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�5` � <br /> WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br />'I R8081—The Auguetine Co., Grand Ieland, Nebr. h <br /> now remaining in said Court, that the same is a correct tran�eript thereof, and of the whole of <br /> such ori�in�.l re�cord; that said Court is a Court of RPcord having �, seal, which seal is hereto <br /> ed; that said Court has no Clerk authoriZed to sign certifica.tes in his own name, and that I <br /> �,m the leg�.l custoc�ian of said 8eal and of the Records of said Court, a.nd that the foregoing attest- <br /> �tion is in due f�rm of 1�,��a. <br /> � <br /> IN TESIRqONY `��'HEkEOF I h�ve hereunto set my hand and �,ffixed the seal of the County Court., <br /> a,t Grand Isl�.nd, this 17th day of �ctober, 1947. <br /> Charles Bossert, <br /> (SEAL) County J e. <br /> Filed for record the 1� day of October, 19�-7 at 4:45 o ' clock P.M. _ <br /> � egiater of eeds. � <br /> o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-c-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-o-c-o-c-o-o-o-c�-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-v-o-o-o-o-o- <br /> DECREE <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> In the RZa.tter of the Estate � <br /> o� � FINAL DECREE <br /> Ilse Mettenbrink, Deceased. <br /> Now on this 15th day of October, 1947, this cause came on to be heard on the Final Report <br /> of Charles F. Mettenbrink, Administra.tor, and the Court, after having examined the records and <br /> files in this estate, finds that notice of the filing of s�.id Final Report has been given in the <br /> manner. and form ��rovided by Zaw and that no ob,jections thereto have been filed. <br /> The Court f inds tha.t the said Charle s F. �'iet t enbrink has account ed f or all of the as s et s <br /> of the deceased which h�.ve come into his knowledge or Uossession, �nd that he has in all things <br /> complied s,�ith the law and ;the orders of this court. <br /> IT I� THEREF'ORF,�, ORDERED, ADJTJDG�'D AND DECREED BY THE COURT that said Final Report be and <br /> the is in �11 things ratified apnroved and confirmed. <br /> The Court further finds that notice has been given of the time in which claims must be filed <br /> and that all cl�ims filed in this estate have been �aid in full, with the exception of' the <br /> of August M. �fettenbrink, jahich has been disallot��ed and no a.ppeal taken therefrom; that the time <br /> fixed for f iling cl�ims has elap sed. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that all claima not now on file � <br /> be and thP same are hereby forever barred and precluded. <br /> The Court further finds that the expenses of last illness, costs of administering the estr�te, <br /> exce�t a.s hereina.fter set f orth, f ederal inheritance tax and all other legal charges against the <br /> estate have 'peen paid in full, and that the estzte wa.s not sub,ject to the state estate tax. <br /> / <br /> The Court further f inds tn.a.t of the items oP recei t the sum of � <br /> p , ��0�.12 represents income <br /> o� the Administrator. <br /> IT Is, THFRFFORr, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AT�TD DECREED BY '1riE court that of the distrit�utive share � <br /> of each of trie heirs-at-law, the sum of �100. 90 is income to such distributee. <br /> The Court further finds tllat the fees of the Administrator should be allowed in the sum of <br /> �617. �4, and th�.t the administrator should be allowed the sum of �62�. 29 as f ees �aid or to be <br /> pa�:d by him for the servi�ps of his attorney. <br /> IT IS, TI�F:REFORE, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AI�;D�DECRE�D BY THE COURT that the Administrator be and he <br /> . is hereby allowed an adr,iinistrator' s fee in the sum of �617. 5�+ and an attorney' s fee for his attorney <br /> in the su� of �62�. 29. <br /> The Court further finds that there are some uncollected rents, consisting of growing crops, <br /> and the same are hereby set off to the heirs-at-law as tenants in common. <br /> The Court further finds that Ilse Mettenbrink died intesta'te on December 15, 19�+6; that she <br /> was �. citizen and resident oP Hall County, Nebraska, at the time of her death, and that this <br /> court hac�� ,jurisdiction. <br /> The Court further finds th��.t she wa.s a widow at the time oP her death, and that she left no <br /> husba,nd her surviving, �nd that her sole and only heirs at law were her children as follows, to-wit: <br /> Charles F. Mettenbrink August Mettenbrink Elaie t�dindolph <br /> Emma Mettenbrink William Mettenbrink <br /> Ella �'etZOldt Fred E. Mettenbrink <br /> Henry Mettenbrink Louis l�iettenbrink <br /> IT I8 , THEREFORE, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED "�Y THE COL?RT that the above named ehildren <br /> are the sole and only heirs-at-law of the said Ilse ��ettenbrink, deceased. <br /> The Court further finds that August I�ettenbrink, named �.s one of the heirs at law, is the <br /> same person a,s August H. j�ettenbrink and August 1�. T�lettenbrink; that likeT�rise Henry Mettenbrink is <br /> the same person as Henry C. ,Mettenbrink a.nd Henry G. j��iet�enbrink; that Elsie Windolph is the <br /> same person as Ilse L. I+�ettenbrink and Ilse L. Windolph; that likewise, Emma Mettenbrink and <br /> Emma V. I�etten'�rink, Ella Petzoldt, Ella M. Petzoldt a,nd Ella M. t��ettenbrink, that F'red E. <br /> Mettenbrink and Freddie H. I�ettenbrink, that Louis Mettenbrink and Loui� ' 'E. Mettenbrink, wherever <br /> saic� names anpear in this estate, or in the estate of ��Jilliam Mettenbr'�nk in this county, or in the <br /> partition proceeding, Case No. 10�42 in the District Court of Hall County, �ebraska, entitled <br /> "William t�ettenbrink, et al, vs. Charles F. P�ettenbrink, et al, norwithstanding said discrepaneies • <br /> in names, that they represent respectiyely the identical persons. <br /> The Court further finda that there remains in the hands of the Administrator the sum of �36, 609.40; <br /> that after payment of the two allowances, there will remain the sum of �35, 363. 57, and that each <br /> of sai_r�. chile�pren is entitled to one-ninth thereoP, or the sum of �3929•29 each, and the admin- . <br /> istrator 'ia hereby ordered tQ pay said sum to each ot the heirs at law, except Henry Mettenbrink. <br /> The Court finds that Henry Mettenbrink has not been heard of for several years, that his address <br /> is not known, and the admini�trator is hereby ordered to pay the share of Henry Mettenbrink to <br /> the County Judge of the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska, and upon the filing of the receipt <br />