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ti <br /> ���l <br /> . <br /> D � ED R �CC� RD <br /> HuFfman Form No. iog�/2 Containing qii Printed Words. <br /> NO. 135-36O86-THE AUGUSTINL C0.f,RAND ISLAND,NEBR. <br /> STATE OF NBBRASKA� <br /> ss. <br /> FROM Counly o f Ha],1 Entered in Numerical Index and f iled f or record in <br /> fhRegister �� D6�C18 � office of said County <br /> . W3111am Sievers, single the �j day of ApP11 i9 50at 2: o'claok and�j�'j minutes p�M. <br /> TO ` anc� recorcled in book 99 pape 6�� of Deeds ����� <br /> HO�&�'Cl G. SlT!'.��i�l 8t �- Kegister o eeds. <br /> By Deputy. <br /> Varian B. Smith ,�' <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRF.SENTS, That William Sievere, single <br /> iri constderation oF �ne Dollar and Other Valuable Consideration - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -D9LbARtS <br /> in hand paid,do hereby grant, bargain,sell, convey and confirm unto Howard G. ►�ID'.Ltrl and Varian B• Smith, H'�.8 �j.�'@ <br /> �aa JOINT TENANTS, ancl not as tenants in com�rton,• the following decribed real estate situate in the County of H811. and <br /> State of Nebraska fo-wzt: � <br /> Lmt Slx (6) , in Block A1lnety t90), of Wheeler and Bennett�s Fourth Addition to Grand <br /> Island, Nebraska. � . <br /> ( .�j ,f.� 9�ampa) <br /> (Cancelled ) <br /> togetber with alI the tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenances to the same belongBng, and alI the estate, title, dower, right of homestead, claim or demand wltatsoever of <br /> the saicl granfor , of,in or to the same,or any parf thereof; subject to <br /> IT BEIN� THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HERETO, THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEA�'H OF EITHER OF 5AID GRAI�]TEES THE <br /> BNTIRE FEE SIMPLE TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST Il� THE SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO H�LD the nboue described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the saicl grantees as jO1NT TBNANTS, and not as te�nnts 4n common, <br /> and to their assigns, or to dhe �eirs and assigns of the survivor of them, forever, and Z the grantor named herein{or mg <br /> nrccl � m� heirs, executors, and administrators, do coi�enant with tl�e flrnntees namec� herein ancl with their assigns and with the heirs and assigns of !he <br /> survivor of them, that I gJ� Iaw�ully seized o` said premises; that t�ey are f ree f rom incumbrance exeep!as stnted herein,and tltat I <br /> the sceid grantor ha QQ goocl right and lawful nuthority to sell the same, and that z will and �5T �eeirs, executors <br /> and administrators sha�l.warrant and defend the same unto the grantees named herein and unt� their assigns und unto the heirs and assigns v` the survtvor of t�em, forever, <br /> against the Iawful claims of alI persons whomsoever, excludinc� the exceptions named herein. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF j have hereunto set �}i� hand this ^�9t-,h day <br /> �f March , A. D.195o <br /> In presence of <br /> William Sievera <br /> s�'A�'�oF Nebraaka. on this �9t'iYl day of Mareh A. D.1950 , before me,a 1Votnry Public in anc�forsaid <br /> County of Ha,a.�. }ss. , County, personally came the above named William 93evers, single <br /> who j,g personally �inonm to me ta �e the iclenticr�l pers�n wltose name jg a` to the nboue <br /> inslrur�ient ns grantor , anc� h� acknowledgecl sai�I inslrument to be hi8 <br /> uoluntary act and deed. <br /> WITNESS my hand and Notarial Seal the date lust aforesaicl. H. F'. Douthit <br /> �s +�L� Notary Public. <br /> My commission expires on th,e 3Q day °f oetvber A� D�1952 <br /> . <br />