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20081 —T�. Augustine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. <br />WILL AND DECREE <br />WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br />LAST WI1.1 AND TESTAMENT <br />OF <br />M. LOU PILLING. <br />I, M. Lou Pilling of Grand Island, Nebraska, declare this to be my last will as follows: <br />FIRST <br />I direct that as soon after my death as may be possible all funeral expenses, expenses of last <br />Illness and all unpaid accounts if any be paid by n' Executor. <br />SECOND <br />I bequeath the following specific legacies: <br />(1) to my mother Mrs. L. P. Bonn, a sum sufficient to retire an indebtedness owed the <br />Equitable Building and Loan Association of Grand Island, Nebraska, now secured by a mortgage on <br />her home. <br />(2) To my nephew Harold Seeber of Grand Island Nebraska the sum of $100.00. <br />(3) To the First Baptist Church of Grand Island, Nebraska, the sum of $100.00. <br />THREE. <br />All the rest, residue and remainder of my property of every nature I devise and bequeath to <br />the following, share and share alike; <br />Mrs. L. P. Bonn <br />Mrs. Ed. Seeber <br />Mrs. C. P. Earhart <br />Mrs. R. J. Malmsten <br />Mrs. Beatrice McLowhorn <br />Miss Louise Earhart <br />Miss Virginia Malmsten <br />Miss Emera Johnson <br />Harlan Seeber <br />Harold Seeber <br />"Bobby" Earhart <br />"Bobby" Seeber, son of Harlan Seeber, <br />Grand Island, Nebraska <br />My <br />mother. <br />Grand Island, Nebraska <br />My <br />sister <br />Greenville, N. C. <br />My <br />sister. <br />Grand Island, Nebraska <br />My <br />sister. <br />Greenville N. C. <br />My <br />niece <br />Greenville N. C. <br />My <br />niece <br />Grand Island, Nebraska <br />My <br />niece <br />Washington D. C. <br />My <br />niece <br />Denver Colorado <br />My <br />nephew <br />Grand Island, Nebraska <br />My <br />nephew <br />Greenville, N. C. <br />My <br />nephew <br />Denver,Colorado. <br />FOUR. <br />I direct my Executor to transfer fifteen shares of the capitol stock of the Nelson Lumber & <br />Supply Company, now of record in my name, to my mother, Mrs. L. P. Bonn, for the reason the same <br />was purchased with her money and was held by me in trust for her. <br />M. Lou Pilling <br />FIFTH. <br />I appoint Harry Grimminger of Grand Island, Nebraska to be the Executor of this, my will. <br />IN WITNESS 1THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 9 day of September, 1933• <br />Witnesses: <br />Evelyn Frantz <br />Lenore Alexander <br />M. Lou Pilling <br />We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do hereby certify that M. Lou Pilling the testatrix, <br />subscribed her name to the foregoing instrument, composed of two pages, in our presence and in <br />the presence of each of us, and at the same time and in our presence and hearing declared said <br />instrument to be her last Will and Testament, and we, at her request and in her presence and in <br />the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses. <br />Evelyn Frantz <br />of Urand lsland;`Nebraska <br />Lenore Alexander <br />of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br />HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D JAN 3 1946 CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY JUDGE. <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA )ss. <br />HALL COUNTY ) CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE OF WILL <br />At a Session of the County Court held in the County Court Room in Grand Island, in said <br />County, on the 23rd day of February, A.D., 1946. <br />Present Charles Bossert County Judge <br />In the Matter of the Estate of <br />M. Lou Pilling, Deceased. <br />I, Charles Bossert, Judge of the County Court, in and for said County, do hereby certify that <br />on the 3rd day of January, 1946, the instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of <br />M. Lou Pilling, deceased, was filed for probate in this Court. That on the 23rd day of February, <br />1946, said instrument to which this certificate is attRehed was duly proved, probated and allowed <br />as the last will and testament of the real and personal estate of said M. Lou Pilling deceased, <br />and the same was ordered to be recorded in the records of the Court aforesaid. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, this <br />23rd day of February, 1946. Charles Bossert, <br />(SEAL.) County Judge <br />HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D FEB 23 1946 <br />CHARLES 30SSERTt COUNTY JUDGE <br />U <br />1 <br />1 <br />