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h <br />NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br />The 80 A farm - the WjNW4 Sec 9 -3 -11 Webster Co Nebr (Farm #12) <br />One Fourth inteest my Seven -Sixty fourths interest in the Dasa Oil Co. properties and lease, <br />located in the Zenith Field at Zenith Kansas. <br />My 1942 Oldsmobile Coupe. <br />My Gruen ?Match <br />3. To my Brother C. Loyd Lienhart <br />The 160 A Farm - the S164 Sec 35 -11 -12 Hall Co. Nebr (Farm #4) <br />4. To my Sister — Laura Irene (Lienhart) Maddox - <br />The 104 A Farm -the acreage as per Surveyors Plat, located in the NW4 Sec. 17 -3 -12 in Webster Co. Nebr Farm #30) now registered in my name, this date. This property is to be held by her in <br />fee simple during her lifetite; the income from same to be enjoyed by herself -shall not be dis- <br />posed of, nor encumbered; and title shall pass to her living sons at the time of her death. <br />5. To my Nephew - C. Loyd Lienhart Jr.- <br />All my sports equipment including Shot Guns, Hunting Boots, Coats, Etc- Fishing Tackle, Camping <br />Outfits, Golf Equipment -etc. My Fathers Waltham Watch which has been in the family for over <br />Sixty years; My other Jewelry not bequeathed above; and any and all of my wearing a.ppa.rel he may <br />wish. <br />My 1903 Cadillac Single Cylinder Automobile, now loaned and placed the Hastings Nebr Museum; <br />stipulating same is not to be sold, but to be passed on to a. Lienhart. And Five Hundred Dollars in <br />Cash. <br />6. To Mrs. Daisy E. (Sutton) Nystrom, Kearney, Nebr. <br />The sum of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars in Cash. <br />7. To the Public Schools of Norman, Nebr. Library Fund, Hight School of Minden, Nebr. Library Fund <br />First Christian Church, of Hastings, Nebr. -(In Memory of a Good Christian -My Mother, Mary J. Lienhart <br />to each - the.sum of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars Cash. <br />�. To my Grand- daughter, Jacquelyn L. Paul - <br />The sum of Five Thousand Dollars, to be invested in T'lar Bonds and held in trust by her mother, <br />Lois E. Paul -to be used as her Educational Furid; any remainder to be paid to Jacquelyn on her <br />21st Birthday. <br />9. To my beloved wife- Ema J. Lienhart- <br />1- The Residence property located at 1139 No. Kansas Ave, Hastings, Nebr together with all <br />the home furnishings Household. Goods etc, etc. (Lot One, Blk Four, and the N 10 Ft Lot 2, Hillside <br />Add. <br />2. All cash on hand, and in Banks. <br />3. The present Family Automobile <br />4. One half my Seven -sixty fourths interest in the Dasa Oil Co properties and lease, located in <br />the Zenith Pool, of Zenith Kansas (consisting of a.. lease of 160 acres known as the McComb lease) <br />and all improvements thereon including at t;.tis time, four producing wells. 10/21/43 -now 5 wells. <br />5. The following farms <br />The 120 A Farm -NE 120 A Sec 25— 10 Adams Co Nebr (Farm #7) <br />The 480 A Farm -The SW NW4 SE4 Sec 15 -6 -11, Adams Co Nebr- (Farms 17- 25 -26) <br />The 320 A Farm -The ?+12- Sec 34 -6 -11 Adams Co Nebr (Farms 23 -34) <br />The 120 A Farm -The NNW See 25 -5 -10 Adams Co Nebr (Farm 35) <br />The 160 A Farm -The NE14 Sec 16 -8 -8 Clay Co Nebr. (Farm #28) <br />10. I further devise that - <br />l.All my Stocks and Bonds shall be disposed of within one year to the best advantage the <br />market will afford over that period, except Govt. Bonds are to be transferred to the Residual Estate <br />Fund. <br />2.All other Farms, including any which may be held, in partnerships; are to be disposed of the <br />best advantage the market will afford, and for cash, over a period of one year and said program <br />shall be completed by the end of one year. <br />3. All Notes Receivable, Accounts Receivable, any other Real Estate, Automobiles, Grains, or <br />any other valuable personal properties on hand shall be liquidated within one year. And - <br />From the proceeds of the above shall be paid- The personal indebtedness, if any -Taxes due - <br />Funeral Expenses; and a. reasonable sum for the proper marking of the grave and lot; and the Special <br />Cash Bea uests. <br />The moneys remaining from above shall be placed in a Residual Estate Fund, from which is to be <br />paid each month for ten years; beginning one year from the date of my death -the following sums towit: <br />To- <br />Emma J. Lienhart X150.00 (One Hundred Fifty Dollars) <br />Lois E. Paul 4 75.00 (Seventy Five Dollars) <br />Gwendolyn J. Lienhart 75.00 (Seventy Five Dollars) <br />Jacquelyn L. Paul 50.00 (Fifty Dollars) <br />And to be clearly understood that said fund shall be handled at all times that funds are <br />available and paid promptly the first of each month. And it is further specified herewith that <br />at the end of ten years, that the remaining Assets belonging to said fund are to be liquefied and the <br />proceeds are to be paid in cash in the specified portions to <br />Emma J. Lienhart - Two - fifths -2/5 <br />Lois E. Paul - One -fifth -1/5 <br />Gwendolyn Lienhart- One -fifth - 1/5 <br />Jacquelyn L. Paul - One-fifth - 1/5 <br />I hereby appoint as Adm and Trustee - Ema J. Lienhart, Co Adm and Trustee - C. Loyd Lienhart <br />Co Adm and Trustee - Jas. D. Conway <br />And to the family -For Twelve years you will be well provided for, I have seen to that as you will <br />admit. After that time may the Good Lord protect you from the Vultures. <br />Lovingly, <br />Witness James D. Conway Chester. J. Lienhart <br />Bernice G. Smith <br />Signed July 3, 1943- <br />CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE <br />The State of Nebraska) <br />ss <br />Adams County ) <br />