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3�3:3 <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNT� <br /> The Court further finds that the creditors were allowed three months in which to file claim� � <br /> against sa,id est�te; that the time Por filing claims expired on February 13, 194�; that all claims <br /> outstanding against said estate, if any such there be, are forever barred and precluded. <br /> IT IS THE:REFORE ORDERED BY THE CO?JRT that the repor� of the executor be, and the same is here- <br /> by approved and allo�,red. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED th�t a11 persons are forever barred and precluded from setting up any <br /> alaim or demand against the estate of Jessie Concannon, dece��.sed. <br /> THE Court further finds th�.t �he said Jessie Concannon, deceased, departed this life at her <br /> home in Hall County, Nebraska on the 3rd day of Sep�ember, 1947, leaving surviving her as her heirs- <br /> at-law and only heirs-at-law her husband, �Ji111am H. Concannon, and her daughter, Hazel H. Harris. <br /> The Court further finds that the said Jessie Concannon lef� a Last Will and Testament, which <br />. instrument was duly ap:�roved, allowed, and admitted to probate, and recorded in this office. <br /> The Court further finds that the said Jessie Concannon was, at the time of her death, the owner <br /> of t�.e following-described real estate, to-w�.t: <br /> _ � <br /> The North 66 f eet of Lot One (1) and the North 6b feet of Lot Two (2) in Bloc� Two (2) in Wheelers � <br /> Addition �o the City of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> The North 72 feet of Lot Four (4) in Block Eight (�) Original Town, now City of Grand Island, <br /> Nebraska. <br /> and that under and by virtue of the terms and provisions of said Last Will and Testament of the <br /> said Jessie Concannon, deceased, all of said real estate did pass and descend �.t .the death of the <br /> said Jessie Concannon, to her husb�,nd, T��Tilliam H. Concannon, in absolute title. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJL'DGED, AND DECREED BY THE COURT that the above-described real <br /> estate did pass and descend at the death of the said Jessie Concannon, under the provisions of her <br /> Last Will and Testament to 'r�'illiam H. Concannon, her husband, in absolute title. <br /> The Court further finds th�,t said real estate Was not sub,�ect to inheritance tax under tne <br /> laws of the State of Nebraska, or of the Laws of �he United States. <br /> The Cour� further finds th�t said estate should be closed and settled; that a11 costa have <br /> been paid, and th�,t the exeeutor be released and di.scharged. _ <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> oun y u ge , <br /> In the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> � Certificate <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, ) <br /> ) ss. I, Charles Bossert County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby <br /> HALL COUNTY ) cer'GiPy that I have compaxed the foregoing copy of Last Wi11 and Testa- <br /> ment, Certificate of Probate of Will and Final Decree - IN THE MATTER <br /> OF THE ESTATE OF JESSIE C�NCANNON, DECEASED, wi�h the original record ther�of, now rsm�,ining in <br /> said Court, that the same is a correct transcrip'C thereof, and of the whole of such origlnal record; <br /> that said Court is a Court of Record having a 3ea1, which seal is hereto attached; that said Court <br /> has no Clerk authori,zed to sign certificates in his own n�vne, and that I am the le�al custodian of <br /> said Seal and of the Records oP said Court, and that the foregoing attestation is in due Porm of <br /> l aw. <br /> IiJ TESTIMONY ��HERE'OF T have hereun'�o set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, a'� <br /> Grand Island, this 4th day of September 19�+� � <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> (SEAL) ounty Judge. <br /> Filed for record this 4 day oF Sept 194�, �t 11:20 o' clock A.M. , ���� � <br /> egis er of e s <br /> . 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0_0-0-0-0-0-0_0-0_0-0-0-0-0_0-0-0-0-0-0 <br /> DECREE <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF BUFFALO COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF T HE ESTATE OF � INTERIM DECREE <br /> FR,ANKLIN E. PEMBER, DECEASED. <br /> On this �th day of Septemb�r, 1.g4�8 having been continue� :from the 19th day of Au�ust, 19�8, this <br /> cause came on for hearin� upon the final rei�ort of Fred S. Pember, administrator, of the estate of <br /> Franklin E, Pember, deceased, and upon the petition of said administrator for the allowance and <br /> ap:��roval of said report, settlement of said estate, except for any claims noi� outstanding against <br /> one 'Neil Ashburn for the alleged ��rrongful death of Franklin E. Pember a.nd the Court being fully <br /> advised in the premis�s finds that due and lega7. notice has been given to all persons of' the time <br /> and place fixed by the Court for the hearing upon said final report and there bein� no ob�ections <br /> to said report and the court having examined the same, together ��ith the vouchers on file, finds <br /> that s��.id report i� true and that th� same ought to �ae ap}�roved and allowed as and for the final <br /> report of said administrator and said estate settled and closed so f ar as the administra'ti�n of.._all <br /> assets are concerned and sub�ect only to disposition of the claims a.gainst N�il Aahburn hereinabove <br /> ref erred to. <br /> The Court finds that the said Franklin E. Pember departec� this life on the 7th day of January, - <br /> 19�F8, in McA11en,Tex. , and that at the time of his death he t�ras a resident and inhabitant of <br /> Buffaio County, Nebraska; that the said Franklin E. Pember died intestate; that a �etition for <br /> Letters of Administration was filed on the 13th d_ay of January, 1947, asking tha.t said estate be <br /> admitted to probate and that Letters of Administration be granted tQ Fred S. Pember, brother of the <br /> deceased, upon the goods, real estate, chattels, rights a._�d credits of the said Franklin E. Pember, <br /> dec�ased, and=that upon hearing held upon said petition after notice �ras duly given to all persons <br /> interested in said estate, said estate was admitted to probate on the 5th day of February, 19�8, <br /> and Letters of Administration Vrere duly issued thereafter by this Court to the s�.id Fred S. Pember <br /> upon th� f iling of bond and oath by him on the eatate of Franklin E. Pember, deceased. <br />