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z�V�_) <br /> NO. 9 HALI� COUNTY <br /> and circulating in Hall County, �tebraska, for three weeks nrior to said 22nd d�y of October, 19�-1, <br /> and that a he�.rin� on cl�.ir�s filed against said estate tf�ould be held at tne office of the County ' <br /> Judge o£ Hall County, NPbraska, on Janu�.ry 24, 19�+2, �t 9 o ' clock A.?�i. , �nd i� appears by r�roof , <br /> on file th�t notice of said order w�.s nublished as ordered b� this Court. ' <br /> FI FTH <br /> Tne Court further Pinds that on the 4th da�� of Navember, 1941, said Herbert F. Mayer, as <br /> Administrator, filed in tnis Court his Inventory of the ?�ropArty of said estate, and th�t according <br /> to said inventory, t;ie decea.sed died sei7ed and �ossessed of the following described property, to-wit : <br /> Nort�. HalP of the Sout�eASt �,�z�rter �N2SE4� of Section Four ( 4) in Township Four (�+) North Range <br /> I�Tine (�) , TrJest oP the 6th P.M. ir. �1ebs�er County, Nebraska <br /> Lot Eight (�) in Block rdinety-five ( 95) of tlie OriUin�l To�an, noU� Cit,y of Grand Island, Nebrask�. <br /> Lot Seven ( 7) in Block One Hundred Forty-six (146) in Uni��n Pacific Railway CoMpany�s Second Addition <br /> to Grar.d Isla.nd, P1e?�r:�.ska <br /> I <br /> r�2iscellaneous cha.ttel property nf' the a�nroxim�te value of �7, 200. 00 <br /> � SIXTH <br /> The Court further finds that accordir�g to the laws of descent and distribution, said property <br /> �escends as follo��rs : An undivic�ed one-fourth share thPreof to Katie Loebsack �aho is one and the <br /> same person as Ka.t?�ierine Loebsa�k and �lso sometimes kno?�an as Katherine Loebsack, and <br /> in a,,.clition thereto a homestead rieht in and to Lot 7 in �?lock 146 in Union Pacific Rail�aay Company' s <br /> Second Addition to Grand Island, Nebraska, that being the home of said decedent at the time of his <br /> death; �.n un�ivided 3/� share thereof to each of the follotaing: Henry Loebsack a.nd David Loebsack. <br /> SEVE��TH <br /> Tne Court furtl�er finds tl:l�t on t�e 9t'� day of December, 19�+1, L^1.P. Lauritsen was appointed <br /> appraiser for inheritance tax nurposes in saic� estate, t?���t he took his -oath and after notice a.nd <br /> hearing �s by law req.uired, on Janua_ry 1�+, 1942, filed his report as such appraiser, finding tne <br /> total �;ross val��e of said esta.te at �16, 667.00 and sub�ject to no inheritanee tax Tti�natsoever. <br /> EIGHTH <br /> The Court further finds t'rlat on t:,e 24t:7 day of January 19�2 an Qrder of this Court was made <br /> barring a.11 claims not filed �.gainst said estate and <�lloti-ring cl�lms filed prior thereto; the <br /> Court further finds that all debts and claims a.�ainst s2id estate, including the expenses oP the <br /> last illness and burial of said decedent and the costs and expenses of administration of said <br /> esta.te, have been paid and tnat �there rem�ins in the hands of said Administrator for distribution, <br /> tl�e sum of �321.�7 and in additi�n t.�ereto a promissory note of Jake Benzel whose real name is J�cob <br /> Benzel, and ��Zarie Benzel, his t��ife, dated Dece:�ber 26, 1947, in the sum of �32�.00 due one ye�r <br /> �hereafter, ���ith interest at 5� per annum from Janua.ry l, 194�; also � ;jT;�d'g�nent in tk�e District <br /> Court of Adams County, Nebraska, in favor of said Administrator against Fred Reiber, dated Dece^�ber g, <br /> 1944, in the sum of �125J. 9� plus court costs t�xe�. �t �9. 37 and accruing costs of �£�. 27, ?ahich <br /> ,judgment bears interest a.t �� ��er annum from the �th day oP Uecember, 1g��4, on which ,judgr�ent and <br /> ebsts have been naid a total sum of �105. 00. <br /> NI I�'TH <br /> P <br /> Th., Court further Pinds th�t after deducting from the assets of said estate all debts claims <br /> , , <br /> , <br /> eosts of a_c�ministr�.tion and al.l otYier �roper expenditures and the statutory exemptions allo�aed the <br /> heirs at la•�r in said est=�.te, there is �ue and n�.yable to the County Treasurer of Hall County, <br /> ?�1�braska, ar,d to t�e County Treasurer of ?nTebster County, I�'ebraska., no inheritance tax whatsoever. <br /> IT IS Tu�'??�'FOR" �F.t��'?�D, ADJU�3G�'D A'�fD DECRF�"D BY T�-:E COT?RT that the fin�l re��ort of Herbert F. <br /> RTa.yer, Administr�tor herein, be and the same h�reby is P,n��roved a.nd allo�aed as such; further that <br /> Katie Loebsack, David Loebsack and Henry Loe'�sack, are a11 and the only heirs-�t-l�w of said deceased, <br /> �.nd tr�t the ��ro,�erty described in t�ara raph �iftLl ?�ereof descends accor�in to t'�� of d �. at <br /> - � , � e �e <br /> , <br /> and distributi^n of the State of i�ebra.ska. as found in na.ra�raph Sixt�:_ of t:is decree; further <br /> inasmuc� a.s said Administrator has no��r assigned anc� tr�.nsferred t:e remaining assets in his hands <br /> hereinbefore described, to said heirs-at-laTrT accordinb to lata, and has filed receipts with this <br /> Co��rt sho��in? such ,raymen� and distribution, he is here�y dischar�ed as Administrator, his bond <br /> released a;ld said estate fully settled and closed. <br /> In �aitness whereof I h�ve nereunto set my hand anc� the se�l ef the County Court of Hall County, <br /> Nebra.ska, this 2�th d<�y of Janua.ry, 1���. <br /> ( S�'AL) Charles Bossert <br /> � County Judge. <br /> In the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> Certific�.te <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA) <br /> � ss. I, Ch��rles F3ossert County Judge of Hall County, Nebras'.�a, do hereby certify <br /> HALL G�UA?TY ) that I have comn�red tne foregoing copy of Final Decree entered IN T�iE <br /> �IAT'�'�'R OF T'.=�E ESTA��' OF ::�'?1RY LOERSACK, DECEASED, with the original record <br /> thereof, noti+r rema.ining in said Court, that the sa;-e is a correct transcript tr;ereaf, and of' the <br /> whole of suc::� ori�inal record; t�i�t said Court is �, Court of Record having a sez�l, T�hich seal is <br /> hereto att,�ched; tria.t said Court has no Clerk authorized to sign certific:�.tes in his o�an, anC t'r,a� <br /> I am the 1 egal custodi�n of said Seal ancl of the Records of said Co�.�rt, ar.d t_�at tr.e foregoing <br /> attAstation is in .�ue f�rm of Iaw. <br /> IN TEg`�'I��pnTy ?�-�Fi�FOF I have rer. �unto set my r�nd a,nd a.ffixed t;2e seal of t�e Co�anty Court, a.t <br /> �rar.d. Island, t'�is 2�tr da;� of J'an��ar�T, 1���. <br /> Ch�rles Bossert <br /> ( SEAL) nty Juc <br /> Filed far record the 2� day of January, 194� at 4:�5 0 ' clock P.?�. ,` �-�-d� <br /> o-o-o-o-c-�-�-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- - - _ -^- - - egister_�f ee s. <br /> o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o o-o o-o o-o ., o o-o o-o ., o-o o-o-o-o-o-o-o <br />