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I ���.�� <br /> WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 280S1—The Auguatine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. h <br /> the evi�ence and was submitted to the court, on consider�tion whereof tr�e coUrt Pinds t;lat due <br /> and lege.l notice of tnis proceedings has been �iven to �11 pers�ns interested in said mPtter, both <br /> crPd.itors and hPirs as required by l�?�r. That �,11 of the st�tements and a.11e���ations set forth in <br /> sai� x�etitian arP tr�ae; th�+t the s�id RobArt Bailey ��, sometimes kno��n �,s R.B. �+Tartnaby died <br /> intestatQ in Des Moines, Io����, on the 21st c?a,y of Se:�tember, 1�33, seized and possessec3 at t:ze <br /> time of his deat:�? of a.n undivided interest in the following described rPal estate, to-���it: <br /> Lots Five (5) anc� Sev�n (7) Block Eleven ( 11) in Colle�e Addition to ��Test L�wn in thA City of <br /> Granc� Island Ne'�ras�ta <br /> , <br /> ThPt no a.�?p1ic�.t7or� h�s been mad_e in the St�te of Nebr�.ska, for the a.ppointment of an adminis- <br /> tr�.tor of trP estate of said deceased. That his sole a.nd only heirs at l�w, namely, Esther <br /> `�'OC�C�., d�u��ter; George ,LaC?Za.�pell, son of Laura LaC?��vpe.11, �ister, deceased; Frank E. Winn, son <br /> of Vern�. Loretta. '�artnaby 't11nn, si�ter, dece�sed, and Ca.t"erine E. Brotan, sister, a,r.d tha.t said <br /> rea.l estate descenc�e�� to s�.id nersons. <br /> IT �S T?i�?�F.FOR�' COTdSID�FD A"ID ADJUu��'D '.?�' T�'r CC�?RT that the re�l est�te �.bove dPSCribPd and <br /> the same herAby is assi�ned to the s�id Esther Todd, George LaChappell, Frank E: Winn, �,nd Catherine <br /> E. Bro�tim. <br /> IT IS F?;TRTNER CO��SIDERED Ar'D �DJ'?DGFD BY THF �C?TRT that all cla.ims and demanc�s against the <br /> est�te of d.ecPa.sed, �,Thet`;�er due or to become due, T��het:�er absolut� or contingent, be and the same <br /> hP2�P,by �,re forever ba.rred. <br /> Cha.rles Bossert <br /> CO?�NTY JUDGE. <br /> IN THE C^'_?^1'"Y CO??RT CF F.ALL C�-Ur�TY, �dEBt�ASKA <br /> CERTI FI.CATE <br /> STATE OF tiEBRASKA) <br /> ss. I, Ch�rles Boss�rt County Ju�ge of Ha,ll Cour,ty, :vebraska, do hereby <br /> HALL COLTNTY ) certify that I nave compared t�ie foregoing copy oP Decree entered Ii� THE <br /> '��AiT�=' ^F T�E �'ST�rnE OT' ROBF:RT' BAILEY '�'�ARTNABY, SOP-�ETI�iFS KNO''11V AS R.B. <br /> ��TA;T1�?A�Y, DECE�'1�Ep, T�itn the ori,�ina,l record thereof, now r�mainin� in said Court, that the s�me <br /> is �. correct tra:n�cri�t thereof, and of the T.tiThole of' such ori�ina.l record; th�t said Court is a, <br /> Court of Recorc� h�ving a sea:l, �.,rhich seal is hereto attached; that Co�art ha,s no Clerk a.uthorized <br /> to si�n certific�tes in his own name, a.nd that I ar� the legP1 custodian of s�id Seal a,nd. of tne <br /> Records of said Court, anc triat `he Poregoin� attest�tion is in �ue form of law. <br /> I��r T^S'?'TMO1``TY '�H�"�nCF z h�^ve har�unto set my h?nd. �nd �ffixed the seal of the County Court, at <br /> Granc? I�land, this 2ht� cl<�y of ?anuary, lQt�£�. <br /> . <br /> Chaxles Bossert <br /> ( 5EAL) County gQ. <br /> Filed for record the ?7 da�r of<�ry, 1�?�� at 4: �-5 0 ' clock P.M. �,�� � <br /> egister of ee s. <br /> O-Q-!�.-^_(�-O-n_n_r'_n-(`_rJ-^-O-C�O-O-rJ-O-O�O-O-O-O-O-O-�-0-0-0-0-O-O-Q--0-0-0-0-O-�-G-O-0-0�0-0-0-0-0-0 <br /> DECREE h <br /> � IN T:-`E COII�TTY CoTJRT OF HALL CO?'"1TX, :�1EBRA�KA <br /> I I� T?�E .��A TT ER Q F ) . , <br /> THF ESTATF OF . ) . �'IiVAL DECREE <br /> HEPIRY LC�EBSACK, deceased ) - ' . <br /> �TATE OF P3EBRASKA) <br /> �5. . At a sessic�n of t�e County Court he3d in �,nd for sa�d Count� of Hall, <br /> COL?;�1TY OF HALI� } State of Nebraska., this 2�th day of Januar�, 1�4�, PRFSENT: Charles Bossett, <br /> Caunt Jud e. <br /> Y g <br /> �E IT RE;��E��TB^�FD th�t on the lst d�, of December, 1S�L7, Herbert F. I�Iayer Adzninistrator �of tNe <br /> 3 y , <br /> Estate of Her. Lo b�zck d c c.sed fil d in this Court his final account s h <br /> r y e , e e , e a� u c A d m i n i s t r a t o r <br /> i and a petition prayin�=; th�t said account be allo'nTeCi, for a decree of heirsYiip, dEterm3.nation oP <br /> inheritance tax due, if a.ny, a.n arder of distributien, a final settlement thereor. �nd discharge. <br /> _ <br /> I For these purposes, t'�e 2£�t�� day of_ January, 1�4�, at 10 o ' clock A.:�I. a.t the Count Court Room- <br /> Y . <br /> in said County Uaas assigned as the ti�e and �lace for he�ring said �etition, ex�min�ng and allo�rin� <br />, <br /> said acccunt; az.d it *.�*a,s c�rdered th�:t natice� of the 2�endency of said petition be �icen to all persons <br /> interested in said esta.te, by nublishing such notice in tre Gr�,r�c� Islanc� Inde�endent, �. legal <br /> news�a;per z�rir.ted in said Co?.nty, for three weeks i�rior to s�.ic� day of he�rin�; and it appears by <br /> proof on file tY��<�t sai� notiee w�.s given �:s orc?ered by Caurt and tha,t no ob,jeetions to s��ic� fin�,l <br /> account have been Mnde or filed. . � <br /> i . . <br /> Upon examinatien of tre record �.r.d t�ie evidence in this matter �nd bein� duly advised in t�e <br /> pre:�ises, the Court finds �.s f'ollo*f�T,�: , . <br /> . . FIR ST <br /> That Henry Loebsac'.� de:J�.rted this life on the 3rd day of �Tuly, , 1,°��1, in Gra.nd Island, Hall County, <br /> Nebraska,, intestate, and at the ti.�e of nis death he was a resident of Hall County, i��lebras'_�a. " <br /> SEC��?D <br />� T'riat on t�re 30t1:1 day of Au�rust, 19�-1, Katie Lo�, his wido*:�r, �lso ��not•m as Katherine Loeb�ack, <br /> a.rd Henry Loebsack ris son, filed in this Court a petition pra,yin� for the ap��oint.,�ent of Herbert F. <br /> �iayer as Adrii:�istrat�r of �'rie E���te of said deceased, and on the 30th day of August, 19�1, an <br /> orc�er of this Cour� iaas ma.c�e tnerein assigning the 2�+th day of Septeraber, 19�4-1, at 10 o 'clock A.?�. <br /> at trie County, Court Room in County as the time a:�cx �la,ce for hearin� said petition, and ordering <br /> th�t notice of t:�e ��eizdenc�� of said ,�etitior: and heax3_no thereon be �iven to �11 persons ir:terested <br /> in s�id matter by publishing said notice in the Grand Island Independent, a legal ne*�rspaper printed <br /> in said county, for three successiv� T�reet�s ��rior to said da;� of he�.rin�, and it a.ppe�.rs b�r �roof on <br /> file tn�_t notice of orner was �,ivAn a,s� orc�ered b;r tnis Court. <br /> THIRD <br /> Tne Court furt?�er .finds t:��t Herbert F. Mayer named in said petition was, upon his oivin�� bond <br /> in the sur� of ;;�+, OCO. 00 as ordez°ed b;T tnis Court, ap;�ointed AdMinistrator as �rayec?; the Court <br /> further finds t'r,�<�,t tl�e deceased at tne time of his dea,th, was married, and th�t he left tlie fo7_loT,�ing <br /> heirs-at-lati�a anc� only heirs-�,t-la.ta, to-wit: Katie Loebsack, his wido�-�, Henry Loebsack and David <br /> Loebgack, his sons by a. prior m_�rria�e, -�11 of ���jhom are ove-r the a�;e of 21 vears. <br /> FOrIRTH <br /> That on the 27th d�,- of Se�te:�'�er, 19�-1, an orcer �vras m�de herein allo�airi� ereditors three <br /> months from 2nci �,fter the r2nd c��,v of October, 1941, in ��rhicn to file their claims against said <br /> ests�.te, and saic� �.dministr,�.tor one year in ��rnich to settle said estate, ��,nd furt�ier ordering th�t <br /> notice to creditors be nublished in trie Grand Isla.nd Inde��endent, a legal newspa.per published <br />