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���� <br /> WII�I� AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28081—The Augustine Co., (3rand Island, Nebr. <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF HERMAN SHIPMAN - <br /> IN THE 1�AME OF QOD AMEN: - <br /> I, Herman Shipman, of Pra3.rie Creek Tawnship, Hall County, 3'�ate of Nebraska, being of Bound <br /> mind and. memory, but not unminc�ful of the possibility of death, do make, publish and declare this <br /> my, last W312 and Testam�nt, hereby revoking a.nd annulling aIl former wills by me made, and here'by <br /> declaring this to be my last Will and Testarnent. <br /> I <br /> In the event of my death, I direc'� that a,ll my 3ust debts and funeral expenses ahall first be <br /> paid out of my es�ate. <br /> . . �I <br /> I give to my beloved wife, Margare�a Shipman, the life use of all my real and personal property <br /> so long as she shall live, she having the ri�ht to the rents and profits �Ghereof and the use there— <br /> of, but without right or authority �o mortgage or sell the real es'Gate. �n reference to the personal <br /> property, she to have the right to handle tY�e same, sell and dispose oP the s�me, the same as I <br /> could da were T 1�.vin�, but I requeat that ahe keep the amount and value of the same intaet so �ar <br /> as possible for my children. . . <br /> III <br /> I �ive, devise and bequea�h unto my beloved children, Ka��.e Crawford, formerly Ka'Gie 3hipman, <br /> Adolph Sh�pman, Ros�. Crawford, formerly Rosa Shipman, Ella Taylor, formeriy Ella 9hipman, an,d Lila <br /> May Shipman, share and share alike in equal proportions, a.11 my real and pPrsonal property of every <br /> kind whatsoever to them, �.nd to their heirs and as�igns Porever. <br /> IV <br /> � After the death oY my wiPe and the termina'�ion o�' her liPe estate, I direct tha� my es�ate <br /> ahall be sold to the best possible advantage, and the proceeds th�reof: t4 be divided equally amon� <br /> my children; provided, however, tha� 3P the liPe es'�ate of my wif� shou�d terminate by her death <br /> prior to the time my youngest livin�; child ahall beeome twenty—one years of age, then no sale is <br /> to be made o�' sa3d property until the younges� child is twenty—one years of a�e. <br /> . V � <br /> I I further direct that in the event any oP my children should die leaving issue, before the <br /> estate hereby provided for is vested in them, then that the bequest herein provided f'or to said <br /> I child, sha11 descend to the children of said decseased child, and that the children of said deceased <br /> child shall take the estate which �he father or mother take under �he provisions of thia wi11. <br /> VT <br /> I hereby designa'�e my son, Adolph Shipman, ae Execu�or of this, my Iast Will and Testament <br /> . and request his appointment. � <br /> IIV� WTTNESS to the execu�ion o� the foregoing will, I have signed the same in the o�f�.ee oP � <br /> Meas�s. Prince & Prinee, in the City oP Grand Island, Nebraska on this 12th day of June, 1925 and <br /> caused the same to be attested by comp�tent witneaseB• <br /> Witness: <br /> Harold A Prince Herman 3hipman <br /> Aa rince <br /> We, whose names are hereto subseribed, hereby certify that we witnessed the execution of the <br /> Poregoin� will by Herman Shipm�.n, at t�e oPfice of Messrs. Prince & Prince, in the City oP Grand <br /> Island, Nebraska, on this 12th day of June, 1925; that he signed same in our presenc�, and we as <br /> witness here�o sign same in his presence ari:d iM the presence of each ather, at h3s request. We <br /> urt er certify that in our opinion, he is of$aund and disposing mind perfec'�l,y competent �o <br /> make a wi11 and he deelared same to b� his last will and testament. . <br /> IN WITNES� WHEREOF, we have set our hands in a�testation, as a�oresaid, on this 12�h day of <br /> June, 1g25. <br /> Harold A. Prinee <br /> ran s an , Nebr <br /> �1 A Prin�e <br /> ran s an , Nebr. <br /> HALL COCTNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D FEH 2 19�F� CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY JUD(3�E <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA ) CERTIFICATE �F PROBATE OF WILL <br /> HALL COUNTY )$s' <br /> At a Session of the County Court held in �he County Court Room in Grand Tsland, in said County, <br /> on the 26th day af February A. D., 19�� <br /> Present Charles Hossert County <br /> • Judge <br /> In the 1�Iatter of the Estate of Herman Shipman, Deceased <br /> I, Charles Bossert, Judge of the County Court, in and for said Coun�y, do hereby certify that <br /> on the 2nd day of February 194�, the 3nstrument purpor�ing to be the las� w111 and teatament oP <br /> Herman 5hipman deceas�d, was filed for probate in this Court. Tha'� on the 26th day oP February <br /> lg4g,. said instrumen� to which this eertiPicate is attachQd wag duly proved, probated and allowed <br /> ae the last will and testament oY the real and personal estate oP said Herman Shipman deeeased, <br /> and the same was ordered to be recorded in the records of the Court aforesaid. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREDF, T have hereunto aet my hand and aPPlxed the seal of the County Court this <br /> 26th day of February 19�� <br /> �SEAL) Charles Bossert <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRA,SKA F I L E D FEB 26 194� oun y Judge <br /> CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY JUDGE � <br /> IN THE C�UNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEHRASKA <br /> IN THE MA.TTER OF THE ) <br /> ESTATE �F HERMAN SHIPMAN, � FI1�AL DECREE <br /> DECEASED 3 <br /> Now on thls 27th day of October, 194�, thla cauae came on to be heard on the Final Report oY <br /> Lila Mae 8hipman, administratr3x, c.t.a., a,nd the �ourt, after having examiMed the reevrds and <br /> �'ile$ in this cause, finds that no��.ce has been given in �he ma.nner and form provided by law oP the <br /> Piling of said Final Report, and that there are no vb�ections on file thereto. <br />