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1 <br />1 <br />45 <br />NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br />final report and the report of the income tax appraiser and the evidence, and the court being <br />fully advised in the premises, finds that due and legal notice has been given to all parties <br />having any interest herein. <br />The court finds that all the claims filed in said estate have been paid, including county taxes, <br />and that all other claims both absolute and contingent, are forever barred, that the payment of <br />income taxes has been approved as well as fees and expenses of the estate and the estate is not <br />liable to the federal government for estate tax and that the inheritance tax against said estate <br />has been taxed at $316.41 and ordered paid. <br />The court further finds that all of the real estate described owned by the decedent paused <br />under hie will by devise to Ralph Soderstrom, the same being more particularly described as, <br />The Southeast Quarter of Section 31, township 11, Range 12, and the West half of the <br />Southwest Quarter of Section 32, township 11, Range 12, and the Northwest Quarter of <br />Section 19, township 10, Range 12 and lot 5, and the south 10 feet of lot 6 First Addition <br />to Shelton, all in Buffalo county, Nebraska. <br />IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the account of the executor be and hereby is approved, that <br />upon filing receipts for his expenditures, that he be discharged and his official bond released <br />that all the personal and real property in the estate is assigned to Ralph Soderstrom, the sole <br />legatee and devisee under the will of C.J.Soderstrom,-deceased. That all claims against the estate <br />are forever barred. <br />(SEAL) <br />F I L E D <br />May 28 1946 <br />Harvey M.Wilson <br />County Judge <br />BY THE COURT. <br />_ <br />Harvez M. Wilson <br />CO NTY JUDGE <br />CERTIFICATE OF RECORD <br />THE STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br />BUFFALO COUNTY )ss' IN THE COUNTY COURT: <br />I, Harvey M.Wilson., County Judge, within and for said County of Buffalo, and State of Nebraska, <br />and keeper of the records and seal thereof, hereby certify that I have examined the within and <br />foregoing copy of the record of the Last Will and Testament, Certificate of Probate of Will, and <br />Final Decree in the Matter of the Estate of C.J.Soderstrom, Deceased, and have compared all of the <br />foregoing with the original record thereof now remaining in said court and have found the same to <br />be a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said original record. <br />IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I,have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court, on this <br />28th day of May, 1946. Harva M.Wilson <br />(SEAL) County Judge <br />By <br />Clerk of the County Court <br />Filed for record this 7 day of June, 1946, at 3:00 O'clock P.M. <br />Itegi st er`of Deeds <br />090-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0.-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- <br />WILL AND7 DECREE <br />LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JUERGEN KOCH <br />KNOW ALL MEN THESE PRESENTS: That I, Juergen Koch, of Hall County, Nebraska, being of sound mind <br />and disposing memory, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, in the <br />manner and form following: <br />FIRST. <br />I direct my executor, hereinafter named, to pay all just debtes, expenses of last illness, <br />funeral expenses, and the administration of my estate, out of my personal property. <br />SECOND. <br />I give and bequeath unto my wife all of my household furniture,jewelry, and personal effects. <br />THIRD. <br />I give to my step- daughter, Martha Peters Meinecke, the sum of Five ($5.00) Dollars. <br />FOURTH. <br />I give and bequeath unto my wife all of the residue of my personal property for her use during <br />her natural life or as long as she remains my widow. In the event she or upon her death, <br />all of said personal property remaining, I give and bequeath to my daughters, Lizzie Koch Windolph <br />Scarborough, Minnie Koch Goetsche, and Elsie Koch Boldt, share and share alike. <br />FIFTH. <br />I give, devise and bequeath unto my wife, Minnie Koch, the residence property, Lot Ten (10) in <br />Block Forty -four (44), Wheeler's Addition to the City of Grand Islind, where we now reside, for <br />and during her natural life, or as long as she remains my widow. n the event she rear , or <br />upon her death, I give, devise and bequeath said premises to my daughters, Lizzie Koch^orough, <br />Minnie Koch Goetsche, and Elsie Koch Boldt, share and share alike. <br />SIXTH. <br />I give, and bequeath unto my daughters and grandchildren the following sums: To Lizzie Koch <br />Windolph Scarborough $500.00; To Minnie Koch Goettsche $500.00 To Elsie Koch Boldt $500.00; to <br />my grandchildren, the children of my daughter Lizzie, to -wit: karold Windolph the sum of 456.00, <br />and Phyllis Windolph the sum of $50.00, to have and to hold to them and to their heirs forever. <br />Said sums to be paid to my daughters and the two grandchildren herein named after the death of <br />my wife, Minnie Koch. SEVENTH. <br />I give, devise and bequeath unto my son, Hans H.Koch, my farm where he now resides; The South <br />west Quarter of Section Fourteen (14) Township Twelve (12J,Range Ten (10) and the North Half of <br />the Southeast Quarter and fourteen acres in the northeast Quarter of section Twenty -Three (23) in <br />Township Twelve (12), Range Ten (10) Consisting of 254 acres, all in Hall County, Nebraska, sub- <br />ject however, to the payment of the sum of Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars per year within one year <br />after my death and each year thereafter, to my wif e, Minni a Koch, during her natural life or as long <br />as she remains my widow; in the event she remarries, then said payments shall discontinue; and <br />subject also to the payment of the legacies provided for in Paragraph Six hereof, which said <br />legacies shall be and remain a charge against said real estate until payment in full thereof to <br />the legatees has been made. <br />I also further order and direct that my son, Hans H.Koch pay the real estate taxes on the herein <br />described farm each year before the same become delinquent. <br />I hereby revoke any and all former wills by me made. <br />EIGHTH <br />I hereby name and appoint, Edward Huwaldt, executor of this my last Will and Testament. <br />