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WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br />20081 —The Augustine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. <br />personal property which Will has been duly offered for probate, approved and allowed by this <br />Court. <br />II <br />That Notice of Hearing, Notice to Creditors and Notice of Final Settlement have <br />each been t)ublished according to the law and Order of this Court and Proof of Publication thereof <br />is on file herein. <br />III <br />That the Final Report and Supplemental Final ReT)ort filed herein are true and correct <br />and are in all matters approved, confirmed and. allowed. <br />IV <br />The Court finds that there are no persons interested in said Estate as heirs, devisees <br />or creditors Tiho are in the military service of the United States Government or any of the <br />components thereof or in such further militar,7, service as is more fully defined by the Soldiers <br />and Sailors Civil Relief Act, of 1940 and amendments thereto. <br />V <br />That the said P ELY R. FAGOT, deceased, was a single person at the time of her death <br />and left her surviving as her sole and only heirs at lalrT, devisees, legatees and next of kin <br />the following named persons and no others: <br />CLAY J. FAGOT <br />A Brother <br />Lexington, <br />Nebraska <br />ALB7RT J. FAGOT <br />A Nephew and Devisee <br />Lexington, <br />Nebraska <br />LAWRENCE BERNARD FAGOT <br />A Nephew and Devisee <br />Lexington, <br />Nebraska <br />and the following nephews <br />and nieces children of WILLIAM F. <br />FAGOT, a deceased <br />brother: <br />LEWIS <br />11. <br />FAGOT <br />A <br />Nephew <br />WARREN <br />J. <br />FAGOT <br />A <br />Nephew <br />EVELYN <br />E. <br />WILLIAMS <br />A <br />Niece <br />LOUISE <br />S. <br />ROE <br />A <br />Niece <br />ALFRED <br />E. <br />FAGOT <br />A <br />Nephew <br />DONALD <br />A. <br />FAGOT <br />A <br />Nephew <br />Lexington, Nebraska <br />Cozad, Nebraska <br />Cozad, Nebraska <br />Grand Island, Nebraska <br />Lexington, Nebraska <br />Lexington, Nebraska <br />The Court further finds that ETHEL FAGOT, one of the devisees named in the last <br />Will and Testament, was a daughter of the above named ?ATILLIAM F. FAGOT, now deceased. That the <br />said ETHEL FAGOT predeceased the Testatrix and was at the time of her death under age and un- <br />married. That all of said nersons are of legal age with the exception of ALFRED E. FAGOT AND <br />DONALD A. FAGOT. <br />V1 <br />The Court further finds that said Decedent was the owner at the time of her death <br />of the following described real estate, towit: <br />Lot Seven (7) Block One Hundred. One (101) in Railroad and Koenig and Wiebe's Addition to the <br />City of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska _ <br />The So�,lth Half (S-72L) of Lots Three and Four (3 &4) in Block Sixteen (16) in Lexington Heights <br />Addition to the City of Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska <br />South Half of the Northl,rest Quarter (S-gN!Ali) of Section Nineteen (19), Township Ten (10), Range <br />Twenty -one ( 21), Dawson County, Nebraska <br />That said above described real estate -asses and descends under the terms and provisions of the <br />last Will and Testament of the said PLY R. FAGOT, Deceased. That the above described real <br />estate not si)ecifically devised passes and descends under the residuary clause of said last <br />Will and Testament and that the share of the said WILLIA11 F. FAGOT, one of the residuary devisees <br />passes and descends to his children by right of representation as above found. <br />VII <br />The Court further finds that the Estate of said decedent has been duly appraised <br />for purposes of assessing State Inheritance Tax and that Order has been heretofore made assessing <br />said taX. That the tax so found due has been fully paid and. receipt therefor is on file herein. <br />That said Estate is not liable for the payment of any Federal Estate tax. <br />VIII <br />The Court further finds that all claims filed have been paid ,and receipt therefor is <br />on file herein. That Notice to Creditors ha.s been given in the manner and form as by law provided. <br />That the time for the filing of claims has expired. That any claims not so filed should. be and <br />hereby are now and forever barred. <br />IX <br />The Court further finds that after payment of the Administrator's commission and <br />expenses and. the fee for his attorney there remains no sum on hand for distribution. That the <br />Administrator has done all things to be by him done and performed and has made full accounting <br />of all of said Estate that has come into his possession and kno- wledge and that he is entitled to <br />his discharge and to have the sureties on his official bond. exonerated. <br />IT IS TxIFREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDG7D AND DECREED by the Court that PERLY R. FAGOT of <br />Grand Islan(l, Ha1_1 County, Nebraska departed this life on the 10th day of October, 19+6; the <br />residence of said decedent, the heirs at law, the nrop-rty owned by said decedent and its descent <br />and. distribution under the last till and Testament of said deceased and all other matters as <br />above found are decreed to be as heretofore found; that all claims filed against said Estate have <br />been paid. That the time set for filing claims has expired and if any claims exist against <br />said Estate w1ilch have not been filed the same are declared to be now and forever barred; receipts <br />for all money nnid. c t on behalf of said estate and receipt for the specific bequest mentioned <br />in said last Will and Testament being on file herein and. all costs of said administration, in- <br />cluding Court costs, Administrator's fee and Attorney's fee having been paid, the Administrator <br />with the ',Till Pnnexed is hereby discharged and the sureties on his official bond. are hereby <br />released from =11_`further liability in said matter and this Estate is hereby declared closed. <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br />CERTIFICATE <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA) <br />BY THE COURT: <br />Charles Bossert <br />SS. I. Charles Bossert County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby <br />HALL COUNTY ) certify that I have compared the foregoing copy of Last Will and Testament, <br />Certificate of Probate of Will .nd Final Decree -IN THE MATTER OF THE <br />ESTATE OF PERLY R. FAGOT, DECEASED, with the original record thereof, now remaining in said Court <br />I <br />1 <br />1 <br />J <br />