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.-�— --�, <br /> �_.3��7 <br />� NO. 9 HALL COUNT� <br /> i <br /> h <br /> IN THE C�UNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. ' <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE <br /> OF ; � FINAL DECREE - <br /> PATRICK HOYE, DECEASED. ) <br /> Now on this 12th day oP November, 1947, this cause c�.me on for hearing upon the Final Report <br /> of Gertrude M. Hoye, Administratrix with the wi11 annexed of the estate oP Patrick Hoye, deceased, <br /> And it appearing to the Court from tne record, proofs on file, that the ob�ections heretofore <br /> filed by John E. Hoye �.nd Bernard J. Hoye, heirs-at-law of Patrick Hoye, deceased, have been <br /> withdrawn, a.nc1 th,at tr�e John E. Hoye and Bernard J. Hoye, through their attorney, A. J. Luebs, <br /> have cori�ented to the approval and allowance of said Final Report. <br /> � And it apnearing to the Court that no other ob�jections have been filed, and after a full <br /> examination of said report, the Court being duly advised in t�le premises, finds the said <br /> report is correct and ought tc be allowed; that the administratrix witn the will annexed, has <br /> accounted for all property coming into her possession. , <br /> The Court further finds that Daniel J. Hoye, exec�ator of the Last Will and Testament of <br /> Patrick ,Hoye, deceased, dep�.rted this life, �.nd that Gertrude M. Hoye, administratrix ��th the <br /> will annexed, has administered said estate since the death of t:e said Daniel J. Hoye, and that <br /> she has filed the re�orts oY said estate as administratrix with the will annexed. <br /> The Court further finds tha,t due notice was given to all creditors of said deceased as to the <br /> tirne allawed, and pls.ce appointed for the filing of claims against said estate; that said time <br /> hAS expired; that all claims filed against said esta.te ha,ve been paid, and that there �,re no <br /> outst�,nding claims against said estate. <br /> The Court Purther finds that there is in the hands oP the administratrix for distribution the <br /> balance of the proceed� of the udgment collected from John E. Hoye in the sum oP ��y�j� and <br /> interest thereon in the sum <br /> of �25. �7, and that there is on hand the sum of �53.�� in cash in the <br /> . <br /> Commercial National Bank of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> The Court further finds that there is a balance due the administratrix as administratrix <br /> fees to the said Gertrude M. Hoye in the sum of �25.Q0, and that there is a balance due B. J. <br />! Cunningham, �.ttorney for said estate the sum of �75.00. The said aministratrix is hereby <br /> authorized to �ay said sums and that the balance remaining in the hands oP the administratrix <br /> sha11 be distributed to the persons below-named in accordance �aith the share of each of them, <br /> as hereinafter s�t forth. <br /> The Court furtner finds that in the nayment oP said ,�udgment, the said John E. Hoye deducted <br /> his 1/6 share of the proceeds of his indebtedness to the Estate oP Patrick Hoye, deceased, to <br /> which share he wAS entitled as one of the heirs, and that trle balance on hand should be divided <br /> between the remaining heirs of the said Patrick Hoye, deceased, in accordance with the terms and <br /> provisions of the Last Will and Testament of the said Patrick Hoye, deceased; that 1/5 thereof ie <br /> due a.nd payable to Gertrude M. Hoye; 1/5 thereof to Anna Hoye Mullin; 1�5 thereof to Elizabeth <br /> Hoye, widow of Daniel J. Hoye;� 1/5 thereof to Bernard J. Hoye, and 1/5 thereof to the children <br /> of Thomas P. Hoye, deceased, in equal shares to each, namely, Bernard Hoye, Kathryn Hoye, Paul <br /> Raymond Hoye, and xelen Hoye. <br /> IT IS THEREFOAE ORDERED BY THE COURT tha.t the foregoing distribut3on of the proceeds of said <br /> estate be made by the said Gertrude M. Hoye, adminiatratrix, and that sh� file receipts for the <br /> s€ame with this Court. <br /> The Court further finds that the special bequests ln the Last Will and Testament of Patrick Hoye, <br /> d�ceased, have been paid; that the sum of �5Q0.00 provided f or in the Fourth Paragraph thereof for <br /> cemetery purposes has been transferred, and assigned to Ger�rude M. Hoye, as trustee; that said <br /> amount has been invested in Government bonds, and that the proceeds thereaf sha11 bg used for the <br /> upkeep of the cemetery lot of Patrick Hoye, deceased. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AI�?D DECREED that all persons are barred fron filing or setting <br /> up any claims, or demands from the estate of Patriek -Hoye, deceased. <br /> The Court further finda that �he said Patrick Hoye departed this life on the 17th day of <br /> January, 1935, at his home in Wood River, Ha11 County, Nebraska,• tha.t at the t�me of his death <br /> h� wes a resident and inhabitant of Hall County, Nebraska; that he left a La�t Will and Testament, <br /> which instrument was duly approved, allowed and admitted to probate in this Court on the 28th day <br /> of Februa.ry, 1935, and that said will is recorded in this office. <br /> The Court further finda that the said Patrick Hoye, deceased, wa,s, at the time of his death, <br /> the owner in fee simple title of the following described real eatate, to-wit : <br /> The North Half of the Northeast Quarter (N2NE�) of 3ection 3ix (6) , Township Ten (10) , North, <br /> Range Eleven (11) , West of the 6th P.M. , containing eighty acrea. <br /> Th� �outh Half of the �outheast Q,uarter (S�SP�) of Ssetion thirty-one (31) , Tawnahlp �leven (11) <br /> North, Range Eleven (11) , <br /> The Northwest Quarter of the South�ast Quarter (NW� SE�� of Section Thirty-one (31) , Tvwnahip <br /> �].even (11) , North, Ra.nge Eleven (11) , West of the 6th P.M. , all in Ha1 1 County, Nebraska. <br /> Lota Nine (g) and Ten (10) in Block uFu, MeCall and Leflan�' s Second Addition to the �illage of <br /> Wood River, Nebraska. <br /> The East Thirty-five t35� feet of Lot Eleven (11) , and a].1 of Lot Twelve (12) , in Block 3even <br /> (7) in the Original To�rn of Wood River, N�braska. <br /> , The court further finde that by virtue of the provisions of the Laet W�11 and Teetament of the <br /> said Patrick Hoye , deceased, that the East Thirty-five (35} feet of lot leven (11) in Block <br /> Seven (7) and all of Lot Twelve (12) , Block Seven (7) in th� Original Town, of Wood River, N�braska, <br /> did pass and descend at the death of the said Patrick Hoye to G�rtrude M. Hoye, daughter of the <br /> said Patrick Hoye, deceas�d, and the same is hereby assigned to her. <br /> � <br />� <br /> The Court fur'�her finds that the remainder of said real estate was sold under Partition Sale <br /> . <br />