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NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br />`61 <br />h <br />this proceeding, and that the above - described real estate did pass and descend upon the death of <br />the said Anna M. O'Kane to her husband, children, and the children of a deceased daughter in the <br />shares as above set forth, and that Daniel.F. O'Kane is the owner of an undivided 1/3 interest <br />therein; Thelma B. Stockton and Thomas F. O'Kane an undivided 2/9 interest therein, and Irma L. <br />Welsh, Helen A. Brown, Dorothy F. Hellbusch, Kathleen A. Christensen, John D. Doherty and Jack F.. <br />Doherty are each the owner of an undivided 1,17 interest therein. <br />It is further ordered, adjudged, and decreed by the Court that all debts of said deceased and <br />of her estate, if any such there are, are forever barred and precluded, and further administration <br />of said estate is hereby dispensed with, and said estate is finally cloa.ed and settled. <br />Charles Bossert <br />County Judge. <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL O CJNTY, NEBRASKA <br />CERTIFICATE <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA) <br />ss. <br />HALL COUNTY ) <br />original record thereof, <br />and of the whole of such <br />seal is hereto attached; <br />name, and that I am the <br />foregoing attestation is <br />I. Charles Bossert County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby <br />certify that I have comp, the foregoing copy of Decree entered <br />IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ANNA M. O'KANE, DECEASED, with the <br />now remaining in said Court that the same is a correct transcript thereof, <br />original record; that said Court is a Court of Record having a seal, which <br />that said Court has no Clerk authorized to sign certificates in his own <br />legal custodian of said Seal and of the Records of said Court, and that the <br />in due form of law. <br />IN TESTIMONY 1 ^!HEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, at <br />Grand Island, this 6th day of September 1947. <br />(SEAL) Charles Bossert <br />County Jud e. <br />Filed for record the 8 day of September, 1947 at 3 o'clock P.M. u� <br />Register of ee s. <br />o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o -o -o -o <br />FINAL DECREE <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br />In the matter of the Estate of <br />George T. Honnold, Deceased. FINAL DECREE <br />Now, on this 6th day of September, 1947, this cause came on for hearing upon the Final Report <br />filed herein by Rex F. Honnold, Administrator of the estate of George T:, Honnold, deceased, and <br />upon his Petition for the approval and allowance of said Report, settlement of said estate, <br />determination of heirs, and his discharge herein, and the court having examined the records and <br />files, and being fully advised in the premises finds: <br />That Rex F. Honnold, son of the said George T. Honnold, deceased, filed his Petition in this <br />court January 21, 1947, alleging, among other things, that George T. Honnold departed this life <br />intestate on the 12th day of May, 1945, and was at that time a resident and inhabitant of said <br />County and State, and was the owner of an estate to be administered in said county; that upon <br />reading and filing said Petition, an Order wds entered fixing the time and place for hearing the <br />evidence in support of said Petition, giving notice thereof to all interested parties by publishing <br />said notice for three (3) successive weeks in the Wood River Sunbean11 a legal newspaper published <br />and circulated in said County; that said hearing was held as heretofore ordered by the Court, and <br />as by law required, and letters of Administration were granted to Rex F. Honnold, upon the filing <br />of his bond in this Court as by law required; <br />That due and legal notice has been given to all persons of the place and time fixed by the <br />court for said hearing, for filing claims against said estate by publication for three (3) <br />successive weeks in the Wood River Sunbeam, a legal newspaper published and circulated in said <br />county as by law provided, 'and that all persons having claims against not filed within <br />the time fixed by said Court, if any such there be, should be forever barred, excluded, and enjoined <br />from setting up or asserting any claims against said estate. <br />That the County of Hall, State of Nebraska, filed a claim for $1551.56 against said estate for <br />Old Age Assistance received by said George T. Honnold, deceased, during his life time; that the <br />heirs of the deceased filed claims totaling $590.'50; that the County of Hall, by its duly elected, <br />qualified and acting Board of Supervisors, entered into a compromise in the settlement of their <br />claim against said estate with the heirs of said estate; that the County Board of Supervisors, by <br />a Resolution legally enacted, compromised said claim, A copy of said Resolution of Compromise <br />being attached to and filed with the Final Report; <br />That said deceased departed this life leaving surviving him as his heirs at law, and only heirs <br />at law and persons entitled to share in his estate, the following, to -wit: <br />Martha J. Honnold, widow, of Wood River, Nebraska <br />Mrs. Thomas McClurkin, daughter, of Shelton, Nebraska <br />Leta B. Melson, daughter, of Monterrey, California <br />Rex F. Honnold, son, of Shelton, Nebraska <br />all of legal age; <br />That said deceased died owner of situated in Hall County, Nebraska, consisting of the <br />following described real property: <br />Lots Seven (7), <br />Eight (8), Nine (9), Ten (10), Eleven (11), and Twelve (12), Block Four (4), Brett <br />and Johnson's Addition to the Village of Wood River, Nebraska. <br />That due and legal notice has been given to all persons of the time and place fixed by said court <br />for a hearing of the Final Report, by publication of said notice for three (3) successive weeks in <br />the Wood River Sunbeam, . , as by law required, and no one appearing to object to said Report <br />and the court having examined the same, finds that the Report is true and correct in all things, <br />and should be approved and allowed; that said estate should be settled and closed and the <br />Administrator should be discharged from his official bond; <br />