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���� <br /> WII�L AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28oa1-�TheuatSouth Half of the Southeast Quarter (S�SE�) of Section Tw�nt Six (26) , p <br /> y Towns�i Ten (10) , <br /> North, Range Twelve (12) , West oP the 6th p.M. in Ha11 County, Nebraaka. <br /> The NortY�east Quarter of the South�ast Quarter (NE�SE�) of Section Thir'�y One �31) , Township ! <br />� Ten (10) , Range Eleven (11) , West of the 6th P.M. in Hall Gounty, 1Vebraska. <br /> An undivid�d �/9 interest in the South Half of the Northt�test Quarter (S�AiW�) of Section <br /> Twenty Five (25) , Township Ten (1.0) , Range Twelve (12) , West of the 6th P.M. in Hall �ounty, <br /> Nebraaka. <br /> An undivided 4/9 interest in the �outhwest Quar�er oP the Southeast Quar�er (SW�SE�) (ex- <br /> cep'�ing two aeres) in Secstion Thirty �ne (31.) , �ownship Ten (10) , North, Range Eleven lI) , West <br /> of the 6th P.M. in Ha11 County, Nebraska. � <br /> Lots Nine (9) , and Ten (I�) , in Hlock Two (2) , Dodd & Marshall" s Addition to the Villa�e oP <br /> Wood Ri�rer, Ha11 County, �debraska. <br /> The Court further fir�ds that tY�e above-described real eetate did pasa and deacend upon the <br /> death of the sa�d Mary C. Lyhane �o her son, Mar4 D. Lyhane, in absolute title. <br /> The Court further finds tha� said �state was sub�Eet to inheritanae tax t�nder the laws of <br /> the state of l�ebraska in the sum ot' �122.2I.; tha� aaid inheritanee tax has been pa�id and receip� <br /> filed for the paym�n'� thereof, and the Cour� furth�r finds �hat said ea�ate is not sub�eat to <br /> inh�ritance tax under the laws of �he United Stat�s. <br /> Tl�e Court furthe� flnda that the said Mary C. Lyhane died seized ot' a I936 Chevrole� auto- <br /> mobil� and miseellaneoua articl.ea of household Purr�iture and f ixtures; that alI of said proper�y <br /> paseed and des�Ended at her death to her son, Maro D. Lyhane, and the eame is Y��reby as�igned to <br /> him in absolute titl�. <br /> Th� �our� further finds that Maro D. Lyhane has paid all claims against said estate includ- <br /> ing funeral expenses, coats, attorney fees, and lnherltanae tax, and that said estate ahould be <br /> elased and settl�d. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDaE�, AND DE�REED BY THE COURT tha� a1I of �he above-desarlbed <br /> property, both real snd personal, did pa�s and desoer�d by operation of �he at the d�ath oP <br /> the said Mary C. Lyhan�► �o her aon a.nd sole heir, Maro D. Lyhan�. <br /> � �harl�a Bosaer'� <br /> -� � County Judge <br /> In the Gount� �ourt of Hall Cou�ty, �Tebraska <br /> Certifiaate <br /> STATE OF' NEBRASKA, ) T, Charlee Bossert County Judge of' Ha11 County, N�braeka, do <br /> ) ss. hereby certify �hat I have Qompared the f or�going Qopy of Final <br /> HALL COU�TTY ) Deeree entered TN THE MATTER OF THE E3TAT� OF MARY �. LYHANE, <br /> DECEASED, with �he origina]. reaord thereof, now remaining in said <br /> Gour�, tha� �he same is a correa� transcript thereo�', and oP the whole o#' suah original record; <br /> that ��id Court is a Cour� of Record having a seal, which seal is hereto at�a�hed; that said <br /> Cour� has no Clerk authorized to algn ��r�ifiaatea in hia own name, and �ha� I am the legal eue- <br /> todian of said Seal and of the Recorda of eaid Court, and that th� foregoing atteat�tion is 1n <br /> due form of law. <br /> IN TES�'iMONY WHEREOF I hav� hereunto set my hand and aPf ixed the seal of' the Goun�y Cour�, <br /> at Grand Island, this 14th daq of Oatober i9�8. <br /> (3EAL) Charlea Bossert <br /> County Judge <br /> Filed f or record �hia 14 day of �atober, 1948 at 4;30 o' cloek P.M. <br /> �ti.r.�.� <br /> Re i s�e�%P D�� � , <br /> 0-0-�-�-0-0-�-4-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-4-0-0-0-0-0-0-a-4-�-0-Q-�-0-0 -�-0-�-0-p-0-0-1C1-d <br /> �"TNAL DECREE <br /> . <br /> IN THE COUNTY COUR�' OF HALL COUATTY, NEBRASRA. <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTA`TE ) <br /> OF ) FINAL DECREE <br /> AUGUSTTNE F. KIRKPATRICR, DECEASED � ) <br /> Now on this 13�h. day of Octaber, 1948, �his eause came or� Por hearing on the Final Report <br /> of Dru� H. Van (�orc�en, adminiatrstor of the estate of said August�.ne F. Kirkpatriak, deceased, and <br /> it appearir�g to �he Cour� from the proofa on file that notioe has been �iv�n to all intereated <br /> p�raons of the filing of said report, ae requir�d by law and by th� order of this Court, and it <br /> further appearin� to the Court after fu11 examination, �ha� the aceoun'� exhibitgd by the said <br /> administrator is eorreot in alI thinge and ought to b� approved and allowed, and it t'urther ap- <br /> pearing that said a.dministrator has accounted f'or all of the eatate Which has �ome into hia h�nds, <br /> It Is <br /> THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUD�ED AND DECREED �hat �he report of the said Dru� B� Van aord�n, . <br /> aciminiatrstor oP the esta�e of Au�uatin� F. Kirkpatrick, deceased, be �nd the same - is approved as <br /> and for hia Finel Report. <br /> The Court Pur�Gher f inds tha.t notice wa� given to all creditors of eaid es�ate in the manner <br /> provided by Iaw of the date and place fixed for presenting claim8 against the estate of said <br /> d�ceased; that �lme Por filing alaims has �xpired; tha,t all claims filed end allowed against said <br /> estate have been fully paid and stalePied; that the fun�ral expenses, exper�sea of last illnese <br /> and eosta of administering said estate have been Fully paid and that a11 out-standln� elaime <br /> against aaid ea�ate, not fi1�d, iP any aueh there be, are Porever barred and exaluded. <br />