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3�� <br /> NO. 9 HAI�L COUNTY <br /> TN WITNESS '�iHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Cour�, this <br /> 17th day of December 19�7 <br /> (SEAL) <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D DEC 17 19�7 Charles Hossert <br /> CHARLES HOS5ERT COUNTY JUDGE ounty Judge <br /> IN THE COUNTY CO URT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE j ESTATE N0. 3912• <br /> OF ) FTNAL DECREE. <br /> ) <br /> H�ARY SCHUMACFiER, DECEASED. ) <br /> This cause came on Por hearin� this l��h day of August, l9�-�, upon the final report of_ the <br /> administratrix, Elsie Cordes, a,nd petition for determination of heirship, inheritance taxes, fees <br /> and commissions, distribution of said estate and discharge of the administratrix with the wi11 <br /> ann exed. _ <br /> The court, having exa�nined said final repor�, together with the records and files and- being <br /> fully advised in the premises, finds that due and legal notice has been given to all persons <br /> interested in s�.id estate of 'Ghe time and place fixed for hea.ring upon said final report, as order- <br /> ed by the court, and no-one appeaxing to ob,�ect thereto, the court examined the same, together with <br /> the receipts and vouch�rs and �he testimony in support thereof, and being fully advised, finds tha'� <br /> s�.�d report is true and correct in all things and ought to be allowed and approved as and for the <br /> final repor�t of th� administratrix. <br /> The court Pinds that said Henry Schumacher died on the 1,5th day of Nouember, 1947, and at the <br /> �ime of his death was a resident of Grand Island, Hall Coun�y, Nebraska. <br /> That Olga Johnson and E1sie Cordes, daughter� of said deceased, filed �heir duly veriPied <br /> petition, praying for the allowance and probate of an instrument purporting to be the last will and <br /> testament of Henry Schumacher, deceased; that the Caurt therefore fixed December 17, 1947, as the <br /> date Por making proof of said document and due notiee of the Piling of said petition and of the <br /> time and p1ac� fixed for hea.ring thereon was given by the Court in the manner provided by law and <br /> on said date, December 17, 1947, said instrument was duly proven, allowed and admitted to probate <br /> as and for �he last w�.11 and testament of said Henry ScY�umacher, deceased. <br /> • That Olga Schumacher Johnson, named eYecutr�.x under the name of Olga Schumacher, in said last <br /> will and testament, filed her wri'Gten declina'�ion, declining to serve as executrix. The Court, <br /> therefore, on December 17, 1947, named and appointed 'Els�.e Cordes, a dau�hter oP said deceased, as <br /> Administratrix with the will annexed, and she promptly accepted and qualified as such. <br /> The Court finds that due an d legal notice has been given, �.s by law provided, to a11 persons <br /> of the time and place fixed for filing claims and that the time so fixed has �'ully expired. <br /> It is therefore ordered by the Court that all persons having claims against said estate and <br /> not filed herein, if any such there be, forever _barred and excluded from settin� up or- asserting <br /> any such clalms ag�.inst said estate. <br /> Z'he Court finds that in manner an d form, as by law provided, to appraise said estat'e for <br /> Inheritance Tax purposes, after due notice given the estate �aas approved and report filed. <br /> Baid report is hereby in a11 thing5 a,pproved and the Court finds there is no inheritance tax <br /> _due or �ayab�.e. <br /> The Court finds that all ela,ims filed herein, together with costs of administration, have been <br /> paid. <br /> IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED BY THE COURT, that the f inal report of the Administra�rix be, and <br /> the same is he-reby approved and allowed as and for her final report and said eatate is hereby <br /> settled and closed. <br /> The Court finds that said Henry Schumacher died seized of the Pollowin�; described real estate, <br /> towit: <br /> Lot Two (2) in B1oek One H.undred Twenty-nine (129) in Koenig & W3.ebe's Addition �o the <br /> City oP Q-rand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> and said Olga Schumacher Johnson, named Olga Schumacher in said last will and testament, has <br /> elected to accept said real estate upon the condltion �he pay to Frieda Schumacher, Elsie Corde9 <br /> and Maxine P�icCollough the sum of One Thousand (�I000.00) Dollars eaeh; receipts on file show that <br /> she has made such payments of such legacies and said real estate is hereby set apart to her in <br /> accordance with the terms of the last will and testamen� of Henry Schumacher, deceased. <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> " Coun�y Judge. <br /> Tn the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> Certifieat� <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, ) <br /> )ss. I, Cha.rles Bossert County Juc3,�e:af Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby • <br /> HALL COUNTY ) certify that I have compared the Porego�.ng copy of Last S�ill and Testament, <br /> Certificate of Probate and Final Decree - IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF <br /> HENRY SCHUMACHER, DECEASED, with the original record thereof, now remaining in said Court, that the <br /> same ig a correct transcript thereof, and of �he whols of such original record; tha'� said Court is <br /> a Court of Record havin� a. sea1, which seal is hereto attached; that said Court has no Clerk <br /> au'�horized to sign certif'f.cates in his own name, and that I am the legal custodian of said Seal and <br /> o� the Records of sa�.d Court, and that th� foregoing attestation is in due form of law. <br /> IN T ESTZMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, at <br /> Grand Isla,nd, �his 20th day of August 194�. <br /> Charles Bossert � <br /> (s�) oun y u e <br /> Fi1ed for record this 21 day oP August 194�, at 10: 30 o � cloak A.M. � - � <br /> ,�' v�-�'�- <br /> i-Re`g3's e� r-o3''�eecis-� <br />