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+` ��_�....� <br /> WIL,i� .AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 26081—The Augustine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. h <br /> SEVENTH <br />� The Court further finds that on the 4th day of November, 19�7, Louis A. Holmes was appointed <br /> appraiser for inheritance ta.x �aurposes in said estate, that he took his oath and after notice and <br /> heaxin� as by law required, on th� 26th da of November, 1947, filed 'nis report as such appraiser <br /> finding the �ross v�lue of s�.id estate is �14, 430. 36 and sub,ject to no inheritance tax whatsoever. <br /> EI�HTH <br /> The Court further finds that on the �th d�y of November, 1947, a.n order of this Court was made <br /> barring a11 claims not filed a�ainst estate, and a11o�ti�ing claims filed prior thereto; the <br /> Court further fi.nds tha't �11 debts and claims against said estate, including the costs of <br /> administration in said estate, h�.ve been paid; that a.t the time of the filing of said Final Report, I <br /> there remained in the hands oP said Administrator for distribution �he sum of �11, 1�2.11 in cash <br /> which is distributable as Pollows: to <br /> Anna Fairbanks �1�63. 69 <br /> Minnie Kroger 1�63.69 <br /> Evelyn Townsend 1�63. 69 <br /> Will Harders 1�63. 69 <br /> Elliott Harders 621.23 <br /> Robert Louis Hardera 621:23 <br /> William Robert Harders 621.2�. <br /> Luella McKinney �65• 92 <br /> Louise MeMullen �+65.92 <br /> Harry Kloppenburg 465.92 <br /> Leona �liese 465• 92 <br /> and the Court now finds tha'� distribution has so been made by said Administra'�or and said Administrator � <br /> has filed receipts with this Court showing such distribution paid to said respective persons in <br /> full. <br /> NINTH <br /> The Court �urther finds that after deducting from the assets of said estate all debts, claims, <br /> costs of administration and aIl other proper expenditures and the statutory exemp'tions allowed <br /> the heirs-at-la�,u in said esta.te, there is due and payable to the County Treasurer of Hall County, <br /> Nebraska, no inheritance ta.x s��hatsoever and tha.t said estate is sub,ject to the payment of no <br /> federal estPte ta.x whatsoever. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDF�ED, : ADJffD�ED��AND DECR�ED $Y �THE CC�URT tYiat _the`_final�`repr�rt of C. E. Grundy, <br /> �dnqin��ttratar herein, be and the same hereby is approved and allowed as such; further that Anna � <br /> Fairbanks, P�Iinnie Kro�er, Evelyn Townsend, ?4111 T�arders, Ell�:ott Harders, Robert Louis Harders, <br /> William Robert Harders, Luella McKinney, Louise McMullen, Harry Kloppenburg and Leona Wiese are <br /> 1 nd th nl heir - t-law of s�,id �eceased a,nd th�t the ro ert describ d in r r h <br /> al �. e o y s a , � p y e pa ag ap <br /> Fifth hereof, descends accordin� to the l�.ws oP descent a.nd distribution of the State of Nebraska, <br /> as �ound in paragraph Sixth of this Decree; Purther that said Administr�tor has made �ull and <br /> complete distribution of said estate as hereinbefore found and according to law, and has filed <br /> receipts sho�aing such payment and distribution, and he is t�herefore hereby discharged as <br /> Administrator, his bond released and said estate fully settled and closed. <br /> In sr!itness whereof I have hereun'to set my hand and the seal of the Gounty Court of Hall County, <br /> Nebra.ska, this 25th day of February, 194�. <br /> Chaxles Bossart <br /> oun y u ge. <br /> I hereby acknowlec:ry;e notice of the foregoing order finding no inheritance tax due and payable <br /> in this estate u�hatsoever. <br /> . Donald H. Weaver <br /> County Attorney o a oun y, <br /> Nebraska. <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> CERTIFICATE <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA) I, Charles Bossert County Judge of Ha11 County, Nebraska, do hereby <br /> ss. certify that I have compared the foregoing copy of Final Decree entered � <br /> HALL QO�JNTY ) IN THE TdATTER OF THE EST�TE OF MARGARETHA HARDERS, DECEASED, with the <br /> ori inal record thereof, now remainin in said Cou rt that the same is <br /> � � , <br /> a correct transcript thereof, and of the t��hole of such original record; that said Court is a Cour� <br /> oP Record having a seal, T.�Thicl� sea.l is hereto attached; that said Court ha.s no Clerk au'�horiz�d to <br /> sign certificates irm his own name, and tha.t I am the legal custodian of said Seal and of the Records <br /> of said Court, and that the foregoing attestation is in due form of law. <br /> IN TESTI?�IONY '^1HEREOF I h�,ve hereunto set my hand and afPixed the sea.l of the County Court, at <br /> Grand Island, this 26th c�a.y of February, 194�. <br /> Gharles Bossert <br /> (SEAL) oun y J�d�. <br /> Filed for record the 26 c�ay of February, 19�+� at 4: 20 0 � clock P. M. ^'` J <br /> �gis ter of �e��— <br /> o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o <br /> e <br /> S�JILL AND DECREE � <br /> LAST ��TILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> of � <br /> PETER W. DIBDERN <br /> of Hall Co�znty, Nebraska. <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE FRES�NTS: <br /> That I, Peter W. Dibbern, af Hall County, Nebraska, being of sound mind and disposing memory, <br /> but not unmindful of the uncertainties of human life, do hereby make, publieh and declare this, <br /> my Iast W3II and Testament, hereby revoking all former wi11s by me : <br /> FIRST <br /> I direct that my ,just debts and funeral expenses be first paid out of my estate. <br /> SECOND � _ <br /> � The rest, residue and remainder of my estate of any and alI naturea whatsoeO*er, and whereso- <br /> ever situated, of which I may die posaessed, I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved <br /> wife, Frieda Dibbern, for the term of her natural lif e, and at her death, to my beloved childr�n, <br />,: <br />