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C <br />P <br />u <br />1 <br />14 � <br />NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br />SECOND: In the event my wife Ethelyne E. McCarty survives me, I give and devise to her all of <br />my estate of every nature whatsoever, which I now own, or may hereafter acquire, making no pro- <br />vision for my daughters Wilda Lynne McCarty or Mary Margaret McCarty, having full confidence that <br />my said wife will amply provide for them. <br />THIRD: In the event my said wife predeceases me, I give and devise all of my estate of my <br />daughters Wilda Lynne McCarty and Mary Margaret McCarty, share and share alike, and I nominate <br />and appoint my brother William G. McCarty, guardian of their estates, and their grandmother, Mrs. <br />Edwilda Fuller, guardian of their persons; in the event of the death or disqualification of Mrs <br />Edwilda Fuller, I nominate and appoint my wife's sister, Mrs. Margaret Mead, guardian of the per- <br />sons of my said daughters. <br />FOURTH: I hereby nominate and appoint my wife Ethelyne E. McCarty executrix of this my last <br />will and testament, to serve without bond. In the event I survive her, I nominate my said brother <br />William G. McCarty executor of this will, and I hereby revoke all former wills by me made. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 10th day of April, 1941. <br />Jesse A. McCarty _ (SEAL) <br />THE FOREGOING INSTRUMENT, consisting of 2 pages(including this page) was at the date thereof, <br />by.Jesse A. McCarty, the maker thereof, signed in our presence, and in the presence of each of us, <br />and at the time of his subscribing said instrument, he declared that it was his last will and <br />testament, and at his request and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, we have sub - <br />scribed.our names as witnesses thereto. <br />Walter S. Clayson _ Residing at Corona_;_ California <br />Bertha Miller Residing at Corona, California <br />ENDORSEMENT: RECORDED IN BOOR 9 OF WILLS at Page 37 THE 13 DAY <br />of Dec 1943 <br />G. A. PEQUEGNAT, CLERK <br />By Erma E. Dewey DEPUTY <br />ENDORSED F I L E D Dec 1- 1943 <br />G. A. PEQUEGNAT, Clerk <br />By B. H. Tompkins Deputy <br />IN THE SUPERIOR COURT <br />Of the County of Riverside, State of California <br />In the Matter of the Estate of <br />Jesse A. McCarty, <br />Deceased. <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />ss. <br />County of Riverside, <br />H. E. Sherlock, being duly sworn on oath, says: <br />EXHIBIT "A" <br />That the "CORONA DAILY INDEPENDENT ", is a daily newspaper now published, and on all the dates <br />during all the time herein mentioned and referred to, was published by M. F. Sherlock, and H. E. <br />Sherlock, in the said City of Corona, in said County of Riverside, for the dissemination of local <br />and telegraphic news and intelligence of a general character, having a bona fide subscription list <br />of paying subscribers, and is established, printed and published, and continuously for more than <br />one year next preceding the dates of the publications and notice hereinafter referred to was <br />established, printed and published at said City and County, and during all of said time has been <br />printed and published therein at regular intervals, to -wit, daily, and is and was at all times <br />herein mentioned, a newspaper of general circulation, as that term is defined by section 4460 of <br />the Political Code of the State of California, and is not and was not during,any of said time <br />devoted to the interests or published for the entertainment or instruction of a particular class, <br />profession, trade, calling, race or denomination, or for the entertainment and instruction of any <br />number of such classes, professions, trades, callings, races or denominations. <br />That affiant is and on all the dates of publication of the notice hereinafter referred to was <br />a citizen of the United states, over the age of twenty -one years and a resident of said County, <br />and is, and on all of said dates was, one of the said printers and publishers of said newspaper, <br />and as such has, and on all of said dates had charge of the publications and notices appearing <br />in the said "CORONA DAILY INDEPENDENT ", and makes this affidavit for and on its behalf; that the <br />legal notice, a copy of which as so published in said newspaper is hereto annexed, marked Exhibit <br />"A , hereby referred to and made a part hereof was published in the said newspaper on the following <br />dates, and as follows, viz: <br />December 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, g, 9, and 10, all in the year R43, commencing on the 1st day of <br />December, 1943, and ending on the 10th day of December, 13, both dates inclusive. That said <br />legal notice, as so published, was set in type not smaller than nonpareil, and was preceded with <br />words printed in block face type not smaller than nonpareil, describing and expressing in general <br />terms the purport and character of said notice, as fully appears from the exact copy of said legal <br />notice, b ieh is hereto annexed as aforesaid. <br />H. E. Sherlock <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 10 day of December, 1943- <br />(SEAL) <br />Walter S. Clayson <br />Notary Public in and for the <br />County of Riverside, State of <br />California <br />