventory of the property of sa�.d estate, and that according <br /> to said Inventory, �he deceased died seized and possessed of the fol.lowing deseribed property, to- <br /> wit : - <br /> The Northerly Thirty-�hree (N 33) feet of Lot Eight (8� in Block Nine (9) oP Wiebe' s Addition <br /> to the City of Grand Island, Nebraska, and <br /> Eiousehold furniture, furnishings and per�onal effects and other chattel proberty of �he value <br /> of �3, �0!-�.36. <br /> The Court further finds that according to the terms, candit3,ons and provisions of said Last <br /> Wi11 and Testament of said deceased, said real estate above described w�.s devised unto Harry Ben- <br /> netsen, spn of eaid testa�rix and in addition ther�to all personal prop�rty contained in the home <br /> thereon situated such as furniture and kitchen utensils, was bequeated unto said Harry B�nnetsen; <br /> all linen was bequeated unto the daughters of said testatrix, to said Myrtle Henesey, Hazel Runge <br /> and Frieda The sum of �3d0.00 was bequeathed to Hazel Runge as Trustee f or Dale Mason <br /> Runge, a grandson of said Teatatrix to be held by said Trust�e until said Dale Mason Runge attained <br /> the age of 23 years; the sum of �1,400.00 was bequeathed unto said Harry Bennets�n; the rest, residue <br /> and remainder of said property was bequeathed into four parts, to Myrtle Fowler no�vMyrtle Henesey, <br /> Haze1 Rung�, Frieda Linderkamp and Eddie Hennetsen, share and share alike. . <br /> SIXTH 6 <br /> The Court fur�her finds that said Harry Bennetsen filed with this Court a waiver and release <br /> o�' said legaey �o him of the 9um of �1,0OO.Oa, and tha� the said Dale Mason Runge attained �he age <br /> of 23 years on 2 day of November, 19��; the Court further finds that Christina Henne'�sen and Kyer- <br /> stine Bennetsen are one and �he sam� persons; and tha� Myrtl.e Henesey, Hazel, Runge, Frieda Linder- <br /> kamp, Eddie Bennetsen and Harry Bennetaen, entered into an agreem�nt by which the rest, residue and <br /> r�mainder of said estate should be divided into five equal parts, each of them to receive an un- <br /> divided one-fif�h part thereof. <br /> SEVENTH <br /> The Cour� fur�her finds that on the 4th day ofi November, 1948, an order of thie Court was made <br /> allowin� the claim of P. D. Willis, County Treagurer, in the sum of �8.1�, and barring the filing <br /> of any anc�. all other claims agains� said estate and excluding the holders �hereof from 8etting up <br /> or asserting any such claims against said esta�e. <br /> EIGHTH <br /> The Court further finds that all claime against said estate, including the costs of adminis- <br /> tration hereof and expenses of the last �.I.lness and burial of said Christina Bennetaen, have been <br /> ful7.y paid by said Fxecutor, �hat he has made distribu�ion of said estate as pr ovided in said Wi1.l <br /> d m e ay e t of the �300,00 legacy provided in paragraph V ther�of as evidenced by the receipt <br /> ��' sai� H�a,ze� �unge and Dale Mason Runge, duly filed with this Cour� .herein, and since the filing I� <br /> of said f ina1. report, hAS paid unto the ,5 residuary legatees in accordance with said Agreement, <br /> � � � <br />