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�, . - - - - 1 <br />, �cJ� I <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY � <br /> ; <br /> � <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, AI)JUDGED AND DECREED HY THE C�URT that all perBOns are forever barred I <br /> from filin� or settin� up any claims or demanda againat the estate of the said Auguatine F. <br /> Kirkpatriak, deceaaed, and �hat suah estate is fu11y settl�d and elosed. ' <br /> The Court finda that the eald Au�ustine F. �irkpatrick, died leaving as his sole heirs at � <br /> law, the f'ollawing persons, Georgina Pearl Kirkpatriak, hia widow, Marcelia Kirkpatriek, a minor j <br /> daughter, Eugene Kirkpa�riek, a minor son, all reeid�nts of Hall Coun�y, Nebraska. <br /> � <br /> Th� Court finde that tha administrator has not reoieved any monie8 from the esta�e of the I <br /> deceased nor has he expended any money; tY�at alI claims a�ainst Said hane been paid by <br /> the Widow Q�eorgina Pearl Kirkpa�rick; tha� the said Georgina Pear1 Kirkpatriek has paid from her <br />', s,�earat� �s�ate Fun�ral expene�s in �he sum oP �3�0.64, Dr. J. G. Woodin, �2.��, Curb & Gutter � <br /> j Tax, in the sum of' �65.3�+; Attvrney Pee for ad.miniatration �125 . 00, Court Coat� ��3.00; and the <br />� eaid widow is ent�.tled to re-imbursement from said eatate; that the only personalty on hand ln ' <br /> eaid es'�ate consi�ts in tools and battery aharging e u men� in the approximate value of �2�0.00, <br /> an autom bile and trlaler oP �he . approxlmate va3.ue of�23Q. 00, househola gooda of the approximate <br /> value of �100.OQ; that the gaid widow is entitled. by law to the houeehold goods and �200.00, oP <br /> other per�onal property whieh she may aeleet; that there ie left only personal property of the <br /> approximate value of �280.00; tha'� the gaid personal property should be aet off to the widow in <br /> it�a entlrety a� re�-in ursement Por money expended by her on the estate of the deceased. � <br /> IT IS THEREF'ORE ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that all of the personal property in the <br /> estgte of Augustin� F. Kirkpatrick, deceas�d, is set off to Georgina Pearl Kirkpatriek, the widow. <br /> The cour� Purther Pinda that the Mareella Kirkpatriak was born October �, 1929; that Eugene <br /> Kirkpatrick �ras born February 9, 1931.. <br /> The Court fur�her finds that eaid estate is no� 1lable for S�a�e Inheri�anee Tax or Federal <br /> Estate �ax. <br /> The court further finds tha.� Au�ustine F. Kirkpatrick departed this life at hie home in arand <br /> Island, Hall County, �Tebraeka, on �he 4th. day of April, 1948; that he died inteatate; <br /> The cour� Pinds that the aaid Auguatine F. Kirkpatrick died sei�ed . as owner in fee simp�e. <br /> of' the following described real estate, to-wit: <br /> Lot One (1) in Bloak Nine (9) , Baker' s Addition to the City of arand Ialand, Hall . ftounty, <br /> . Nebraska, <br /> That aaid real estate was the homeatead of �he said Augustine F. Kirkpatrick, deceased; that <br /> said real estate deacended to his heirs in aecordance with the lawa of inheritanee of �he State <br /> of Nebraska, as follows, to--wit: Georgina Pearl Kirkpatrick, a One Third (1/3) intereat, plus <br /> the use of sa1.d homestead Por her lifetime, to Marcella Rirkpatrick a One �hird (1/3) inte�eat, <br /> to Eugene Kirkpatrick, an undivided One Third (1/3) intereat. <br /> The Court finda that the said Augustine F. Rirkpatrick, died seized oP the following describ�d <br /> personal property, to-wi� : <br /> Household goods approxima�e value �1�0.0� <br /> Battery chargin� equipment 8c parts 250.00 <br /> 1-1929 Model Dodge Au�o, Sedan 200.00 <br /> l- 2 wheel au�o trialer 30.00 <br /> Tha� th� said houeehald goods and �200.Q0, of said personalty as may be selected by th� <br /> widow Georgina P�arl Kirkpatriek, would pass and deacend to the said w1doW; that the remainder <br /> oi' said personalty is set off to the said Qeorgina Pearl Rirkpatrlak, to re-imburse her Por <br /> expenditurea ma,de in behal.f of 8aid estat0. <br /> . <br /> IT IS, THEREFORE, COIVSIDERED by the �ou�t tha� under Che laws of Inheritanee of the 3tate <br />; " ot Nebraska, aI1 of the above mentioned real estate did pasa and deseend at the death of Auguetine <br /> ' F. Rirkpatriak to a�c�r�lna Pearl Kirkpa�riek, widow, an undivided one third (1/3) int�rest, to <br /> Marcella Kirkpatri�k, daughter, and undivided one third (1/3) interest, �o Eugene Rirkpatriak, <br /> son an undivided oMe third (1/3/) ir�terest, sub�ect to �he life estate of his widox Georgina <br /> , Pearl Klrkpa�rick. <br /> BY THE COURT; <br /> Charlea Boss�rt <br /> County Judge. <br /> In �he County Cour� of Fiall County, Nebraaka <br /> Certifieate <br /> STATE ��' NEBRASKA, ) ' I, Charl�s Bosaert County Judge oP Hall County, Nebraska, do <br /> ) �s. hereby cer�ify that I hane Qompared the foregoing Qopy oP Final <br /> HALL COUNTY ) Decr�e entered IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF AUQUSTINE F. KIRK-� <br /> PATRICK, DECEASED, with the original record thereol', now remaining <br /> in said Court, �hat the aame is a correat tran$crip� �her�oP, and of the whole ot' 8uoh origiMal <br /> reaord; tha� eaid Court is a GSourt oP Recsord having a sea:L, which seal is hereto attaohed; that <br /> said Court has no Clerk authorized to aign certlficsates in his own name, and that I am the legal <br /> cuatodian of said Seal and oP the Records of 8aid Cour�, and that the Foregoing attesta�ion ie <br /> in due Porm of law. <br /> IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have �ereunto set my hand and aPfixed the aeal of the County Court, <br /> at arand Island, thia 14th day vP October 1948. <br /> (SEAL) Charle� Bosser� <br /> I _ Co�nty Judge. <br /> �,. <br /> - Fil�d for reQOrd this 14 day oP Oetober, 19�$ at 4:�0 o' clock P.M. <br /> � <br /> f <br /> Re 1��..r��D� <br /> il 0-�-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Q-0-0-0-Q-0-0-0-0-Q-Q-0-Q-0-0-0-0-0�0-Q-0-0-0-0-0-Q-0-0 -0-0-Q-4-0-4-0� -d- <br /> I , � <br />