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��� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> grant and aonfer upor� my beloved wiP� the right to se23, assign, tran�fer and aor�vey sa3d proper�y, <br /> or any part thereo�', the use and income of which ie hereby willed, det�ised and bequeather to her. <br /> IT�NI IV. 9ub�ect to and aharged with the provisione heretofore aontair�ed in Item III hereof, <br /> I will, devise and bequeath all of �he res�, �esidue and remainder, of my estate, real+ �erao�al <br /> or mixed, ot' whieh T may die seized �r �o t�hieh I may be entitled, to my beloved dau�hter, KATHLEEN <br /> RINE9, mention�d in Item II hereof, a,nd to any other aurviving child or children ot' this teeta�or. <br /> ITEM V. IP �he legatee�, deviseee and beneficiarie8 mentioned in Ite�e II and IV hereof die <br /> -unmarried and xithout isaue bePore I die, or before she or they shall have co�ne into posse�sion oP <br /> her or �heir eg�ate, as herein provided, '�hen I will, de�ise and bequeath the property xilled, <br />; dev3sed and bequeathed in Items II and in here0f to my heira at la�. ' <br /> ITEM V1. Th� said KATHLEEN RI1�ES and any other ahild or children aurviving me ahall not Qome <br /> into possession of her or their legsay or devise herein willed, devised and bequeathed, until <br /> she or they, or either of them, shall have a�tained �he age of twenty-cne (21) year8, and I hereby <br /> • name, nominate ar�d apPoint my beloved sieter, RIJTH �I�JEB, of the Ci�y oY To2edo, t3ounty . of Tama, !� <br /> 3tate oP Iowa, guardian and truatee of the property herein willed, devised at3d bequeathed in <br /> I�e�eII'..and IV hereof, to ae� and care far said property and to use the inaome therefrom for the <br /> care, support, maintenanee� and eduaation of my said beloved danghter and aMy other aurviving chi2d <br /> or children, aa ahall seem to her beat and proper, unt11 my said dau�hter or they �hall have ' <br /> attained the age of twenty-one (21) years; �he intent being tha� eaah surviving ehild receive lt� <br /> ahare of my estate aa herein �rilled, devised and bequeathed, whea it shall have attained the <br /> ag� of twer�ty-oMe �21) years. <br /> ITEM VIT. I hereby n4minate and apPoint my beloved wife, I�ATF�RINE a. RINE3, trustee to care ' <br /> for, mana�e, and look aPter that portion oP my estate, the �se, ir�come, rents and profits of whieh <br /> is ir� Iter� III hereof wil2ed, devised and bequeathed to her, and I request that she_be not required <br /> to give bonda: . <br /> I�EM VIII. I hereby nominate and apPoint my beloved wife, KATHERINE G. RINES, the aole <br /> executrix of this my last WZL�L and TES�AMENT, and request tha� she be not required to �1ve bonds. <br /> iN �iI�NESB WfiEREOF, I have hereunto aet my hand this 5�h day of dt�ly, A.D. 1913, at Toledo, <br /> 2ama County, Tvwa. <br /> Ernea� Leroy Rines <br /> WITIVE3SES: <br /> � E �11al�ere Toledo Iowa. <br /> J. J. Me on ' <br /> ' On this Sth day of July, A,D. 1913, the foregoing instrument, oor�sisting of Pour (4) type�rritten <br /> pagea, was, in mur presence, eigned and ex�ou�ed by ERISiEST LEROY RTPdES, and by him declared to ua <br /> to be his last WILL and TESTAMENT, and at his request, and in his presence, and in the preeence , <br /> of eaah other, we have subsaribed our names as w3tnessea thereto. , <br /> G. E. Walters <br /> Of Toledo, Iowa <br /> FILED . J J. MaMahon <br /> Jur� ID 19�8 • <br /> Harvey M. Wilson f oledo, Iowa. <br /> County Judge <br /> TN THE GOUNTY C�URT OF BUFFALOCOUNTY, A�BRASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE E3TATE ) DEGREE ADMITTINa FOREIGN WILL <br /> OF } TO PROBA2E. - <br /> ERAiEST LE ROY RINES, DEQEASED. ) <br /> Ptow on this 9th day of July, 19�8, thie oause havin� been contined from the 2nd day of July, <br /> 1948, this aause evmea on �o be heard upon the petition of Ka�hleen Rines Lent praying for an <br /> order of the cour� admitting the Last �ill Hnd Teetament of Erneet Le'��y��.8�ne$,deQeased, to <br /> probate in thia court, said Nill having heretofore been admitted to probate in Polk County, -Iowa, <br /> and a duly certified and authenticated copy thereof having been filed �rith said petition, from the <br /> evidence the aourt findst <br /> l. That the said Ernest Le Roy Rines died a resident oP Polk County, Iowa, on �he l�t�. day <br /> pP �'ebruary, 1919, leaving a last w111. and teetament duly esceQUted a� pronided by law, that <br /> said t�ill has her�tofore been admitted to probate in �he district aourt oP Polk County, Iowa, and <br /> a duly authentiQated dopy thereof preaented to this court. <br /> 2, � �he court further find� that more than t�ro yeara have elapsed �inae the date oP the death <br /> of �he deaeden�, that said last wlli and teatament has nvt heretof'ore been probated in the Btate <br /> ' df l�ebraska, that elaims oP areditora are barred by the statute of limitations, that eaid ee�at� <br /> is not liable for payment of state inheritenee taxes in the State of Nebraaka, that eaid �ri.11 <br /> ehould be admitted to proba.�e in this court but that no executor or adminis�rator with the will <br /> arinexed need be appainted. <br /> � 3. �he Qourt further f inde that the said Ernest Le Roy Rinee left him surviving aa his sole <br /> and only children, th� petitioner, Ka�hleen Rinea Lent, and Dorothy Ann Din�felder, hia dau�htere, <br /> both oP 2'ull legal age, and none others. That the real estate 2o�ated in Hall and Buf fa1.o Countiea, <br /> Alebraska, descend to the above named chiZdren i� ac�ordance with the speaifics deviQe aontained ir� <br /> said Laet W111 and �e$tamen�. <br /> 4. TMa� �a�.d deceased died aeized of the follot�ir�g deaaribed r�eal eatat� aituated in �he <br /> S�ate of Nebraska, to-�rit: <br /> Art undivided 1/5 interest in the Northwest Q�uar�ter 0f Seetion (2), Townahip (10) , North of <br /> Range (13) � We$t of the 6th P.M. , Buf'f'alo �o�n�y, Riebraeka. An undivided 1/� in�ere st in <br /> and to the Northea�� 4uarter of 9ec�tion (6) , Towr�hip (10) , North of Ran�e (12) , im He11 <br /> County, ATebra�ka, sub,eat to the do�ter ri.,>;ht of Lydia M. R3nee, the t�ldcx o�' Alonzc Rines, <br /> deQeased. . <br /> That �he said Lydia M. Rir�es departed this life on the 19�h da,y of May, 1948, that her dower right <br /> expired with her death. <br />