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42 <br />WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br />20081 —The Augustine Co., Grand Island, Nebr. <br />possessed,be and the same is hereby assigned in accordance with the terms and provisions of the <br />last will and testament and the codicil thereto of the said Fred Beberniss,deceased. <br />Charles Bossert <br />oun y udge <br />In the County Court of Hall County,Nebraska. <br />Certificate <br />State of Nebraska, ) <br />)ss. I,Charles Bossert County Judge of Hall County,Nebraska,do hereby certify <br />Hall County ) that I have compared the foregoing copy of Last Will and Testament, <br />Codicil thereto, Certificate of Probate of ',rill and Codicil thereto, <br />and Final Decree - IN THE 1-107"Eft OF THE ESTATE OF FRED BEBERNISS,DECEASED,with the original record <br />thereof,now remaining in said Court,that the same is a correct transcript thereof,and of the whole <br />of such original record;that said Court is a Court of Record having a seal,which seal is hereto <br />attached;that said Court has no Clerk authorized to sign certificates in his own name,and that <br />I am the legal custodian of said Seal and of the Records of said Court,and that the foregoing <br />attestation is in due form of law. <br />IN TE7TIMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court,a.t <br />Grand Island,this 31st day of May 1946. <br />(SEAL) Charles Bossert <br />County Judge <br />Filed for record this 31 day of May,1946, at 4:30 o'clock P.M <br />eg ster of ee s <br />- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o -o -o- <br />DECREE <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF SEWARD COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br />In the Matter of the Estate of William A.Satterly, Deceased. <br />To A.O.Colman and Geo.Liggett of the County of Seward, Nebraska. <br />You are hereby appointed to appraise on oath, all'the goods, chattels rights and credits of <br />the deceased in this matter, which may be in said County, and when you have performed that service, <br />you are required to deliver this order and your doing in pursuance thereof. <br />To the Administrator of the Estate of said Deceased. <br />Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, this 22nd day of February, 1919. <br />( SEAL) Harry L. Norval <br />County Judge <br />THE STATE OF NEBRASKA )ss <br />Seward County ) <br />A.O.Colman and Geo.Liggett being first duly sworn on oath depose and say that they will faith- <br />fully and impartially perform the duties of appraisers in this Estate, according to law and the <br />best of their ability. <br />A.O.Colman. <br />Geo Liggett. <br />Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me, this 21st,--day of Febr. 1919. <br />(SEAL) M.A.Snare <br />Notary Public <br />I Albert Sittebly as Administrator of the Estate of William A.Satterly, Deceased, do hereby <br />certify under oath that the following is a true inventory of the Real Estate, and all the goods, <br />chattels, rights and Credits of the Estate of said deceased, which have come to my possession or <br />knowledge. <br />REAL ESTATE. <br />Lots 5 and 6, & Dwelling in block 24, Utica, Nebraska. <br />Lot One and Fraction of Lots 2 and 3 in Block 6 Evans Addition and Fraction of lot 9 in block <br />S, Lambert's Addition, Grand Island, Hall Co. Nebraska. <br />PERSONAL PROPERTY. <br />Description of Property Incumbrances A praisement <br />House Hold Goods 150.00 <br />Total Value of Real Estate 500. 2500. <br />Total Value of Personal Property 150. <br />TOTAL, 2650. <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA ) I, Albert Satterly, as Administrator of the estate of William latterly, <br />COUNTY OF SEWARD ) ss' deceased, being first duly sworn on oath, depose and say that the above <br />Is a true inventory of all the estate, real personal and mixed, of said deceased, that has come <br />to my knowledge or possession; that if I shall hereafter know or become possessed of any more <br />assets belonging to this estate, I will make due return thereof into the County Court of this <br />County. Albert Satterly <br />Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this 24th day of Febr. 1919. <br />( SEAL) A. 0. Colman <br />We, the undersigned appraisers, do hereby certify under oath, that we have truly and justly <br />estimated and appraised all the estate and effects of the said deceased, as exhibited to us and <br />comprised in the foregoing inventory, according to the best of our skill and judgment; at the <br />respective sums in money placed opposite each item therein mentioned. <br />Dated this 21st day of Febr. 19_ <br />A. 0. Colman <br />Geo.Liggett <br />"Endorsed" #2195 IN THE COUNTY COURT, Seward County,Neb. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF <br />William A.Satterly, Deceased. Inventory, Appraisement, and Oath of Appraisers with Appraisement. <br />Filed FEB. 25 1919- Harry L.Norval COUNTY JUDGE. Recorded in Book 44, Page 165. <br />