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GJ c7� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> � <br /> The South Thirty-five (s35� feet of Lot Twelve (12) in Block Two (2) of Axt & Ha�g�' s Addition in <br /> the City of Grand Island, �Jebraaka <br /> The Northerly Ninety feet Ten inches (N90 ft. 10 in. ) of Lot Four (�) and the Easterly Two feet oP <br /> the Northerly Ninety feet Ten inches (E 2 ft. of N 90 ft. 10 in. ) of Lot F3ve �5) , all in Block <br /> Forty-eight (4�) of Rusael Wheeler�s Addition to the �ity of Grand Island, Nebraska <br /> and �ersonal property oP the va7.ue of approximately �24,000.00. <br /> . <br /> The Court further finds t:�at according to the terms, conditiona and provisions oP said Last Will <br /> and Testament oP said deceased, said property including the real estate, was ordered sold by said <br /> Executor and the proceeds thereoP bequeathed as followst <br /> An undivided one-�'ourth thereof to Lena Frank Crader; <br /> An undivided one-fourth thereoP to Margaret Frank Tolen, <br /> the bein all oP the h ldr J <br /> . <br /> 3r g o i en of acob Frank, a brother-in-law of said testator, <br /> An undivided one-four�h thereof to Margaretha Harders, she bein� a eister-in-law of said testator; <br /> An undivided one-twenty-ei�htl�to each of the following: <br /> Hermmn Hanssen <br /> John Hanasen . <br /> Edward Hanssen, <br /> Mary Kelling . <br /> Emelie Ke7.ling <br /> Emma Roche <br /> Lena SchulZe . <br /> they being all af the ehildren oP Catherina Hanasen, a predeceased sister oP said testator, living <br /> at the time of the death ot' said testator, a11 oP �vhom are over the a�e of 21 yeare. <br /> SIXTH <br /> The Court Parther finds that on the 14th dayof Oetober, 1947, an order of th�.a Court was made <br /> allowing clairns and barrin� the P11ing of any and all other claima aga3�nst eaid estate and excludirg <br /> the holdera thereof from setting up or asserting any such claims against said eatate. <br /> SEVENTH <br /> The Caurt further finds that on the 6th day of October, 1947, Ray M. Higgina was appointed appraiser <br /> of this esta'Ge Por inheritance tax purpoaes, and on October 20, 19�+7, made hia report in wr3ting <br /> and filed the same with this Court, appraising the total gross value of this estate at �42, 544.6�F; <br /> that the Court on December 11, 194�7, herein approved said appraiser�8 report and found the following <br /> legatees under said Last Will and Testament, indebted to the County Treasurer of Hall County,Nebra�ka, <br /> Por inheritance tax in thia estate in the following amounts: Lena Frank Crader �320.00, Margaret <br /> Frank Tolen �320.00 and Margaretha Harders �500.00. <br /> EIGHT <br /> The Court further Finda that all claims against said estate, ineluding the costs of a�ministra�ion <br /> hereoP, and the inneritance ta.x hereinbefore found due and payable herein, have been �'ully paid <br /> by said Executor and that the final report of said Executor is correct in all, respects -and should <br /> be approved and allowed; that there remains in the hands of said Executor the sum of �37, 604.00, <br /> which, according to the terms and provisions of said Last 'rtill and Testament, ia payable as follows: <br /> to <br /> _ Lena Frank Crader �g, 366.00 , <br /> Margaret Frank �olen 9, 36E.00 <br /> C. E. Grundy, Administrator of the Estate of Margaretha Harders, deceased ( she having died June1, 1947) <br /> �9, 1�6.�0 <br /> Herman Hanssen 1, 3�3.72 <br /> Emma Roche 1, 3�3. 71 <br /> Lena SchulZe 1, 3�3. 71 <br /> Mary Kelling 1, 3�3. 71 <br /> Emelie Kelling �., 3�3. 71 <br /> John Hanssen 1, 3�3. 72 <br /> Edward HanSSen 1, 3�3. 72 <br /> That all inheritance tax due and payable in this estate has been Pully paid and that no Federal <br /> estate tax is due and payable in this. est�,te whatsoever. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDC�ED AND DECREED BY ThE COURT that the Pinal report of First <br /> National Bank of Grand Island, Nebraska, Executor, be and the same is he reby approved and allowed <br /> as such; that Lena Frank Crad�r and A�iargaret Frank Tolen are all oP the children of Jacob Frank, <br /> � brother-in-law of said testator, who were living at the time of the death oP said teatator; that <br /> Margaretha Har ders, a sister-in-law of said testator, was living at the date of the death oP said <br /> teatator, but departed this life in Grand Island, Nebraska, on June 1, 1947; that Herman Hanssen, <br /> John Hanssen, Edward Hanssen, Mary Kelling, Emelie Kellin�, Emma Riche and Lena SchulZe are all <br /> oP the children of �atherina Hanssen, a siater oP said testator, w�io were living at the date of th� <br /> death of s�.id testa�or; that the proceede from the sale of the property 'described in paragraph <br /> FiPth hereof were bequeathed according to the terms and conditions of said Last Will and Testament <br /> as found in par�.graph FiPth hereoP, and that there remaina in the hands of said Executor the sum <br /> of ,�37,�04.00 which is undistributed by it, and upon distribution thereof as hereinbefore set forth <br /> in Eighth hereoY and f3ling their receipts therefor with thia Cou��, that said Executor <br /> be dischar�ed, ita bond released and said esta.te fully administered, settled and closed. <br /> IN WITNESS ��JH�'REOF I have hereunto set my hand and the seal oP the County Court of Hall County, <br /> Nebraska, thia 30th da�r oP December, 1947. <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> County Judge. <br /> IN THE CaUNTY GOURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> CERTIFI T <br /> CA � <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA) � <br /> ss. I, Ch�,rles Bossert County Judge oP Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby <br /> HALL C�UNTY ) certify that I have eompared the foregoin� copy oP Decree entered IN THE <br /> MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CLATJS F. WULF, DECEASED. with the origin�l reeord <br /> thereoi', now remaining in said Court, th�t the sarne is a correct transcript thereof, and of the <br /> whole of aueh arlginal reeord; tha.t said Court is a Court of Record having a seal, whieh seal is <br /> hereto attached; that said Court has no Clerk authoriZed to sign certificates in his own name, and <br /> that I am the legal custodian of said Seal and of theRecords oP sald Court, and that the fore�o3ng <br /> attestation is in due form of 18w. <br /> -� <br />