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WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br />20081 —The Augustine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. <br />Estate of Bertha Zlomke, deceased, filed in this Court her final account as such Executrix and <br />a petition praying that said account be allowed, for a decree of heirship, an order of distrib- <br />ution, a final settlement thereon and discharge. <br />For those purposes, the 12th day of March 1947 at 10 o'clock A. M. at the County Court <br />Room in said County was assigned as the time and place for hearing said petition, examining and <br />allowing said account, and it was ordered that notice of the pendency of said petition be <br />given to all persons interested in said estate by publishing such notice in the Grand Island <br />Independent, a. legal newspaper printed in said County, for three weeks prior to said day of <br />hearing; and it appears by proof on file that said notice was given as ordered by said Court <br />and that no objections to said acc(;unt have been made or signed. <br />Upon examination of the record and the evidence in this matter, and being duly advised in <br />the premises the Court finds as follows: <br />FIRST <br />That Bertha Zlomke departed. this life on the 7th day of September, 1946, in Grand Island, <br />Hall County, Nebraska, testate, and at the time of her death she was a resident of Hall <br />County, Nebraska. <br />SECOND <br />That on the 16th day of September, 1946, . Ethel E. Zlomke filed in this Court an instrument <br />purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of said Bertha Zlomke, deceased, wherein said petitioner <br />and Edwin F. Zlomke were named Executors, and a petition offering said Will for probate, <br />alleging that said Bertha Zlomke departed this life on September 7, 1946, in Hall County, <br />Nebraska, that said Edwin F. Zlomke, named as the other executor in said Will died June 13, 1945 <br />an unmarried man leaving him no issue him surviving and that Ida C. Zlomke, named as one of the <br />devisees and legatees in said Will died July 19, 1945, an unmarried woman, leaving her no issue <br />her surviving, and on the 16th day of September 1946, an order of this Court was made therein <br />assigning the 9th day of October, 1946, at 1Q o'clock A.M. in the County C-u rt Room in said <br />County as the tune and place for hearing said petition, proving said Will and admitting the <br />same to probate and ordering that notice of the pendency of said petition arid hearing, thereon <br />be given to all persons interested in said matter by publishing said notice in the Grand Island <br />Independent, a legal newspaper printed in said County for three successive weeks prior to said <br />day of hearing, and it appears by proof on file that notice of said order was so given. <br />THIRD <br />The Court further finds that on the 9th day of October, 1946, said instrument was proven, <br />allowed and admitted to probate as the Last Will and Testament of the said Bertha Zlomke, <br />deceased, which Last Will and Testament is in words as follows: <br />LAST 19ILL AND TESTAMENT OF MRS. BERTHA ZLOMKE <br />I, Mrs. Bertha Zlomke, of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, being of sound mind and <br />disposing memory, do make, publish and declare this my Last Will and Testament. <br />FIRST <br />I direct that all of my just debts, including the expenses of my last sickness and burial, <br />be first paid out of my estate. <br />SECOND <br />All of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate and property of every kind and nature, <br />I give, devise and bequeath e(aually unto my beloved children, Edwin F. Zlomke, Bernhard W. <br />Zlomke, Arthur E. Zlomke, Calvin A. Zlomke, Ida C. Zlomke, Ella M. Johnson, Bertha H. Lueth, <br />Edna E. Jacobsen, Ethel E. Zlomke, Florence E. Berger, Irma M. Menck and Gladys V. Wynn. <br />THIRD <br />I name, nominate and. appoint my said son <br />Edwin F. Zlomke as Administrator and my said <br />daughter Ethel E. Zlomke as Administratrix of <br />this, my last will and testament, hereby revoking <br />all former wills by me made. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto signed <br />my name to this instrument on this January 8, <br />1945• <br />Witness: <br />Mrs. Bertha Zlomke <br />Miss Verna Rinesmith <br />Geo. Leschinsky, D.D.S. <br />We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, <br />do hereby certify that the above named testator, <br />Mrs. Bertha Zlomke, signed the above and foregoing <br />instrument in our presence and in the <br />presence of each of us, and at the same time <br />in our presence and Hearing declared this instrument <br />to be her last will and testament, and we, at <br />her request, and in her presence, and in the <br />presence of each other, have hereunto signed <br />our names as attesting witnesses hereof. <br />Miss Verna Rinesmith of Grand <br />Island, Nebraska <br />Geo. Leschinsky, D.D.B. of <br />Grand Island, Nebraska <br />and thereto attached is the following Certificate: <br />CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br />ss. At a. session of the County Court held in the County Court Room in <br />HALL COUNTY ) Grand Island, in said County, on the 9th day of October, A.D., 1946 <br />Present Charles Bossert, County Judge <br />