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u <br />i <br />1 <br />NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br />WILL AND DECREE <br />LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT <br />OF <br />SOPHIA C.BRANDT, OF BISMARCK,NORTH DAKOTA. <br />I, SOPHIA C.BRANDT, of the City of Bismarck, County of Burleigh, State of North Dakota, being of <br />sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby declare this my Last Will andyTestament, revoking any <br />and all former Wills by me at any time made, and hereby devise and bequeath my real and personal <br />holdings to my husband Frank L.Brandt, and I do constitute and apoint my son Albert R.Brandt as <br />executor of this Will, and my son Walter J.Brandt as alternate. it is requested that neither of <br />them, in entering upon their duties, be required to furnish bond. <br />WITNESS my hand and seal, this first day of February, A.D. 1940. <br />Sophia C.Brandt (Seal) <br />ATTEST: This instrument, consisting of one page, was by the Testator Sophia C.BPandt, declared <br />to be her Last Will and Testament, and was by her signed in our presence and in the presence of <br />each other of the undersigned. <br />Gust. Maus er of Bismarck, N.D. <br />C.J. Haag of Bismarck, N.D. <br />ENDORSEMENT: W 418 <br />LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF SOPHIA C.BRANDT <br />OF BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA. <br />I hereby certify that the within instrument was filed in this Court on the <br />14th day of January, 1942, and recorded in Book 116" of Wills Records of said <br />Court on Page 271. <br />I.C.Davies <br />Judge of the County Court, <br />Burleigh County, N.D. <br />STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) IN COUNTY COURT, <br />County of Burleigh )ss' Before Hon.I.C.Davies <br />Judge. <br />IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Sophia C.Brandt, DECEASED. <br />Frank L. Brandt ) <br />Petitioner ) CERTIFICATE OF THE PROBATE <br />vs. ) OF WILL. <br />Albert R.Brandt, Emma L.Lyngstad ) <br />and Walter J.Brandt, ) <br />Respondents. ) <br />I, I.C.Davies, Judge of the County Court, within and for the County of Burleigh, State of <br />North Dakota, do hereby certify: <br />That on the 14th day of January, A.D. 1942, the hereunto annexed instrument was admitted to <br />probate as the Last Will and Testament of Sophia C.Brandt late of the City of Bismarck, in the <br />County of Burleigh and State of North Dakota, deceased, and from the proofs taken and the examin- <br />ation had therein, the said Court found as follows: <br />That said Sophia C.Brandt died on or about the 12th day of January, A.D. 1941, in the City of <br />Bismarck, in said County of Burleigh; that at the time of hsr death she was a resident of the <br />City of Bismarck, County of Burleigh, and State of North Dakota. <br />That the hereunto annexed instrument in writing was executed by said decedent in her lifetime, <br />to -wit: On the 1st day of February A.D. 1940, in the City of Bismarck, County of Burleigh and <br />State of North Dakota, and signed by her the said Sophia C.Brandt, in the presence of Gust Mauser <br />and C.J.Haag, the subscribing witnesses thereto; also that she, the said Sophia C.Brandt acknow- <br />ledged the execution of the same in their presence and declared the said instrument to be her Last <br />Will and Testament, and the said witnesses attested the same at her request and in her presence, <br />and in the presence of each other; that the said decedent, at the time of executing said Will, was <br />of legal age, was of sound and disposing mind, and not under duress, menace, fraud, undue influence <br />or misrepresentations, nor was she at any time in any respect incompetent to devise and bequeath <br />her estate. <br />IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, We have caused the seal of the County Court of said Burleigh County <br />to be hereunto affixed. <br />( SEAL ) <br />ENDORSEMENT: No. 2o65 <br />IN COUNTY COURT <br />County of Burleigh <br />STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA <br />In the Matter of the Estate <br />CERTIFICATE OF THE PROBATE <br />State of NORTH DAKOTA <br />County of Burleigh <br />IN COUNTY COURT <br />I hereby certify that <br />in and for said County, on <br />Book 116" of Wills Records <br />Hyland & Foster, <br />Attorneys for Petitioner, <br />Bismarck, N.D. <br />WITNESS, Hon. I.C.Davies Judge of the County Court <br />of the said County of Burleigh, in the <br />State of North Dakota, at the Court Room of <br />said Court, in the City of Bismarck, in said <br />Burleigh County, this 14th day of January, <br />A. D. 1942. <br />I.C.Davies <br />Judge of the baid Count3F Court <br />of Sophia C. Brandt, <br />Deceased. <br />OF WILL <br />ass, <br />the within certificate was filed in the County Court <br />the 14th day of January, A.D., 1942, and recorded in <br />of said Court, on page 272. <br />D.B. Hagen, <br />Clerk of the said County Court. <br />STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA) ss. <br />County of Burleigh ) <br />I. D.B.Hagen, Clerk of the County Court of said County, do hereby certify that I have compared . <br />the within copy of Last Will and Testament and the within copy of Certificate of Probate of Will <br />in the matter of the estate of Sophia C.Brandt,Deceased, with the respective originals thereof <br />now on file and of record in the County Court of the County aforesaid, and that they are respectively <br />a true copy of said Last Will and Testament and Certificate of Probate of Will, and of the whole <br />