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����� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br />_ ; <br /> under the name of Ethel Mitchell and that said Ethel M. Mitchell and Ethel Mitchell is one and ', <br /> � the same person and her true and correct name is Ethel M. Mitchell ' <br /> The Court further finds that Ethel M. Mitchell died seiZed in fee simple title in and to the <br /> following described real es�tate situate in the city of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, towit: 2. <br /> Al1 of' F'ractional Lot Six (6) in Fractional Block Thirty-nine (39) in Charles Wasmer ' s Addition tm <br /> the city of Grand Island, Nebraska, and a part of Fractional Block Twelve (12) in Windolph� s <br /> Addition to the city oP Grand Island, Nebraska, which taken together is more particularly <br /> described as follows: Commencing at the southeast corner of said Fractional Block Twelve (12) in <br /> Windolph' s Addition to the city of Grand Island, Nebraska; running thence northerly along and upon <br /> the easterly boundary line of said Fractional Block for a distance of one hundred forty (1�0) Peet; <br /> thence running ��esterly Uarallel with the southerl boundary line of said Fractional Block Twelve <br /> (12) for a. distance oP two hundred sixty-four (264� feet; running thence southerly parallel with �he <br /> easterly boundary line of said Fractional Block Twelve (12) for a distance of one hundred forty <br /> � � ` � - � ' (140) feet to the southwesterly corner oP said <br /> Fractional Block Twelve Cl�j ; running thence easterly along and upon the southerly boundary llne <br /> of Fraction�l Block Twelve (12) , Por a distance oP two hundred sixty-four (26�+) fee� to place oP <br /> beginnin�, as surveyed, platted, and recorded. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED,ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that said final report oP the adminis- <br /> trator be, and the same in all thimgs is approved and allowed and that said administrator be,and <br /> he is hereby dischaxged and his bonds released; that such estate and the interests therein of the <br /> heire at law ia and are not sub,�eet to inheritance tax under the laws of Nebraska;and that the <br /> above and for�going real estate be set over and assigned unto the said Charles E.Mitchell and <br /> Bertha D.Mitehell eaeh an undivided one-half interest in common. <br /> BY THE COURT: <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> 0 . <br /> In the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> Certificate <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, ) <br /> )ss. I, Charles Bossert County Judge oP Hall County,Nebraska, do hereby <br /> HALL COUNTY ) certify that I have compared the foregoing eopy of Decree entered <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE EsTATE OF ETHEL M.T�ITCHELL,DECEASED,i�iith the <br /> original record thereof, now remaining in said Court, that the same is a correct transcript thereof, <br /> and of the whole of such original record; that said Court is a Court of Record having a seal, <br /> which seal is hereto attached; that said Court has no Clerk authoriZed to sign certiPicates in <br /> his own name, and that I am the legal custodian of said Seal and of the Records of said Court, and <br /> , �hat the foregoin� attestation is in due form of law. <br /> IN TE�TIMONY 'WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, at <br /> arand Island, this 7th day of April 19�+�. <br /> ( SEAL) Charles Bossert <br /> County Judge <br /> Filed Yor record this 7 day oP April, 194�, at 4:20 o ' clock P.M. j� �JJ <br /> �..1' ���.1 -u- <br /> eg s er oP�bee�.�— <br /> -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- <br />� WILL & DECREE (Endorsed) <br /> Filed Sep � 1947 <br /> L.E.Hal lowel l, Cl erk <br /> By Alioe Qordon <br /> Deputy Clerk <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAME:�TT � <br /> � <br /> IN THE NAME OF GOD,AMEN, I, Rex John Allan, of 9ity of Glendale Los Angeles Count�, California, oP <br /> the age of 43 years, �,nd being of aound and disposing mind and memory and not ac�ing under duresa, <br /> manace, fraud, or undu� influence of any person whatever, do make,publish and declare this my last <br /> WILL AND TESTAP4ENT in the manner f'ollowing, that is to say: <br /> FIRST: I hereby give and beQueath all of my property, both real and personal, to my wife, Mary Alma <br /> Al1an, In case said Ma,ry Alma Allan predecease me I hereby give and bequeath all of my property, <br /> both real and personal to my siater El�ie Mary Allan Tompkina. <br /> In case both my wife, Mary Alma Allan, and I,Rex John Allan, die as the result of a common accident, <br /> I hereby give and bet�ueath all of my personal property and my share of the community property to <br /> my sister, Elsie Mary Allan Tompkins. <br /> 3ECONDLY: Page 1 <br /> LASTLY, I hereby nominate and at�x�oint Maxy Alma Allan the executrix of this my last �Aill and <br /> Testament and hereby revoke all former Wills by me made. <br /> I��' WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 2�th day ot' of September, in the <br /> year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty trrro. ' <br /> REX JOHN ALLAN (SEAL) <br /> THE FOREGOING instrument, consisting of three pages includ�ng this one was at the date hereof, <br /> by the said Rex John A11an signed, and sealed and published as, and declared to us to be his last <br /> ?nlill and Testament in the presence of us who, at his reQuest and in his presence, and in the res- <br /> , , P <br /> ence af each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. <br /> K.P,.AEISER <br /> Residing at� Glendale, California <br /> JOH1�1 K.ROSS <br /> Residin� at lenc�ale, Calif. <br />