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��._`� <br /> WIL,L AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28081—The Auguatine Co., f}rand Island, Nebr. <br /> FIRST <br /> That John Harders dex�arted this life on the 20th day of February, 1947, at 3an Francisco, <br /> California, intesta.te, �nd �t the time of his c�eath he was a resident of San Francieco County, <br />, California SECOND � <br /> That on t��e 26th day c�f August, 19�7, Inez May Harders and William Robert Harders, the widow and <br /> a son resnectively of said John Harders, deceased, filed in this Court a petition nraying for the <br /> a�nointment of said Herbert F. Mayer a.s Administrator of the egtate of deceased, and on the <br /> 26th � day of August, 1�?47, an order of this Court was made therein assigning the 2�th day of <br /> Sentember, 19�+7, at lA o ' clock A. M. at the County Court Room in said County as the time a,r.d place <br /> Por hearing �etition, r�nc� ordering that notice of the nendency of said �etition and hea.ring �:. - . <br /> thereon be given to all nersons interested in said m�,tter by z�ublishing said notice in the Grand <br /> Island Independnet a legal newspaper printed in said County, for three successive weeks prior to <br /> said day of hea�ng, �nd it a�? by �rc�of on file that notice of said order was given �,s order�d � <br /> by this Court. <br /> THI RD <br /> The Court further finds that Herbert F. Mayer, named in said petition, was, upon his giving <br /> bond in the sum of �100. 00, as ordered by this Court, appointed Administrator as prayed; the <br /> Court Purther finds tha.t the deceased, at the time of his death, was married, was a resident oP <br /> San Francisco, County, California, that no proceedings heretofore been brought anywere <br /> wheresoever for the administration of his estate and that he l�ft the f'ollowing heira-a�law: <br /> IneZ May Harders, his T��idow, Robert Louis Ha.rders, a son, Elliott Harders, a son, and Willi�m Robert <br /> Harders, a son, all of whom are over the �ge of 21 years. <br /> FOURTH <br /> That on the 24th day of Se�atember, 1947, an order was made .herein allowing creditors three months <br /> from and after the 2?nd day of October, 19�+7, in which to file their claims �.gainst said estate, <br /> and s�.id Administrator one yea,r in which to settle said estate, and further ordering that a notice <br /> to creditors be r�ublished in the Grand Islanc� Independent, a legal newspaper �ublished and <br /> circulating in Hall County, Nebraska, for three successive weeks prior to said 22nd d.ay of October, <br /> 1947, anc� that �, hearing on claims filed against said estate T��ould be held at the office of the <br /> County Judge of Ha11 County, Nebragka, on the 24th day of January, 194�, at 9 o ' clock A.M. , an d 3. <br /> it a.npe?.rs by �roof on file th�t notice of said order wa.s published as ordered by this Court. <br /> FI FTH <br /> The Court further finds that on the 23rd day of Ja.nuary, 194�, said Herbert F. Mayer, as <br /> Administrator, filed in Court his inventory of the prot�erty of said estate, a.nd tha.t according to <br /> said inventory, the dece�sed d_ied sei�ed and possessed of the following described r�roperty, to-�it : <br /> An undivided one-ninth interest in Lot Seven ( 7) and the North Ten Feet of Lot Six (N10 ft. of 6. ) <br /> of Block Five �5) , in South Grand Island, loca.ted on t�axt of the North?aest Quarter of Section <br /> Twenty-two (22) , in Township Eleven ( 11) North, Ra.nge Nine (9) , in Hall County Nebraaka. <br /> SIXTH <br /> The Court further finds tri�t according to the la*as oP descent and distribution of the �tate of <br /> Nebr�,ska said undivided one-ninth interest in said property, descends as follows : an undivided <br /> one-third of said fractional interest to IneZ May Harders, and an undivided twa-ninths of said <br /> fractional interest unto each of the follow�ng: Robert Louis Harders, Elliott Harders and Willi,�.m <br /> Rob er t Harder s. <br /> SEVENTH <br /> The Court further finds that the value of said undivided one-ninth interest wn d b <br /> o e y said <br /> Jo�n H�.rders, deceased, in and to the �.bove-described real estate a.t the time of' death, was <br /> the sum o� �675.00 and t?7at said estate is sub,j ect to no inheritance tax whatsoever. <br /> EIGHTH <br /> The Court further finds th�.t on the 2�+th day of January, 19��, an order of this Court was made <br /> barrir�g all claims not filed against said est�:te; the Court further finds that all debts and claims of <br /> sa�.d John Har ders, including the expense oP his last illness and burial, the court costs and <br />' cos"ts of administration of saicl estate, have been paid a.nd th�,t there remains in the hands of said <br />� Administrator for distribution, no monP.y or r�roperty whatsoever. <br />' NINTH <br /> The Court further finds th�t after deducting from .the assets of said estate, all debtg, claims, <br /> costs of administra.tion and all other proper exnenditures a.nd the statutory exemptions a.11owed the <br /> heirs-at-law in said estate, there is due a.nd payable to the County Trea.surer of Hall County, <br /> Nebrask� , no inheritance tax wha,tsoever. <br /> IT IS T?���'.�.FFOR�' ORD�'RED, ADJTJDGED AND DECRFED BY T�'E COURT that the final report of xerbert F. <br /> Mayer, Administra.tor herein, be and the same hereby is approved and allo�,�ed as such• further that <br /> , <br /> IneZ May H�rders �nd Robert Louis Harders, Elliott Harders and William Robert Harders are tne only <br /> heirs-at-la,�a of s�.id John Ha.rders, deceased, and that the property desc�ibed in paragraph Fifth <br /> hereof c�e�cends accor ding to the laws oP descent and distribution of the �tate of Nebraska, as <br /> found in paragraph Sixth of th�.s decree; that the expenses oP the last illness and burial of said <br /> John Harders, dece�sed, and all debts and claims otaing by him at the time oF' his death, have been <br /> fully paid �.nd s�.tisPied, or barred by order oP this Court and that administration oP this estate <br /> has been completed; that said Herbert F. Mayer be a.nd he hereby is discharged as Administrator, his <br /> bond released and estate fully settled a.nd closed. <br /> In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the County Court of Hall County, <br /> Nebrask�., this l�th day of February, 194�. <br /> Charles Bossert . <br /> ( SEAL) County Judge <br /> Notice of the above order hereby acknowledged thia l�th day of February, 19��. <br /> Donald H. Weaver <br /> County Attorney of Hall <br /> County, Nebraska. <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> CERTIFICATE <br /> � �� <br />. _ _ _ �� <br />