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`���, <br /> � <br /> WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br /> 28081—The Auguatine Co., 13raad Ieland, Nebr. h <br /> STATE OF NEBRA.SKA) At a Session of the CQUnty Court held in the County Gourt Room in (�rand <br /> ss. Island, in said County, on the 29th day of April A. D. , 19�+7 <br /> HALL CO?JNTY ) Pr�sent Charles Hossert <br /> County Judge <br /> In the Y�atter of the Estate of John f�leier, Deceased " <br /> I, Charles Bossert, Judge of the County Court, in an d for said County, do hereby certif y that <br /> on the 19th day of Febru<�.ry, 1947, the instrument purporting to be the last ti�aill and testament of <br /> John Meier deceased, was filed for probate in this Court. That on the 29th day of April, 1g47, <br /> said instrument to t,�hich this certiPicate is attached �ras duly proved, probated and allowed as the <br /> last will a.nd testament of the real and personal estate of said John i�eier deceased, and the <br /> same was ordered to be recorded in the records of the �ourt a�'oresaid. <br /> IN WIT�IESS ?n�FiEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal .of the County Court, this <br /> 29th day of April, 1947. <br /> (SEAL) Charles Bossert <br /> County Judge. <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D APR 29 1947 CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY JUDGE <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br />' IN THE �ATTER OF Tu�' E�TATE ) <br /> OF ) FINAL DECREE <br /> JOHN MEIER, DECEASED ) <br /> Now on this 3rd. day of December A. D. 1947, this cause came on to be heard on the FINAL REPORT <br /> of Paul LockenvitZ Executor of the last w311 and testament of the said John �eier Deceased and <br /> , , , <br /> it �.ppearing to the court from proofs on file that notice has been given to all interested person� <br /> of the filing of saie report, as required by la.w and by the order of this court, and it further <br /> appearing t�o the Coumt after Pull examination, that the accoun� exhibited by the said E1�cecutor is <br /> correct in a11 things and ought to be approved and allowed, and it PutMer appearing that said <br /> Executor has accounted for all of the estate which has come into his hands, It Is <br /> Therefore 4rdered, Ad�judged and Decreed that the report of the said Paul Lockenvitz, Executor <br /> of the last will and testament of the said Jon Meier, Deceased, be and the same is hereby approved <br /> as and for his FIATAL REPORT. <br /> The court further finds that notice was given toall creditors of said estate in tl�e manner <br /> provided by. law, of the date and place fixed for presenting claims against the estate oP said <br /> deceased; that time for filing claims has expire�; that all claims filed and allowed against said <br /> estate have" been fully paid and satisfied; that the funeral expenses of said deceased and costs <br /> of administering said estate have been Pully paid ahd that all out-standing claims against said estate, <br /> not filed, if any there be, are forever barred and excluded. <br /> ` It Is Further Ordered, Ad,�udged a.nd Decreed By The Court, that all persons are forever barred <br /> from filing or setting up any claims or demands against the eatate of the said John Meier, deceased, <br /> and that such estate is fully settled and closed. <br /> The court further finds that said John Meier, died leaving a last will and testament, that in <br /> accord?nce with the terms of said last will and testament his estate is to be divided between <br /> Paul Lockerivitz, and Anna Lueks, share �nd share alike; that he l��t nei;�her a widow or child or <br /> children, his wiPe having preceeded him in death; that there were no children born to their <br /> marriage. <br /> The court finds that the Executor has made a proper distribution in accordance with the terms <br /> of the Last r�Till and Testament of the deceased, of a,ll of the personalty that has come into his <br /> hands, t1�t the real property was sold and the money recieved therefor was distributed in <br /> accordance 4aith the terms of the last will and testament of tne deceased and in a,ccord with the <br /> powers thPrein given authorizing the sale of said real propert,y and the proceeds thereo� to be <br /> dist�ibuted, said distribution having been made share and share alike to the two devisees in <br /> I� accordance with the terr�s of said last will and testament; and the report shows no money on hand. <br />' The court finds that estate is not liable for Federal Estate Ta,x, but is liable of State <br />; Inheritance Tax in ti7e total sum of ��+6�. �-�; that sa�d State Inheritance Tax is fully paid and <br />'���, disch�.rged. � <br />�i The court further finds that John i•7eier, departed this life at a hospital in the City 6f Lincoln, <br /> Lancaster County, �yebraska, that at the time of his death he was a resident of Hall County, <br />� Nebraska; tha.t he departed this life on the 12th day of Februaxy, A.D. 1947, leaning a last will <br /> and testament which last Taill and testament was admitted to proba'Ge on the 29th day of i�ay A.D. <br />� 1947. <br />' The court finds that the said John Meier, died seiZed as owner in f ee simple, of the following <br /> described real estate, to-witt <br /> The Northerly Sixty-five and Five Tenths (65. 5) f eet of Lot Five (5) , in Fractional Block <br /> One Hundred Four (104) , in Koenig & Wiebe� s Addition to the City of Grand Island, Hall County, <br /> Nebraska, �.s surveyed, platted and recorded. <br /> That by the provisions of the last will and testament of said John Meier, deceased, the said <br /> rea.l estate passed and descended to Paul Lockenvitz and Anna Lucks, share and share alike, and <br /> was ordered to be sold by the executor and ther porceeda thereof so distributed. <br /> The Court finds that the said John ��eier, died seized of the Pollowing des�ribed personal <br /> property, to-wit: � <br /> Cash, in checking account First National Bank of Grand Island, Nebraska. �2270. 3� <br /> 2 bonds Nos. 4�-49, each in the brincipal sum of �500.00, 6� lst. real estate �old bonds, dated <br /> �+�12�2�, du.e 5/12/33, Vinfort Building, Chicago, Ill. net �ralue 500.00 � <br /> 1 United States Coupon Bond No. 33662�J, 22 � Treasury Bond of 1.965-70, Dated 2/1��4, due <br /> 3/15/47, sold at a net price 104�+. �2 <br /> One Trust Certi�icate, 30 shares, Bishop Ap��,rtment Building, Cert. #15�-7, face value �150�. 00 <br /> One check Draper & Kra.mer #T 7453 60.00 <br /> One Oakland autom4bile, 192� Model, value 125.00 <br /> Household goods, value Z03.00 <br /> Interest on investments. 11 . 0 <br /> Total value of �ersonalty 0. <br /> Received from sale of real ?�roperty 00.00 <br /> T o t al 11-��— <br />