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i � <br />.: �__�_, �� _ . ---- -- ---------- --._ ______. ...__�_�__�z:.._.... __._ _._ <br /> ID1 'i�i8 C�OLT�T4'Y COURT O� H�1LL CO�TI�1'rY� DiEBRASKA <br /> � <br /> IDi T� lYl�TTffit OF T� $STATS j <br /> � <br /> ' Olr ) FIDTAL DLCREE <br /> � <br /> AI.BffitT S. W. LSiJTHAtJSSSR, DBCSABBD I <br /> � <br /> DTow on this 8th day of DTovember, 1961, this cause came <br /> on to be heard on t2�e fiaal report o£ the Facecutor, and now the <br /> Court being fully a�viaed in the premises, finds that each and <br /> all of the persoa$ now interested in this estate have filed <br /> notice ia writinq waivinq notice to ttiem of the publication of <br /> any notices whatever, and that notice has been given in the manner <br /> and fcrm provided by lsw of the filing of said final reportt <br /> and the court finds there �re no objections to said final report <br /> now on File. <br /> WBBRBUPON this maitter came on to be heard, and now the <br /> Court being fully advised in the premises finds that said final <br /> report is true and correct in all things and should be and <br /> hereby is approved. The Court finds that notioe has been given in <br /> the manner and form prrnrided by law of the time fixed for filing <br /> claims, tha� said time has long since elapsed and expired. <br /> IT IS THEREF4R8 ORDSRLD, ADJtJDGED, ADTD DSCRETD BY THL <br /> COtJRT that all claims not now on file be, and the same are, <br /> hereby forev�r barred. ' <br /> The �oust further finds that ea�ch and every claim filed I�I <br /> in this esta�e ha� been paid a►nd receipt filed therefor. The j <br /> C�►urt find� that fiht special bequegts i.n the Last Wii3, and �, <br /> Tes�aa�ent �ave b�rn paid ir� full a�nd receipt filed th�x�e'for. <br /> �'he Cflur� finds �l�at t,l�e e�tats wa� no� subject �o any 9t�te <br /> ixihe�i��x��e �a3c, and �,2zat t:h8 size� c€ �he �stata waa �uch �hat <br /> t�iere cc�uld nat �e��ibl�p b� a�n� �`�d��ra�i ��tate t�, <br /> � ��r. _. .. ,�„ , <br /> �- <br />,�� _:,. { .�, _ .. �.. ..,.;_ <br />