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��� <br /> WILL AND DECREE RECORD � <br /> 28081—The Auguatine Co., (�rand Ieland, Nebr. <br /> - It is therefore ordered, ad�udged and dearesd by th� ecaurt that the said Ernest Le Roy Air�es � <br /> c�eparted this life February 1�, 1919, that more �har� �wo years have elapsed since da�;e of his <br /> gaid death, that �laims of areditora are barred, th�,t hia said estate ia not liable Por �he pay- <br /> ment of intieritanee taxes under the laws oP the Sta�e of Nebraaka, that saSd deaedent left a �aet <br /> Wi11 and Testament whlch hag hereto�'ore bee� duly admitted ta pr�bate in the die�rl�� Qourt of <br /> - Polk �oun�y, Iowa, �hat the au�het�tieated copy �hereof now on fiie in this aour� be anc� #:t.hereby <br /> is admitted to probate, that the real estate above deearibed of' �hich the de��ased died sei�ed <br /> a$ses under the terms of said last will and �e�tament �o Katb3,een Rines Ler�t and Doro'�hy AnM <br /> �ingfelder the a�arviving ahildren of �he deQeden�G, '�ha'G regular administration be dispensed �ri�h. <br /> Harvey M., �ilso�t <br /> � (�Ep�,,) CouMty Judge <br /> FILED <br /> JUL 9 1g48 - <br /> �3arvey M. �Til son <br /> C�our�t� Judge <br /> CERTIFiCATE OF REC�RD. <br /> THE STATE OF �TEBRA�3KA� � I�T THE COU1�iiTY COtTR�: <br /> HUFFAL� COUNTY �sa. <br /> I, ,Harvey M. 1�'ilson, Clountq Judge, within and for said �ot�nty of .SufPalo and S�at� of Nebraaka, <br /> �nd keeper of the reaord� and seal thereof, hereby Qertify that Z have examined. the �rlthin and <br /> fore�oing aopy oP the recsord of the Last �Ti1.1 and �estamen� and Deoree ir� the �atter, of the Eeta�e <br /> of Er�est �eRoy Rines, Deaea�ed, �.nd Y�a�re compared aII oP the �'ore�;oin� with �he original reaord <br /> thereof now remairiing in said court and have found the same to b� a correat transcript '�heret'r�m <br /> and of the �rhole of said ori�i�al reaord• - <br /> T1� TE��IM�NY WHEREOF', I h�.ve hereunto set my hand and affix�d th� s�al of said �o�rt, on �his <br /> 9th day of July, 1948, <br /> (SEAL) �3arve M �ilsom <br /> . . ounty udge <br /> � By <br /> C31erk of the Coun�y Court. <br /> P'iled Por reeord �h�.s 1� day of �eptember, 19�8, at 9:30 o t e�ock �i.M, ������-� � _ . <br /> r�'' �'gi^�ter oF �ee e� <br /> 0-0-Q-0-0-�-0-�-0-0-�-0-0-�-0-0-0-4-�-Q-O-Q-0-O-�-Q-0-0-4-0-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-�-0-0-0-0-0-0-4-0-m- <br /> DECREE OF HEIR�FiiP <br /> IN THE C��U�3TY �OURT OF BUFFALO GOUNTY, �i�BRASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF TFiE E5TATE ) <br /> OF ) DE�1�E OF HEIRSHIP <br /> ALONZA AINES, D�QEA3FD. ) DI3PEN3ING WIT�I AEC�ULAFi AI)MINTSTRATIDN <br /> Now on this 9th day of July, 1948, this cause having been contined from the Znd day of July, <br /> 1948, �his aause eomes on to be Meard upo� the peti�i4n of Alta R. Cole prayin� for a dearee <br /> de�ermining the heirship of �he deoedent barrin� ala�ims, determir�ing a'�a�e inheritance taxes, and <br /> dispensing with regular adminiatra�ion, and Prom the evidence the cto�r� findas <br /> 1. That the said Alo nzo Rines, decsased, departed thia life on the 2�th day oP June, 1882, <br /> ln�e�tate, a Qiti�en and reaident of HuP#'alo �ounty, �ebraeka, that nore thari two y�ara h�,ve <br /> elapsed since �he date of his said death, that r�o petition or appli�ation Por the appointmen� of <br /> an administrator of hie said estate o� tor a decsree of heirahip has been filed withi� th� StQte <br /> oP Nebraska, that regular�ration of '�he egta�e of �he deQedent should be diepensed with. <br /> 2. That said deoeased departed this life seized in Yee simple tstle oP the Pollowit�� desaribed <br /> real ea�ate situated in Hall County, Nebraska, �o wit: <br /> �torth�ast t,Zuarter, 3eotion (6), Township (1.0), I�orth of Ra,nge (I2) �r�at oP the 6th P.M. <br /> The sald decs�ased had during his life�ime �ade entry on certain lands situated in Buffalo County, <br /> Nebra�ka, the same bein� his placse oP resldenee but had no� reee3ved a paten'C therefore, to wi'�; <br /> Northwest Quarter, Seation (2), Townahip (10), North of Range (13) ; West of the 6th P.M. , <br /> HuPPalo County, l�ebraska, <br /> that thersaf�er the United 3ta'�es oZ Amer3aa issued it$ patent tv the abov$ da�csribed rea]. �s�ate <br /> to �the Heirs at LaW of the said Alon�o Rines, p <br /> 3. That said deaeased lett him surviving as hie sole and onlq h�ir� at laa the Pollowing named <br /> persons: <br /> Lydia M. R3nes, his widot� � <br /> Maude T. RineB, his daughter <br /> Ruth B. Rines, his daughter <br /> Alta R. Ca1e, his da�aghter <br /> aeorge A. Rines, his son - <br /> Ernest La Roy Rinea, his sor� <br /> all oP whom are of full 1ega1 age, that the said E�nest Le Roy Rinea has sinpe departed thls liSe, <br /> that sald widow xas 'Ghe mo:�her of all o� said children, that under the law� of the 9tate of <br /> Nebraeka� in Poree at the t3m� of ths death of the deaeder��, said �vtdow wae er��itle$ to a dower <br /> intereat in said l�nd only, that �aid wldov► departed thle liPe� on the 19th day ot' May, 1948, that <br /> eaid dower intereet has expired. <br /> 4• That alaime of creditors are barred, that the dietributive �harea of said esta'te are not <br /> liable for payment of atate inheritanae taaea. <br /> It is therefore ordered ad�udged and decreed b�r the court that the said Alcnzo Rines, deceaaed <br /> departed thia life on the 2�th day oP June, 1��2, intesta,te, Th$t no appli�at�on ha8 been g � <br /> iled for <br />