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LAST I^JILL AND TESTAI�'IENT OF T��iIIJi'1IE SCH'ROEDER <br /> I, T-7innie Schroeder, of Grand Island, Hall County, I�ebraska, <br /> do herewith make, publish and declare this to be my Last '�Vill and <br /> Testament in manner and form as follows: <br /> r I IiS 1 <br /> I direct my Executor, hereinafter named, to pay all of my <br /> ,just debts, expenses of last illness, funeral ex�enses and any expenses <br /> incidental to the administration of my estate as soon as can conven- <br /> ientl�r be done after m,� death. <br /> SECO�'d D <br /> Al1 of the rest, residue and remainder of my estats , both <br /> real and *�ersonal prope .rty, whether nova or..�e� by me or hereafter <br /> acquired and ��rheresoever situated, I ;ive, devise and bequeath to <br /> my husband, Harry Schroeder, to have and tc hold the same forever. <br /> THIRD <br /> _Tn the event my husband, Harry Schro�der, should precede me <br /> in deat?�, my Executor s'r�all liquidate as soon as can reasonably be <br /> done after his appointment but within six months after my deatri, <br /> convertir�� all real estate and personal property into mor�ey, either <br /> t'tzr�cu.-:. nublic aucticn or private sale and after all expenses incidental <br /> to tE�� a��ministration cf r::y estate and all cla�ms �-�ave been paid out <br /> of t�.e balance rema�nin�;, I give, devise anci bequeatn to my �;rand niece, <br /> 11a.�c�� Caro.line �3oltz, daugi:ter of Lorraine �oltz, t'r�e sum of �pL;.,000.��0, <br /> tc �:��� n�_ece, Joyce Herman, daughter of xlma �-�erman, the sum of <br /> �;?;.,COC.UO, and tc m,T nephetitii, Larry Husr;an, son of Hans Husman, the suma <br /> of .;,l,000.00, and any balance remainin� snall be equally divided amcn� <br /> all of the ot�ier nieces and nephews of mine who are livin� at the time <br /> o�' mv> death, the sa�e to be divided amonb them in equal shares, Ii <br /> r:y t;rand niece, Nancy Garoline Boltz, my niece, Joyce Herman, or :nSr <br /> nepnew, Larr;� Husma:�, vrecede me in death, the provisiors rnade for <br /> t'r_em in this ��:ill srall lapse and the mcney such deceased person ���ould <br /> have received if livin�, shall be added to the residue and divided arno:�? <br /> tY.e other neices aYid nephews living at tl_-ie time of my death as rerein <br /> nrovided, :�lieces ar.d nenhews sr?all include children of brotr�ers ef <br /> �-:ZT rla.sbanu. if my r�usba�ld's death and my death s��ould occur simultanecusly <br /> an�: under conditioris �-�r,ereby it cannot be determined Tr�:��o survived the <br /> ot�°:er t}�en it s�all be co:�sidered for trle purpose of t��is jJuill that <br /> i�:�- :�usband survived me. <br /> FOURT?f <br /> I na�e, nominate and appoint my husband, Harry Sch.roeder, to be <br /> t;ie Executor of tr:is, �`�iy Last Z`Jill and lestament, furt'rier requesting <br /> tr��at he be not required to furnis��, surety on nis official 'oond as such. I <br /> Sliould he precede me in death or for any reason does not qualify as <br /> Lxecutor then I request t��e appointment oi �y brother-in-laur, Fred <br /> Sc:iroeder, of Grand Island, idebraska, as F�ecutor. For the purposes <br /> of carryin�- out tl�e provisions of this VJill, in the everit tr�e assets I <br /> are to be liquidated, I bive to my na:�:ed �cectuor or any administrator <br /> with t'�iill annexed who may be appointed by the Court having jurisc�ction, <br /> full right, license and authoritST to execute deeds of conveyance, bills <br /> of sale to any real estate or personal property liquidated by such <br /> representative and not purchaser s?��all b� required to or char�ed Trvith <br /> the duty of seeing that the proceeds thereirom are distributed as <br /> nrovided in tYii_s Will. <br /> -1- 1 <br />