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��� <br /> DEED RECORD <br /> HuFfman F'orm No. togt/2 Containing qti Printed Words. <br /> NO. 135-38O86-THE RUGUSTINC C0.GRAND ISLAND,NEBR. � � <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA� <br /> ss. <br /> FROM County of H�,�,], Enterec� in Numerical Index and filed for record in <br /> Pau1 C. Huston & wf. et al theRegis'�er of Deeds bf{��e of said County <br /> the C� day of luja,� iq �9 at � o'cloclz and 20 minutes p�'l. <br /> TO and recorded in book g9 pape �Q of Deeds p <br /> Merrill E. Anderson ��,.,�/.�o-k«�Register of Deeds. <br /> He1en J. Anderson BY � Deputy. <br /> KNOW AT.,L MEN BY THF.SF. PRF.SFNTS. Th�f pa�l C. Huston and Hazel F. Hus'�on, husband and wife, and HelE�n <br /> D. Wenger, widow, and Roderick J. Maxt�.n and Cora L. Martin, husband and wife, <br /> fn consideration of One Dollar and other valuable considera'tion a�J� <br /> in hand Uaid,do hereby grant, bargain,sell,convey and confirm unto Merrill E. Anderson and Helen J. Anderson, �ach in his OY' <br /> her own right and as husband and wi�'e, <br /> as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common; the following decribed real estate situate in the County of x8�.1. ancl <br /> state of N�brasl�a to-w�t: A part of the Sou�heast Quarter (SE�) oP the Northwest <br /> Quarter (NW�) of See�ion Twenty-�Gwo (22) in Township E1e�'en (11.) Nor�h, Ran�e Nine (�) West of <br /> the 6th P.M,, more particularly described as follows : beginning a'� a pvint 7.�! Wea'G of the <br /> Nor�heast corner of a 'Gract of land deeded to the City of Grand I�land, Nebraska., and recorded <br /> in Book �7, Page 5�4, as of reeord in the Off�.ce of the. Regis�er of Deeds of Hall County, <br /> N�braska,, running thence Eas� a distance of 67.�� , thence South at right angles a distance of <br /> 200 �, thence East at right angles along and upon the South l�.ne of said Northwest Quarter of <br /> said section a distanee of 623.1 �, thence North a� right angles along and upon the East line <br /> of said Nor�hwest Quarter a distnaee of 370.1� , thence West parallel to the North 11ne of <br /> said Nor�hwest Quarter a distanee of 655.9�., thence in a South Southwesterly direetion 175.�� <br /> to the place of beginning, contain�ng Five and One-half Acrea (S.FA) . <br /> ( . , . S a.mps) <br /> (Cancelled ) <br />� <br /> together with all the tenements, Iiereditaments, ancI appurtenances to tlie same belonqing, and all the estate; titla, dower, right of liomestead, clatm or demand whatsoever of <br /> the saic�grantor g of, in or fo fhe same, or any part thereof; suhject to restrietions �i.21C� easements 0� record• <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HERETO, THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF EITHER OF SAID GRANTEES THE <br /> BNTIRE FEB SIMPLE TITLE TO THE REAL ESTATB DESCRIBED HBREIN SHALL VEST IN TH$ SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above described premises, witl� tl�e appurtenances, unto tlte saicl grantees as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common, <br />' and to their assi�ns, or to the heirs and assigns of tTie surnivor of them, forever, and yJg the grantor $ named herein for O�Y+�g];4�5 <br /> and our heirs, executors, and admin.istrators, do couenant with the grantees named herein ancl witTi their assigns ancl with tAe heirs and assiflns of the <br /> suruivor of tliem, that y�'g a,r� law(ully seized of said premises; that they are free from incumbrance excepf as stated herein,and that yyt�,a <br /> the said �rantor� havg good right and Iawful authority to sell the same, and that WE,s will and pur heirs, executors <br /> and administrators shall warrant and defend the same unto the grantees named herein and unto tlieir assigns and unto the heirs and assiqns of the suruii�or of them, forever, <br /> against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever, excluding the exceptions named herein. . <br /> I <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF j�jg haUe hereunto set p�+ hand g this 2 t,h day <br /> 9 <br /> �f Apr31, 19�g � A• D• Paul C. Huston <br /> In presence o) Hazel F• HUS'COTl <br /> James E. Wenger Helen D. Wenger <br /> Roderick J. Mart3.n <br /> Cora L. Mar�in <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA On this "�9t'i�l day of Apr1.1 A. D.lg4g , before me,a 1�'otary Public in and for said <br /> SS. Hus�on, husband and <br /> County of H�L County, personalTy came the above named Pa,Lil {�'• Hus�on and Hazel F. <br />� ��rife and Helen D. Wen er Widow and Roderick J. Martin nd o <br /> , , , a CraL. <br /> � <br /> Mar'�in, Husband and wife, <br /> who a,Z`e Versonally knoiun t� me to be the persong ruhose nnme s are nfrixed to tlie nbone <br /> inslrument us grantor S , and '�h��T' acknowled�ed said irtstrument to tie '(�,,hQ3,r <br /> uoluntary act and deed. <br /> WITNESS my Iiand ancl Notarial Seal the clate last aforesaial. Ja,II1G8 E. Wenger <br /> (SE�� Notary Public. <br /> My commission expires on the ],'�"�' � day of jvja,y_..._...,,.� A, D, 5� <br />