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D <br />�l <br />I <br />NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF BUFFALO COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br />16:3 <br />In the Matter of the Estate ) <br />of 3 FINAL DECREE <br />Claude W. Gibson, deceased ) <br />Now on this 25th day of July, 1946, this matter came on for hearing before the court upon the <br />final administration account and petition of Glen T. Gibson, Executor of the Estate of Claude W. <br />Gibson, deceased, praying for final settlement thereof. Upon consideration of the petition and <br />filed in said matter, and the evidence, and the court being fully advised in the premises, finds <br />that due and legal notice on the hearing on said final account and petition for final settlement <br />have been given as required by law and by order of court. <br />From the files in said matter and the evidence, the court finds that the said Claude W. <br />Gibson died a resident of Buffalo County, Nebraska on March 14, 1946 leaving a Last Will and <br />Testament which said Last Will and Testament has been duly admitted to probate by previous order <br />of this court. <br />The court further finds that said final account is in all respects correct and should be <br />allowed; that due notice was given to creditors to present their claims against said estate; that <br />all claims presented and allowed against said estate have been paid in full, and that all claims <br />not so presented and allowed are forever barred. <br />The court further finds that all costs and expenses of administration and all inheritance <br />taxes due the State of Nebraska have been paid in full and that there is no estate tax due the <br />United Statesof America and that there remains in the hands of the executor undisposed of the <br />following personal property, to -wit: <br />United States War Savings Bonds, Series E. as follows: <br />Bond Number <br />D8600388 E <br />C1o6971193 E <br />C1o6971192 E <br />clo6971191 E <br />D8600397 E <br />C119523290 E <br />C5154�13 E <br />Maturity Value <br />500.00 <br />100.00 <br />100.00 <br />100.00 <br />500.00 <br />100.00 <br />100.00 <br />and certificates for Common Stock in the Exchange Bank, Gibbon, Nebraska, as follows: <br />Certificate No. 1 <br />Certificate No. 44 <br />Certificate No 53 <br />40 shares <br />16 Shares <br />6 Shares <br />and that said bonds and stocks should be assigned to Glen T. Gibson under the terms of the Last <br />Will and Testament of decedent.. <br />IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that the final account of the <br />executor be and the same hereby is approved and allowed as his final account and that the executor <br />be and he hereby is authorized and directed to assign and transfer to Glen T. Gibson, the bonds <br />and stocks hereinabove set forth and that upon filing his receipts for said distributive share and <br />the items of expense set forth in said final report that the executor be discharged. <br />IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that the real estate belonging to <br />decedent be assigned according to the terms of his LastWill and Testament as follows: <br />To Glen T. Gibson in fee simple, the following described real estate, to -wit: <br />All interest'in Lots 12, 13 and 14 in Bli <br />also <br />Lots 2, 3, and 4 in Block 9, all of the <br />also <br />Lot 7 in the M. D. Marsh Subdivision of <br />also <br />Southeast Quarter of Southwest Quarter (SEJ <br />SE4) of Section 32 in Township 9j Range 12, <br />Eck 2 <br />Original Vill-age of Gibbon, Buffalo County, Nebraska. <br />the Village of Gibbon, Buffalo County, Nebraska <br />S'4) and Southwest Quarter'of Southeast Quarter (S* <br />'nest of the 6th P. M., in Hall County, Nebraska., <br />The following described real estate is assigned to Alen T. Gibson during his natural life with <br />full power and authority to dispose of all rents and profits to his own benefits therefrom: <br />The Northwest Quarter (N144) and the North Half of the Southwest Quarter (NJ SW U, and the <br />West 60 acres of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter (14i2 NEJ), and the West Half of the South- <br />east Quarter Ni SEU of Section 19, Township 9, Range 19, 302. 61 acres in Buffalo County, Nebraska. <br />The West Half of the Northwest Quarter (Wj NWj) of Section 25, Township 10, Range 14, 80 acres <br />in Buffalo County, Nebraska. <br />The Southeast Quarter (SEJ) Section 23, Township 10, Range 14. 160 acres in Buffalo County, <br />Nebraska. <br />The North Half (NJ) of Tract , in Linger's Subdivision, located and laid out on the Northeast <br />Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NE14 NW4) of Section 36, Township 9, Rangg 14, in Buffalo County, <br />Nebraska, 40 acres. <br />The Southwest Quarter (SW41) Section 24, Township 10, Range 14, 160 acres in Buffalo County, <br />Nebraska. <br />IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that Glen T. Gibson has full power <br />and authceity to sell and convey any part or portion of real estate left after the above devise, <br />at "any time when it becomes necessary for his support, said support to be such as is su3:.table <br />