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�e�� <br /> WILL, AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 280S1—The Auguatine Co., (3rand Ieland, Nebr. <br /> I• . <br /> I hereby Qonetitute and appoir�t my wife 41ara J. Sahwarz�n'Gruber t@ be Exea�atrlx of thi� �my <br /> last will ar�d te��amen�. <br /> IT. <br /> I hereby direat my E�ecutrix to pay a11 of my 3�ast debts and fur��ral;. expenses and expena�a <br /> c�f my last illr�eas as soon as convenientZy may be after my deat�. • � <br /> � III, <br /> I hereb�r a�thoriz� and direat my Ex�c�trlx �Go s�12 and eonv�r�C into money auch of �y per- <br /> �onal proper�y, to be by her selected, as ma,'� be neQe�sa�y to pay th� debte ar�d expenses herein <br /> rcP�rred ta. Ir� th� event that my persorral property ehall pro�e insufficient �o pay 81l of the <br /> af debts and expenses, I hereby a�u�horize, empower and direat my Exee�a�rix to sell such <br /> of my real property, to be by her selected, as may be necessary �o pay the �aame. <br /> IV. . <br /> I hereby give, devise and bequeath �o my beZoved wiPe �lara J. 3ahwarzer�truber, absol�te2y <br /> and without aonditior�, al]. of the property of which I sha11 die �eized, real, personal and mi�ced. <br /> IN WZT1�11ESS WHEREDF I have hereun�o subscribed my r�ame thie 2Is� day of A�ril, 1933, g� <br /> Aurora, N�braska. <br /> (Signed) A. �. SCH�TARZ,EN'PRU$ER � <br /> W�, wh0e� names are hereinafter �ubacribed, dc► hereby oertify A. C. Sehwarzen�ruber <br /> subscribed hie r�ame to �he fore�oin�; ir�s�rument in ot�r pr�sence and at $aid ti�e deelarec�. and <br /> published 8ald instrumen� �o be hls last �rill and testament a�d requeated us �o sign a� attest- <br /> ir�g w�tneases �hereto. <br /> IAT WIT�TESS WHEAEOF' we have h�reunto subscrib�d our names in his preaencae and in the pr�sence <br /> of eaeh other this 2lst day of April, 193�• � <br /> (3lgned) I. H. O�TQ <br /> - oP Aurara, ATebraske. <br /> (Signed) Cha,rlee F. Ada,�s <br /> vf Aurora, �iebraska <br /> SZ'ATE OF' FJEBRA�KA ) <br /> HANfILTON ���N�Y, � �OI�NTY COURT. <br /> In Res Arthur C. Schwar'�z�ntrtxber, De�ea�ed, LAST WILL AI!dD TE�'�AMENT. . <br /> If'iled June l6, 1947. ' Hecorded in Probate ReQOrd 31, Page 4�3. <br /> /S/ Iva�_ M. Benatson <br /> Indexed a M Cot�nty Judge. <br /> � CL�Fi:�T�If3���OF TR,����.fiP�'., <br /> S�'A`�E �F NEBR.ASKA ) es. Il� THE COiINTY COURT �F HAMZL'T�N COUN'�Y, NEBRASKA, <br /> HAMTLTON CDU1�gY. ) I, Ivan M. Hengt aon, �ou�tt�C�_�Tt�g�_, �1d f�Y' 88�.t� C7f�t1,11�'i�. do here- <br /> by Qer�ify that I have coa�pared. th� 1"o�ego�g ,e+�py mP� �AST�`WILL AND <br /> ::�9T`�1�'�i:t�E�i.T�F��A�'�. (?�` ..P�OHAT,� _OF WI3�.±.,,�t�d,.�'��i�+ T��,C►�,,ln ,the Ma�.�ex' Qf .�he� .�a�ate ,a.� .�►�"thu� <br /> C. Sah�rar�'�zentruber, Deaeased, Est�te , No. �9?�� Fee , ook I', P�;ge �`,��, with �heorigi�a,�. reao�. � . . <br /> thereoP, �o� remair�ing in said ao�trt;+tl�zt the same is a correot transcript thereoP, e,nd of the <br /> whole of sa9.d original record; that said a4�rt has r�v clerk authorized 'to sign Qertificsates in <br /> his own name, and that I havE the leg�I cuatody and aontrml of eaid original reeord; that �aid <br /> eour� is a eo�rt of reeord, has a s�al, and that said seal is hereto aPf ixed; and �hat the Pore- <br /> goi�g at�e��atian is �.n due form, according to �he laws of the State of Nebraska. <br /> IN WITNESS WFiEREOF, I have hereunta eet my ha�nd arid aPfixed the �e�l of eaid Qourt tMl� <br /> 30�h da� oP Sept��nber A. I�. 1948. _ <br /> (SEAL)- Iv�� M. Be��tso� <br /> County Judge. • <br /> Fil�d fe�r rec�rd this � day oP Oatober, 1948 at g i Ot? o�elocsk A. M. <br /> . � <br /> � , <br /> ,;� Register of D ed . <br /> �'6����� ' <br /> o-o-o-o-o-o-e-a-c_,-.,-o-o-o-c-o-o-o-a-o-a-o-o-o-�-o-o-c-o-o-o-�o-o-o-o-o-o-o-�-o-�- -o-o-o-o-o <br /> llE�REE <br /> IN �'HE MATTE FOF THE ESTATE � <br /> D E � R E E <br /> DONALD WILLIAM PARO, DECEASED ) <br /> Now on �his 13th day of Octob�r, 1948, this matter came on to be heard upon th� pleadings <br /> and the evidenae and was submitted to the Court, on consideration whereof the Court Pinda tha,t <br /> due and legal notiae of these proceedin�s has beer� given to all persons interee�ed in eaid ma'�- <br /> ter, both creditors and heirs, ae required by law. That aIl o�' the atat�ments and allegations <br /> set forth in said petition are tr�ae : tha� the eald Donald Wi111am Pa�Q died in�estate in Ha11 <br /> �ounty, Nebraska, on Au�ust 8, 1946, seiz�d and pvssessed at th� time of his dea'Gh of an undi- <br /> vided one-third inter�st in the Pollowing-described real estate, to-wit: ' <br /> Th� North Half of the Northwest Quarter and the �outhwest 4uarter of the Nor�hwest Quarter <br /> of See�Cion 32, in Township 14, Nor�h, Raflge S, West of the Fitb, P.M. in Merriek �ounty, l�ebraska, <br /> aontaining 120 acres, more or leas. <br /> Fractional Lot 1 in Fractional Block 138 i.n UnioM Paaifia Raliway Company� s Second Additioa <br /> to the City of Grand Island, Nebraska, and its complemen�, Fracstional Lot 1 in Fractionai B1ock <br /> 3 in Russel� a Addition to the Gity of Grand Island, Hall County, 1'debraska (aub�ect to <br /> the homestead ri�hts of' Lillie Paro) . <br />