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60 <br />WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br />28081 —The Augustine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. <br />than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) to cover all expenses of lot and monument. This provision is <br />made on provision that I have not placed a monument on the lot during my lifetime. <br />-It is my wish that the Rev. Mr.Rexroat shall officiate at my burial, providing he is in Nebraska <br />at the tune, for which he shall receive a fee of Twenty -five Dollars (425.00). I give Ten Dollars <br />($10.00) to each of the four singers who take part in those services. The accompanist shall receive <br />Five Dollars ($5.00). <br />To the Trustees of the Evangelical Orphans Home in Flat Rock, Ohio, I give One Hundred Dollars <br />0100.00). <br />To the local chapter of the American %tional Red Cross for its use in Grand Island, I give <br />'PageOne Hundred Dollars ($100.00). I give the same amount t.o the local treasurer of the Salvation <br />4 Army to be used for the needy in Grand Island. <br />My executors are hereby authorized and directed to pay to any incorporated church organization <br />that may purchase a building 8pa% and proceed to erect thereon a church edifice at the corner of <br />Pine and 11th Streets in the City of Grand Island, Nebraska, the sum of One Thousand Dollars <br />($1,000.00) providing that work is commenced on such building within three years after my decease <br />and is completed within two years thereafter. The plans for such structure shall be first sub - <br />mitted to my executors and receive their approval. I further provide that if no church is built on <br />that location but a hospital' built thereon, that my executors pay One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) <br />toward the erection of such hospital which shall be of the protestant faith and I give any corpor- <br />ation not organized for profit which may undertake the building of said hospital or church, One <br />Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), payable when said buildings are completed, but if such church or <br />hospital has not been substantially completed within five years after my decease, then this legacy <br />shall lapse and the money herein provided for shall revert to the residuary legatees named herein. <br />?aga, To the Trustees of the Assembly of God's Church, at the corner of 6th-and Sycamore Streets in <br />5 Grand Island, I give One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to be used in the outside repair of said church. <br />To my son Charles Otto I give Two Hundred Dollars (3200.00); to my daughter Augusta Darling I <br />give One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00); to my daughter Clara Jewel I give Four Hundred Dollars <br />$400.00), to them and to their respective heirs forever. <br />To each child of my said daughters Anna and Augusta, there being eight such grandchildren at <br />this tine, I give One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) each and I further give to the balance of my grand- <br />children, One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) each, at this time there being one child of my daughter <br />Mary, two children of my daughter Martha, two children of my daughter Clara and four children of <br />my son Charles; to them and to their respective heirs forever. In the event that any of said legatees <br />should be minors, the joint receipt of the parents of such minor shall be a sufficient satisfaction <br />of this legacy. <br />To my daughter Dora Fechtner I give One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00); to my daughter Mary Dabercow <br />I * ve Four Hundred Dollars•( 400.00); and to my daughter Martha Brannan I give Four Hundred Dollars <br />(O.00), and to their respective heirs forever. <br />I give and devise to my daughters Clara Jewell and Mary Dabercow Lot One (1) in Capitol Hill, an <br />addition to the City of Grand Island, commonly known as my 12th Street property, to them and to their <br />respective heirs forever; -to my said daughters Augusta Darling and Martha Brannan I give and devise <br />Lot Seven (7) in Block One Hundred Forty -three (143) in Union Pacific Railway Company's Second <br />Addition to the City of Grand Island, Hall County; Nebraska, to them and to their respective heirs <br />forever. <br />To my daughters Dora Fechtner and Anna Blauhorn I give Lot Three (3) in Block One Hundred Twenty - <br />nine (129) in said Union Pacific Railway Oompany's Second Addition to Grand Island, Nebraska, to <br />them and to t'- -.eir respective heirs and assigns forever. <br />To my brother Henry Lee, I give and devise the South Half of the Northeast Quarter (S-2NEa) of <br />Section Three (3) in ToT,mship Sixteen (16), Range Thirteen (13), West of the 6th P.M. in Sherman <br />County, Nebraska, subject to encumbrances, to his heirs and-assigns forever; I also give and devise <br />a�e to him and his heirs forever, my land in Greeley County, Nebraska, more particularly described in <br />a certain warranty deed filed for record in said County and recorded in Book 40 at page 47 of the <br />Deed Records thereof. <br />All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, be the same realty, personalty or mixed <br />property, I give, devise and bequeath to William'Fechtner, William Blauhorn and Arthur C.Mayer and <br />to their successors, to be held in trust for the purpose of sale, collection and conversion into <br />money in order that the provisions of this Will may be conveniently carried out and my wishes as <br />f and I further authorize said persons to sell said real estate <br />herein expressed, be made effective an fur p <br />without first having obtained license from any Court or Judge, e, fo r su ch p ri ce s and on such terms <br />and conditions as they may deem fair, fit and proper and from the proceeds thus obtained, said <br />legacies shall be maid pro -rata from time to time until the provisions of this Will have been <br />carried o " }, no interest, however, shall be paid on any of the legacies herein provided for. How- <br />ever, should -the times be such that my estate should prove insufficient to pay the foregoing legacies <br />in full, then, the church and charity organizations shall be paid in full, but the other legacies <br />dhall be reduced in proportion to the amount of money collected and realized from the sale of <br />properties. Any property, money or real estate remainin -; undistributed after the above legacies <br />have been paid, I hereby give, devise and bequeath to said William Fechtner, William Blauhorn and <br />Art!--ur C.Mayer, to them and to their heirs and assigns forever. <br />1 Have made my executors residuary legatees with the distinct understanding that they shall make <br />no charge for their services in carrying out the provisions of this - Will. <br />Receipts of the Treasurers of the various organizations to whom I have made bequests shall be <br />deemed as full satisfaction of the provisions herein made for them. <br />page' I hereby direct that Herbert F.Mayer be retained as the attorney for the probate of this Will <br />7 and shall act as counsel for said executors at a reasonable fee to be fixed by the Probate Court. <br />I hereby direct my executors to furnish two rooms in some Protestant hospital in or near Grand <br />Island, to be selected by them, at an expense not to exceed $250.00 each and upon the door of each <br />room there shall be a name plate, one reading "In memory of Mr. and Mrs.William Otto ", the other <br />shall read "In memory of Mr. and Mrs.Carl Schlueter ". <br />Done at Grand Island, Nebraska, this 18th day of February, 1939• <br />Mrs.Martha Otto <br />Testatrix <br />The foregoing consisting of five pages, was at the date thereof signed, sealed, published and <br />declared b, % said testatrix as and for her Last Will in our presence and we in her presence and at <br />her request and in the presence of one another have signed our names as witnesses hereto. <br />Jessie Overdorff <br />H.R. Jensen <br />CODICIL TO THE LAST WILL OF 14ARTHA OTT 0 <br />I, Martha Otto, of Grand Island, Nebraska., being of sound mind and memory, do make this codicil <br />to my Will executed on the 18th deny of February, 1939, and this codicil shall be a part of -my Last <br />Will and Testament, to -wit: <br />I hereby ratify and confirm said till but with these exceptions, namely: In the second para- <br />graph on pa.Ze 2 of said Jill, Alice Krewold is designated as my sister, that is an error and it was <br />my intention and is now my intention to devise so much of my property as is described on said <br />page 2 "to the two children of my niece Alice Krewold ". On page 4 of said Will, I have given One <br />1 <br />7 <br />1 <br />